8 best games like candy crush saga you should play

Candy crush has become a famous game amongst both iOS and Android users. The puzzle game has grown in great leaps and bounds. Developers have increased the number of objects and rules in the game to make it much more interesting. The enticing puzzle game was released in 2012 and it became a game-stealer in few short weeks. With this being said, many puzzle games were developed! Today there are more than 50+ games like candy crush saga. If you are searching for these games, consider yourself as lucky and read on. Here are top just like, new, addictive, games as good as candy crush. In fact, some of them are much better.


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Here is the list of all games. I have given download links for android. For iOS, iPad, iPhones also, these apps available.

Candy Crush Saga

8 awesome games similar to candy crush

(1) Tasty Tale

The list of apps like candy crush begins with “Tasty Tale”. It is based on a master and cook who enjoys finding ingredients. The master and cook are expected to put their skills together and find important ingredients like cheese, eggs, berries and fruits! Tasty Tale is strongly linked with bejeweled games. Initially, you should build your very own restaurant. Sooner, you will come across fairy tale characters that specialize in preparing a wide range of dishes. To make wonderful dishes, ingredients should be collected and mixed together. Typically, you will be expected to make scrumptious combos that will give you an edge. Unfortunately, you cannot prepare dishes in a straightforward manner. The puzzle game is much more than having three different food-makers! It can come with endless challenges and several odd levels that should be handled strategically.

Tasty Tale’s real difficulty quotient lies on how you expand the recipe list! You should work wonders to move forward successfully.  You can easily compare scores and go better levels by cooking like a pro. Additionally, the game features a colorful, inspiring interface that makes it a premium app like candy crush.

Tasty Tale

(2) Juice Jam

Next similar games to candy crush is Juice Jam. The game was once known as “Sugary Snacks”. It is a fruit-centered puzzle that has many enticing adventures. There are hundreds of levels and refined mechanics in this game! Once again, it is a fruit-based game that makes nice mixtures. The core mechanic in this game is to create vertical and horizontal likes of fruits. It starts with three fruits and grows bigger. The levels represent the freshness of the fruit. Conversely, the Juice Jam levels should be high if you want the fruits to remain fresh and consumable. Once the juice jam level goes very low, fruits will become stale! 

Juice Jam will let you create honey, smoothies and popsicles. The fun filled game revolves around high production values. They are challenging and of course fun filler in every possible way. As you gain better power boasts, you should be prepared to overcome tougher challenges. This is what makes Juice Jam wonderful and a must-play game. Moreover, the game is made to meet high standards that are worth every small space you devote on your device. As you kick start into the game, you should use bees to make honey cubes. 

Juice Jam

(3) Cookie Jam

Another game that is like candy crush is “Cookie Jam”. By default this is another puzzle game where you match shapes and colors. However, the interesting twist to the story would be the need for dessert recipes. Every level you must complete a dessert recipe. This will take you to the next level in Cookie Jam. Likewise, you must match different colors and collect only the required ingredients. These ingredients will be required to create a whole new recipe. The next level in Cookie Jam will always have something special for you. For example, you can travel across different islands that are themed with floating houses and recipes to keep you extremely busy. 


In order to play Cookie Jam successfully, you should put in lots of effort and focus. “Balancing Strategy” plays a very important role in this game. Unlike many other games like candy crush, where you can match tiles mindlessly, Cookie Jam requires lots of strategic thinking. Forward planning plays a vital role in Cookie Jam. This is where you should plan wisely and rise above your other friends! Nevertheless, Cookie Jam ramps up the game’s overall difficulty level making the play much more challenging and tacky.

Cookie Jam

(4) Candy Blast Mania

If you want all kinds of colorful candy varieties in your mobile device, you should go for Candy Blast Mania! The list of apps like candy crush will remain incomplete without this one. It is available for both android and iOS devices like the iPad & iPhone. The ultimate experience of this game will depend on the kind of device you use. As the device gets finer, your experience will become better. This is a promise devoured by Candy Blast Mania challenges. One of the best features about this game would be its very few turns. In the beginning, Candy Blast Mania might seem easy. However, as levels increase, your gaming experience will become tougher and much more challenging. This is something that differentiates Candy Blast Mania from the rest. 

While playing the game, you should collect candies of different colors. To collect candies, you should swipe to the left and right. To gather more candies, you should increase the number of resources you own! The game has many resources that will aid you in gathering the right number of candies at the right time. Most people who search for free online games, admire Candy Blast Mania. This is because it revolves around many artifacts like energy, players, scores and colorful candy beads. 

