Where to find free and good background music for youtube?

Are you a regular user of YouTube? Then you must have definitely gone through lots of videos over there. But have you ever wondered how any user edits the video by adding good background music for YouTube. YouTube has its own video editor through which you can add background music to your videos and customize them in multiple ways. The tool is very easy and handy and any new YouTube user can access it seamlessly.


Features of YouTube Video Editor

  • Merge multiple videos and images to combine into one video.
  • Trim your clips to custom lengths.
  • Add background music from their library of selective tracks.
  • Add effects and transitions to customize your clips.
  • Add title.
  • Preview edited video.

How to add background music for YouTube?

(1) To add background music to YouTube video, firstly upload your videos to Youtube.
(2) After uploading videos successfully, go to https://www.youtube.com/editor.
(3) Select your videos for editing.
(4) Then click on the music icon and drag a selected music as shown in the screenshot below.

Add music to videos

(5) Preview and create your video.

How to download free background music for videos editing?

Apart from using music from YouTube’s video editor, you can also download music from third party sites those offer royalty free music for YouTube videos. These sites have a wide selection of music that includes the peaceful background music and rock music. The music is provided in .wav format and you can download and retail or collect them as a ringtone. They don’t provide them in .mp3 format because they won’t loop well in your YouTube video after editing. The music can be used in YouTube videos, flash animations or any other multimedia presentation like films and televisions. 

To download the music just head your mouse over to the music title –> right click your mouse –> Save link as. Or you may directly click on the music title to download it in your computer.

Download music

Best websites to download YouTube royalty free music for videos

Royalty free music means getting all the tracks for free after paying a single upfront fee and getting the right to use the copyrighted materials for their films, presentations, documentary, videos or any other multimedia production or places like restaurant or shopping malls. These soundtracks are legally kept for downloading without violating any copyrights. This includes the typical YouTube background music tracks which are collected from various online resources and also contains the work of the original artist. After paying a certain amount you can free download instrumental background music for videos.

Now let us tell you where to find free music.

(1) Partners in Rhyme
Partners in Rhyme include soundtracks from all genres including, movies, jazz, country, rock, pop, ambient music, created with piano and good background music for YouTube. The tracks are legally authorized by the uploader and they are completely free to download. 

(2) Free Soundtrack Music
Free Soundtrack Music includes tracks by the leasing composers from around the world. You will find all kinds of music and genres including, Italian, commercial, stock music and mp3 collection in the site which can be downloaded for free after you buy credits with 60-day login access to the site. The packages start from $3.50 for single track download to $19.50 for 24 tracks download. 

(3) Danosongs
Donosongs comprise of tracks composed by Dan-O, who is an acoustic rock singer and songwriter. His music can also be found on Amazon, iTunes, Google Play and Spotify like sites and you can download his 77 tracks from Danosongs after paying a license fee of $49.95 only. 

(4) Incompetech
Incompetech contains a wide selection of music tracks from multiple genres. The site provides you the option to download royalty free tracks which you can get after paying a license fee or without paying anything. They provide four packages out of which only one package is free of license cost and the rest 3 are chargeable.

(5) Mobygratis
MobyGratis offers you the exclusive sound for creating your YouTube videos. You’ll need to create an account before you download any music and fill up the application for the tracks. After that you can download free background music for videos.

(6) Dig CCmixter
Dig CCmixter offer free tracks and they have a varied selection of music in the site. The tracks are perfect for your YouTube videos and the materials are fully copyrighted by the owner for legal usage. Dig CCmixter is one of the best sites for getting background music for download. 

(7) YouTube
The official YouTube audio channel has its own collection of music. You will find a wide selection of genres and nice tracks and downloading them is completely free of cost. The tracks are specifically created for video producers and editors who can use them as background number for their videos. You can also view your video analytics from the YouTube audio channel.

(8) Josh Woodward
Josh Woodward is an acoustic rock singer and songwriter who has released a number of albums but he always chooses to offer his music for free. You will find his music from several genres which are particularly created for YouTube video background music.

(9) Free Music Archive
Free Music Archive includes soundtracks of all genres and you can also browse music according to moods. You will find legal music in the site which is updated with the latest tracks made for YouTube video editing.


To use the tracks from any of these sites onto your YouTube video, just download the track in your computer and upload it while editing your video. If you are not satisfied with the YouTube video editor then you can also use the third party tools and software. Few of the best video editing tools are:

  • Windows Movie Maker
  • Avidemux
  • VSDC Free VideoEditor
  • Corel Video Studio
  • Wondershare Video Editor
  • MoviePlus
  • Pinnacle Studio
  • Nero Video
  • Adobe Premiere Elements
  • CyberLink Power Director

With these tools you can create, edit, add effects and music onto your videos and give it high quality picturization.

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