How to install grindr for computer and use it on PC, Computer, MAC

Grindr, the biggest mobile network of guys helps you to find a date, buddy or a new friend on grindr. This is a location service app, which uses your location to find the other men around you who are using the same app and are searching for people. It is very easy to use and uncomplicated for the users. Grindr offers an all-new dating experience to all the guys out there.

For all those who wants a VIP treatment while using the app, the app offers VIP treatment as well for its users. All you need to do is follow the same steps and just make a single change, instead of downloading GRINDR, download the app named as GRINDR XTRA. VIP members get same services as Non VIP members but in the priority order.

Grindr app

Grindr For PC
Grindr is the geosocial networking application that geared towards gay, bisexual and bi-curious men with a listing of 7 million guys over 192 countries. The app is currently available on ios and android. The windows phone owner have no updates when the app is available for their windows loaded mobile phones. 

Using android emulator on your system, you can easily install any android application or game on your system. Many of you would come across this term for the first time, this is simply a platform that works as a virtual android device and helps you to install the files with the apk extension, the default android app extension. Despite of various emulators being available the most popular is Bluestacks, because of its user-friendly interface making it easy to use.

Bluestacks player

Without Bluestacks, you won’t be able to download and install grindr on your pc; you have to install it via Bluestacks player. So make sure you follow the below listed steps.

How to install grindr for computer
(1) Before moving to how to install grindr computer on pc or mac, you need to make sure that you have Bluestacks installed on your device.

If you don’t have Bluestacks installed on your PC simply download it by following the steps below. Download and install Bluestacks properly. Both offline and online links to download it are given below.
Offline installer of Bluestacks
Online installer for Bluestacks

You can also download Bluestacks for mac and install grindr on mac pc too: Bluestacks for MAC

Install Bluestacks player

(2) Once you have Bluestacks installed on your system, grindr app download is an easy step. Open Bluestacks and you will find a search option. Click on search and type “GRINDR”.

Search grindr

(3) You will come across the list of options. Don’t know which one to install? Here below is the picture that shows which one to install.

Select grindr

(4) Click on this and open. You will find an option stating install on the right side, click on it and wait for the system to download and install the app.

Install grindr

Once you are done with the installation process you have the application grindr on pc as well, you are just a step away from the final destination. All you need to do is sign up yourself on the application. The best part about the app is you securely access your account from anywhere. The sign up is way too easy as what all you need to do is fill up 4 blocks and you are done. Enter your email id, the password you wish to create for your grindr id, digit verification from the image displayed on the same page and the most important one, your age! As soon as you enter the following details click on “CREATE ACCOUNT” option. The following page requires some general information under the titles as ABOUT YOU, where you can simply define things about yourself. The problem arises what to write, in simple terms just write things about yourself covering all those points you wish to find while exploring the other members on the app. How much of your info is to be displayed is entirely your call. Your sign up is complete; use your id and password to use your account.

Advantages of GRINDR
If you want to find the perfect guy for you that’s the main advantage of this applications while a few others are listed below.

  • You can easily customize your search to find your ideal man.
  • It provides you an option to choose a “Tribe” to declare your own sexy type.
  • No need to view one by one, simply scroll to view up to 100 guys. Being a user on grindr xtra, the VIP id offers you to view up to 300 guys simultaneously with scrolling between them and checking out the information about them in search of your perfect partner.
  • If you like someone then SAVE HIM for future or BLOCK HIM if you hate someone.
  • Swipe quickly through profiles and views
  • Chat with them, let them know where you are.

Download GRINDR for different platforms
GRINDR is accessible over multiple platforms. You can download the grindr app using below listed platforms. Android (.apk) and iOS (.ipk) are different executable files extensions for different mobile OS platforms.

Download grindr app for android

Grindr for android

Download grindr for iOS

Grindr for iOS

Hope you find this post helpful to download GRINDR for computer and laptops. If you have any suggestions or queries regarding the article, feel free to ask it through comment section. Happy chatting!

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