5 ways to find and watch free full length movies on youtube.com

Everyone dreams of watching movies right from the comforts of their armchair. If you can stream a full-length movie and watch it with just a few clicks of a button, would not it sound amazing? With this been said, YouTube is here to delight movie aficionados with an endless list of options. Over the years, the YouTube full-length movie list has grown drastically. A basic search will let you come across at least 2000+ full-length movies. This can be attributed to the name and glory of YouTube. It is a powerful website for streaming movies, or to be much more precise, an ultimate destination for watching free movies in your cozy pyjamas and nighties!


The Drastic Boom

You will be astounded to hear that the first pirated movie was released in YouTube about 2 years ago. Since then it has not taken long for many more movies to find a place in youtube.com. A recent survey declared that more than 40% of online users search for full-length YouTube movies at some point of time. This might sound like an illegal quest; however, this is how the online movie industry rocks & rolls. After all, who would not wish to spend an afternoon in their homes with a free YouTube movie list? 

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How to find youtube full-length movies list easily

(1) Using Fine Tuned Searches

There are five different ways by which you can stream full-length youtube movies.  The simplest way would be to search with the following keywords, “YouTube free full-length movies”. This is a straightforward query that will undeniably give you an endless list of results. Likewise, you can search for youtube full movies by typing its name. In most cases, “Full length” or “Full movie” will be adequate. If you are not able to find a movie in YouTube.com, start with a google search. It is quite interesting to note that the powerful search engine finds and filters even old movies (full length) from YouTube. Meanwhile, if the movie is very new, you will not find it in YouTube.com directly. This is when transitivity becomes useful. 

Search for “full-length movies”

(2) Using Filters

Generally, the “YouTube movies free full length” searches would be populated with more than 10+ results. Thus, you should learn to analyze the results carefully. The size and length of movies will differ drastically. For example, movie trailers will be smaller and shorter than the actual film. To make sure you stream the right video, use a filter to extract videos that are large. Here is a quick review on how to set this filter:


  • Navigate to the top of the section under the search bar. Now, you will come across a tab called “Filters”.
  • Once you spot “Filters”, you should select features like the duration, date, and type. There will be many options under filters. Conversely, you can handpick features that best suit your need/search.
  • For free full-length movies on youtube.com, you must select “Long” under duration. This option would show all recordings that are above 15+ minutes. Hence, proper movies and short cartoons/trailers that are over 15 minutes will be displayed.
Adding Filters for movies on youtube

Apart from conventional filters, you can go for customized feature selection methods too. For example, you can type the name of the movie you want or the lead actor’s name. If you are unaware of the movie’s actual name, you can search using its genre, director, actress and many other details specific to the movie. Always remember that even a comma can make a massive difference in the search results. So, frame your search criteria with lots of care and concern. This way the final results will be much more apt and fine-tuned to meet your actual needs.


(3) Using Channels
Moving on, you can search for movies from “Channels”. Ever since YouTube videos full-length movies became famous, more and more online browsers have started to search for channels. By default, the channels are used to publish dedicated videos. Some channels feature the town’s most recent videos; while there are channels with very old, yet well-known movies. According to experts, channels comprise of predefined filters that identify the kind of movies and videos broadcasted. To identify a YouTube channel, you should type “Full Length Films” or “Free movies” before the film’s genre. These keywords will add a simple filter to the search results and present only free, full-length movies.

Following are the Steps to identify youtube channels:

  • Go to Youtube menu and click “Browse Channels”.
  • Search for “Full-Length Films” and subscribe to the suitable channel.
browse channels for free movies on youtube


movies on youtube to watch full length

(4) The Movies Section

To make things much simpler, YouTube has a dedicated movies section. You will find this section on the left side of the Main Page. As you open YouTube, you will have access to this section. Conversely, you can use it to find specific videos of different categories; namely sports, music, movie, games and many more. To watch YouTube movies free, all that you should do is select the whole movies section. If the movies section is not shown, you can navigate to it by typing a slash bar after Youtube.com and typing “Movies” (e.g. www.youtube.com/movies). Just like channels, the movies section will let you identify films of different styles, genres and languages.
free youtube movies to watch on channels

(5) Third Party Sources

1. Zero Dollar Movies

In addition to these standard methods, you can use “Zero Dollar Movies” to find movies on YouTube and to watch full length. “Zero Dollar Movies” comes with an instantaneous search option. It has more than 15,000+ movies in its directory. The movies are organized carefully based on its titles, year of release and actors. Every day a new set of movies are added into this directory. Even world famous sites like YouTube tend to obtain data from this service. This makes “Zero Dollar Movies” a direct route to unlimited movies on YouTube to watch full length.
zero dollar movies

2. Reddit

Finally, you can find English movies, local videos and international trailers in YouTube through Reddit. Though Reddit is a site with plenty of spanning and diverse topics; you can retrieve useful data by searching the website carefully. Just like “Zero Movies Dollar”, Reddit tends to present up-to-date content at all times. In simpler words, it makes watching free, full length movies in YouTube easy.

On youtube you can find all kind of movies like Mystery, Experimental/Avant-Garde, Prison, Art, Exploitation, Silent, Road, Adventure, Hindi, Drama, Coming-of-age, Buddy, Socialguidance, Heist, Satirical, Christian, Courtroomdrama, Behind-the-scenes, Propaganda, old, new, Spanish, pregnancy, War, BeachParty, Fantasy, Comedy, Children’s, Parody, Zombie, English, Sports, Hollywood, Action, Gangster, Hippie, Sci-Fi, Pirate, Rape/Revenge, Puppets, Ethnic, Animation, Film-Noir, Horror, Spy, Medical, Disaster, Adult/X-Rated, Thriller, Family, Bollywood, Romance, MartialArts, Crime, Musical, Documentary, Western, Religious, HistoricalEpic, Alienabduction, Mockumentary.

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    There are really good tricks. On youtube, there are many spam videos which look like movies but has some non-sense video content. If you know how to search well, you can definitely find the movie you want to watch on youtube. Make use of search filters like Duration time, Sort by, Upload date etc. to find full-length movies on youtube easily.

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