Top 10 useless websites to surf when you are free

Over the years, the virtual market has grown in great leaps and bounds. It is deemed as a frontier for upright communication and sharing important information in few split seconds. However, you may end up wasting time too! Apart from effective social media sites like Tumblr, Facebook and Twitter that can be used to share valuable information; there are plenty of useless websites too!

Have you pondered if websites in the internet can be useless? Do you always go for good websites that are designed perfectly? Or, have you ever come across web pages that are weird and meaningless? If No, sit back and read one! Here is a quick walk through pointless websites.

Top 10 useless websites

(1) Minor Epilepsy Warning

The moment you types “take me to a pointless website”, you will be taken to Minor Epilepsy Warning. This is a website that doesn’t fall within anyone’s imagination. The site is a mere collection of graphical displays. Don’t get your hopes high; since, the website is just an arrangement of different falling shades. Most visitors find this website annoying and a waste of time! It can be strangely designed with a notion in mind. But practically, it doesn’t serve any need. In simpler terms, Minor Epilepsy Warning is a useless piece of work.

Minor Epilepsy Warning

(2) Move Now Think Later

“Move Now Think Later” was a real turn off. Most visitors kick into the site with lots of hope. Unfortunately, they end up watching a quick game of checkers that cannot be interpreted easily. The game moves very fast. As suggested by its name, after the game you may wonder who and how they won! Learning checkers from this site is easy said than done. To be honest, it would be unwise to even consider this website as an option. 

Move Now Think Later


“RGB” is a very important concept in the field of computer science. It represents the use of colors while designing web pages. Nevertheless, “RGB” is a perfect site for second grade science. If you forget that the primary colors are red, green and blue; you will find RGB useful. Apart from this, the webpage doesn’t serve any purpose. This gives RGB a prominent place in the list of useless web websites. After all, would you need a separate site with a working domain to remind you the three primary colors?


(4) Bury Me With My Money

A useless website that astounded web analyzers would be “Bury Me With My Money”. Ambitious online surfers fall for the websites catchy name. They believe that the site will help them become rich. Unfortunately, you will not rise or witness any change after visiting this site. This is why most online-rs accept this as a worthless website. Nevertheless, what frightens the most is that the website has more than 48,000 likes. If you rank websites based on the number of Facebook likes and g+ Shares, you will definitely be disappointed!

Bury Me With My Money

(5) Ducks Are The Best

A lot of people admire ducks and wish to investigate more about them. With this being said, there are many websites to discuss duck tales! So, how does “Ducks are the Best” sound? Initially, you might believe this site has a lot to do with ducks. But, “Ducks are the Best” is totally futile. It doesn’t express any love for the cute creature. And, if you visit this site for information on ducks, you will definitely come out disappointed. All that the website has is a green background with small yellow ducks drawn on it. Nothing more, nothing less!

Ducks Are The Best

(6) Cat Bounce

Are you a cat lover? Do you wish to see thousands of cats falling from the sky? Are you interested in watching colorful, bouncing cats? If yes, “Cat Bounce” might be a good site for you! Unfortunately, it is another useless website with nothing but falling cats. The site is designed with thousands of cats falling from the sky. So, does this make any sense to you? Are you fascinated by the idea of seeing falling cats? If no, this site is certainly a top player in the list of useless web pages.

Cat Bounce

(7) Eels Slap

“Eel Slap” is a website with whopping sounds and splashing eels. If you are extremely angry you can visit this site and start slapping eels. However, the simple gesture of moving the mouse cursor doesn’t seem to be of any use. “Eel Slap” is nowhere close to angry birds or fast-moving games. Instead, it is just a mix of sounds and moving eels. Eel Slap is truly a website to waste your priceless time.

Eels Slap

(8) Koalas To The Max


“Koalas to the Max” is a simple web page with a huge circle in the middle. As you swipe across the circle, you may see many hidden secrets. If you wish to annoy your friends, “Koalas to the Max” might be an ideal pick. It doesn’t serve a purpose; it doesn’t have eye catchy layouts or a discreet message. The site has a big green circle and is completely futile! It is on 8th no. in the list of most useless website.

Koalas To The Max

(9) Make Everything OK

What would you do when everything goes wrong in your life? Would you say no to a single button that can make everything OK? Well, there is a website with just what you want! “Make Everything OK” is a website with a single OK button. All that the site offers is the ability to click a single OK button. And, nothing will happen after this click.

Make Everything OK

(10) Pointer Pointer

The list of www.useless closes with “PointerPointer”. As you move the mouse pointer inside this website, you are expected to see many magical effects. However, nothing great or astounding happens in this webpage. It is just a simple rectangle with no graphics or surprises. The maximum you can do is move your cursor in and outside the rectangle.

Pointer Pointer

Ultimate Bottom Line
On the whole, there are many other useless websites in the internet. As you type “find me a useless website”, you will land up with a huge list of options.

Take me to a pointless website

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