10 best photo sharing sites for photography lovers

These days, the younger generation finds hard to digest their food unless they share their latest photos with their friends in social networking sites. In fact, this has become a trend for today’s youth. Those early days, people couldn’t share their images so rapidly; instead it took a week to reach their photos to their friends. But with the advancement of technology now an image can be shared in a second just with a single click and all your friends can view them together. And thanks to the photo sharing sites those made this task so easy and convenient.

What is the photo sharing site and how does it work?

Online photo sharing sites are the platforms, just like social networking sites, where you can upload any picture and share your photography with your friends and contacts. You can even customize your images based on your choice with the help of numerous tools and adjust their contrast and brightness accordingly. After uploaded, your friends can view them, like and comment on your pictures. These images will be uploaded to the site’s database, which offers you unlimited storage, and you can access them at a later time whenever you want. You can even edit and delete your images which you won’t want to be remained on the site and maintain privacy measures by making your images public or private. In this article you will read about 10 best photo sharing sites and their reviews.

What types of photos are accepted in such sites?

Most of the sites prefer original images which contain no duplicity and is royalty free. These sites approve almost all image formats including .jpg, .png, .gif, .bmp and lots more. You can upload your single pic, selfies, old photo, groupies or group photo, family photos, corporate images, stock photo, etc. Some photo sharing sites even support video uploading and sharing. But make sure your images or videos do not include any offensive content or related to pornography or else they are likely to get reported for violating the rules of the site. Excess posting of such contents will probably ban your public profile and you will no more be allowed to upload photos.

How to upload an image in the photo sharing sites? 

Uploading your image in the top photo sharing sites is very easy. 

  • Sign up for a new account or log in to the site. (Few sites allow Facebook login also)
  • Create your public profile with your full name and occupation.
  • Upload your first image.
  • Customize it with the tools provided in the site.
  • Finish it up and add a good caption to the image.
  • Set privacy options.
  • Add your location (optional).
  • Post it.

Your image will be visible to your contacts/public and then you can start receiving comments.

Today, in this article, we are going to mention about the top 10 image hosting and photo sharing sites.

List of most popular photo sharing sites 2015 – 2016

1. Instagram

Instagram has become a craze for social networking freaks, a place where people prefer to share their pictures by using vintage filters which is a major feature of the site. Compared to the other photo sharing sites, Instagram has occupied much public interest.

Key features: Retro filters that give a number of options to customize your images.
Storage: Unlimited
Price: Free


2. Flickr

Flickr is an initiative by Yahoo, and is one of the best site to share photos which is preferred by amateurs as well as professionals.

Key features: Ad-free browsing, sharing on mobile and desktop, view account statistics.
Storage: 1000GB free storage
Price: Free and upgradable with $24.95 per year.


3. Imgur

Imgur is a free photo uploading site which makes your images public and provides you a number of images embed codes and links to share them.

Key features: Video to .gif converter, meme generator, image url
Storage: Unlimited
Price: Free


4. Photobucket

Photobucket is one of the oldest and most popular photo sharing sites that leads all the photo sharing platforms. With over millions uploads, Photobuckets connects all digital photographers at a single place.

Key features: Organize photos, photo books, photobucket store, phptobucket stories.
Storage: Unlimited
Price: Free/ $24.95 (Pro account)

Photo bucket

5. DeviantArt

DeviantArt is a leading social community for photographers and artists and an image hosting site that keep each other connected with the help of their images and artistic creativities. The site includes over 312 million of image uploads where the self created portraits and paintings are given more preference.

Key features: Paintings upload, exhibitions, sell prints, digital downloads, community with over 36 million members.
Storage: Unlimited
Price: Free


6. 500px

Another best photo sharing site that offers powerful tools to customize your images and allow them to share with the community. You can add beautiful themes to your portfolio or build your own theme with CSS, Javascript, HTML and Liquid right from your browser.

Key features: Custom themes, unlimited uploads.
Storage: Unlimited
Price: Free/ $25 per year


7. ImageShack

ImageShack has unlimited uploads and offers unlimited space to showcase your images to the world. It is one of the best platforms to store your images on the cloud which ensures safety of your images.

Key features: Watermark images, Statistics, automatic backups, mobile app.
Storage: Unlimited
Price: $37.99 per year.


8. Smugmug

Smugmug has loads of incredible features which is essential for all kinds of photographers. In Smugmug, you can have your own customizable photo websites to showcase your pictures to the world.

Key features: Responsive and customizable website, 24 x 7 support, advanced customization options, organize your photos, safety and security of your images, social sharing, gifts and prints, ecommerce platform, branding.
Storage: Unlimited
Price: $35 per month.


9. Shutterfly

Shutterfly is one of the free photo sharing sites lets you create private groups to share pictures. You can even create your own photo sharing website within minutes and customize it accordingly with different layouts and exclusive designs.

Key features: Create theme based website, photo prints, secure storage
Storage: Unlimited
Price: Free


10. Imgsrc.ru
Imgsrc.ru is a Russian photo sharing site which enhances your photo sharing experience with your family and friends. The site has over 738000 users and 44000000 photos uploaded.

Key features: Image hosting
Storage: Unlimited
Price: Free


Not only these sites let you share your photos but also they provide a complete social networking stage to keep you connected to each other.

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