How to fix “you may be a victim of software counterfeiting” error

Microsoft Windows OS is the most popular OS as most of the desktops and laptops are now installed with Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 or Windows XP. One of the problems which Windows users have started facing is ‘You may be a victim of Software Counterfeiting error. The version of Windows is not genuine’. May it be 32 Bit or 64 Bit version of any of Windows OS, you too can face this problem. There is a solution available for this Microsoft Windows related problem, and that’s why you should go through this post to know the way to solve this problem.



Before you get to know the way to solve this problem of Windows Counterfeiting error, you should know the way to activate any version of Windows properly.

Windows error



How to Activate Windows XP/7/8/8.1?

If you’re installing Windows 7, then you’ll require Windows 7 professional activation key. For installing any other Windows version too, you’ll require the activation key for it.

Activating Windows brings privacy, and that’s why you should know the steps of activating Windows 7 or any other Windows version.

Here are the Steps that you need to follow for activating Windows online easily:

  • Click the ‘Start’ Button located at left side of the desktop
  • Right Click on Computer and then select Properties. It will let you go to the System Properties.
  • Click on “Activate Windows online now”. You’ll need an internet connection for it.
  • Note down the Windows activation key which may be available on the DVD provided for installing Windows 7.
  • After entering the 25 character validation key, you’ll need to click ‘Next’ for activating Windows on your desktop or laptop. Within few seconds, your windows version will be verified.

Installing Windows without Internet Connection

Installing Windows OS without internet connection is possible. For it, you’ll need to choose the other option which is ‘Show me other ways to activate’. After entering the Windows product key, you’ll need to click on ‘Next’ as then you’ll be able to find the option of using automated phone system for activating Windows. You’ll need to select your Country and then follow the procedure for activating Windows by making use of automated phone system.

There are some other ways too available for activating Windows easily.

Why Users Are Facing this Problem?
There are various reasons which have made Windows 7 and Windows 8 users face this problem. From a long time, Windows XP users were already facing this problem. This problem can be very frustrating, and that’s why you should immediately get rid of it.

Here are some of the reasons making people face this Software counterfeiting problem:

  • You may be using a pirated Windows version or you might have made use of Windows 7 activation crack. You may definitely need to find fix for getting rid of this problem immediately.
  • It may be because of the recent update in WGA system or just because you tried to update Windows recently.
  • Even if you may have installed Windows 7 version by making use of genuine Windows 7 ultimate product key, you may still face the problem. It may be just because Microsoft may be finding your genuine Windows OS as a pirated Windows OS.

Different Methods for Solving Counterfeiting Error Problem

A good thing is that not has to not rely on one method for solving counterfeiting error problem which he may face on his desktop or laptop.

(1) Most Popular Method to Solve Counterfeiting Error Problem


This is a complex method, but it will definitely help you in solving this problem completely.

(1) You need to first open Task Manager which can be done by pressing Ctrl + Alt + Del.
(2) Click on Processes Tab immediately.
(3) Scroll and find out “Wgtray.exe”.
(4) Select it and then click End.
(5) You’ll need to restart your PC Now.
(6) After restarting you’ll need to login to safe made which can be done by pressing F8 Key just before the system gets boot.
(7) Find ‘My Computer’ and then delete WgaTry.exe which is by navigating to C:WindowsSystem32dllcache
(8) You’ll also need to delete WgaTry.Exe from C:WindowsSystem32dllcache
(9) Open Run and then Type redegit
(10) Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE –> SOFTWARE –> MicrosoftWindowsNT –> CurrentVersion –> Winlogon –> Notify.  Here you’ll need to delete Wgalogon folder along with the contents.
(11) Restart Your PC. You may never face the same Windows related problem again.

(2) Solving Counterfeiting Error by Making Use of RemoveWGA 

All people who’re not good with technical stuff should make use of this method for immediately getting rid of ‘You may be a victim of Software Counterfeiting’ error.

Download RemoveWGA from here

You’ll just need to download RemoveWGA application which is available for free. By running RemoveWGA application on your desktop or laptop, you’ll be easily able to fix Counterfeiting error. As this method takes less time, all Windows OS users facing this problem decide to immediately download RemoveWGA. Make sure your antivirus is off for the time period you are using RemoveWGA.

Note: RemoveWGA is available for free. Don’t pay money for installing any other windows 7 activation fix tools which are sold saying that it will convert the cracked Windows to genuine Windows version.

(3) Use RemoveWAT


This is one of the useful utility to activate your windows version. Follow below steps to get started.

(1) Turn off your anti-virus protection for some time.
(2) Download RemoveWat and install it on your system.
(3) Open software and click on “RemoveWAT” as shown in the screenshot.
(4) In few minutes, your computer may be restarted to complete the process and you will no longer face the similar error again. You can go to “System Properties” to check your windows activation status.

Remove warning using RemoveWAT

(4) Restore to Previous Date

A very easy way to solve Windows Software Counterfeiting Error problem is by restoring Windows to previous date or restoring to a previously taken backup of Windows.

Make sure you restore your windows to restore point when you were not getting counterfeiting error. There be multiple restore points created for your system.

  • Click on the Start menu > right click on “Computer” or “File Explorer” > select Properties.
  • The System window will appear > click on System Protection.
  • Click on System Restore and check all restore points created for the system.
  • Now, you can choose latest restore point which was created before you started getting software counterfeiting error.
  • Once it is restored,  restart you pc in normal mode.
Restore your windows

Now you must definitely be able to solve the Windows Counterfeiting error problem immediately. If any of your friends using Windows computer is facing the same type of problem, then you can definitely let him or her know all the methods of solving this problem. Do let us know that which method you used for getting rid of this common Windows OS problem.

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    Hello.. I found 'wait chain' drop down in the Resource Monitor.. getting there through Task Manager.. found the problem rather quickly.
    Going through the run command gives a different read out in all columns.. probably a counterfeit effort.
    I would like to note.. I am not running xp.. an excellent program.. I was sorry to see support go.
    My problem is engendered by wiretappers that operate with seeming impunity.
    The customer security protocols for the major providers seem to be a PR.. let us save money.. type thing..
    How can they not understand corrupting a system does just that.. in any way.. the numbers are the same physics.
    I run windows Vista Business and Windows 7 Home Premium. I use Intel/Mcafee security and of course the windows defender.. and firewalls..
    It seems the ersatz 'hackers' like IE.. the amount of times they have attempted.. at times succeeding.. to access my software and wiretapped my line.. (reconnecting to my line after it was removed from all other lines in this four unit building) I feel I should say here.. these are the actions of a career criminal that they persist in a directed criminal action for 9.. yep count em.. nine years.
    If those who do not want to pay for their own accounts and steal from their neighbors are content to wait for the axe of legal process to fall.. I have one piece of advice for the victims.,. prosecute.. do it fast.. if they will not give you respect of decency.. legal protection.. so we can see what is happening.. they need to be off the net.. they are nothing more than a problem.. regardless of excuse.. they cannot seem to bring themselves to ask.. or even consider it..
    Thank you for your site and interest in this growing problem… Peace Tony

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