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Candy Blast Mania

(5) Book of Life Sugar Smash
“Book of Life Sugar Smash” is another option is the list of games like candy crush saga. It is a charming game that comprises of a “Book of Life”. It is a puzzle with nearly 100 levels! In each level, you should help Manolo, Maria and Joaquin collect treats. However, the game board doesn’t have many moves or options for players. This makes the game really challenging. The Book of Life adheres to a special formula! Also, it is regarded as one of the flashiest games with plenty of ways by which you can score more. When tested on older iPhone devices and iPad versions, the game didn’t slow down anything. That’s why Book of Life: Sugar Smash is deemed as a highly responsive game in the market. When compared against conventional candy crush sagas, this game is very different. It will not waste your time by increasing the difficulty of the game based on your swipes. Instead, the difficulty is carefully increased with the help of game board shapes and tacky obstacles that can limit the way you create matches. 

Features that make Book of Life Sugar a special game would be as follows:

  1. The use of characters from the special Book of Life.
  2. Levels that reach 100 and more!
  3. A responsive game with colorful, flashy plays.
  4. Free online games for both iOS and Android.

Currently, Book of Life: Sugar Smash is a strong play that is fair and very tricky. It is the strongest puzzle game you can find the market with lots of tiles, handy rules and special tricks. Sometimes, ardent online gamers ponder if Sugar Smash or Candy crush app is better. This is because both these games are unique and challenging in some way or the other!

Sugar Smash

(6) Best Fiends

Moving on, Best Fiends is another wonderful game like candy crush. It has cute monsters and dangerous slugs. According to the game’s rules, you should own a group of monsters who are also known as Fiends and fight against slugs. Meanwhile, you must use current characters and find newer ones. The game begins with Temper, he will be your mentor! Temper will train you about Best Fiend’s basic rules and techniques. The board game is loaded with many colorful tiles, namely yellow, red, green, purple and blue. These tiles should be connected diagonally, horizontally and vertically.  Apart from meeting this requirement, players must march their way through dirty slugs! To defeat the slugs, you must match colored tiles that can attack them directly. There is a very small difference between Brave Frontier and Best Fiends. These games enjoy an untold degree of balance that makes the games truly enjoyable. Time after time, Best Fiends is modified and upgraded to meet current requirements. You will find a dozen levels with carefully framed goals and a wide range of rewards. 

Here are few unique features about this game which is 1 of the apps like candy crush:

  1. Each Fiend in the game has a unique set of abilities. 
  2. You can create and fine tune a team to battle.
  3. The tiles can be connected through several means.
  4. There are several levels to conquer and move forward! Some of these levels can be unlocked only in the latest version of Android or iOS. 
  5. With every release, the monsters are upgraded and a hefty collection of rewards are provided to players. This will keep you hooked to the game for a very long time.

To move ahead in the game, you must collect certain number of colored tiles within a predestined number of moves.

Best Friends

(7) Battle Camp

One of the most detailed games with lots of in depth monster training would be Battle Camp. 1 of the free games like candy crush can keep you occupied for several hours. It is where you must catch, match, battle and train with nearly 900 different monsters. Each with a special collection of skills! The puzzle pulls together many opportunities for components with PvE and PvP aspects. Meanwhile, remember that the game is quite different from candy crush. You will have the power to drag tiles. On the other hand, the way in which you displace tiles will also be very different. Tiles are designed with five different elements, namely stone, fire, water, wind and leaf. To save lives and reach many levels, you can steal hearts on behalf of your team. Every match you make has a direct impact on the monsters. As a result, your attacking strategies will become tackier and much more interesting. Before you pull out an attack, remember to calibrate the opponent’s strengths and weaknesses. Make sure you know how they work to launch a successful attack. Generally, Battle Camp begins with a team of five enthusiastic monsters. Your exploration will start with these monsters. In each level you should battle against them and make your team as strong as possible. It is 1 of better candy crush like games. 

Battle Camp

(8) Jewel Mania

Next in line for games similar to candy crush is Jewel Mania! A very famous game is programmed for both android and iOS devices. It is an impressive game that expects you to swipe and match. Jewel Mania revolves around a boy, girl and dog. These are three cute characters, which give the entire game a whole new feel! Just like every other color matching game, you must swipe and match colors! Through each level you will see a new set of challenges. These challenges come in a wide range of shapes, colors and sizes. In fact, a small change in setting will represent a bigger challenge. On the whole, Jewel Mania has around 400 different levels. Each of these must be upgraded in your device. With every upgrade, you will get more fun games and cooler rewards. Unfortunately, you should shed some energy to more up levels. Energy in Jewel Mania is a very precious resource. This is because it degrades with time and a predestined number of moves. You must reach a specific score to regain energy and move to a whole new level.

Jewel Mania

On the whole, there are many more games, free games, online apps like candy crush saga. In fact, some of these games are much more fun and truly a delight to play. 

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