200 Good, Cool Clan Names For COD & COC

Clans are an integral part of Clash of Clans, Call of Duty: Ghosts and Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare.  Players can create a new clan or join an existing one. In Cod, now cross-platform Clans are also supported.  That means players can now join a Clan with friends regardless of whether they play on Xbox, PlayStation or Windows PC.  In this article, we will learn what all guidelines players need to follow for creating new clan names, how to join a clan in clash of clans and “list of clan names for cod and coc“.

What is a clan?

Clans are groups of players who join together to support each other, either materially (donating troops) or verbally (giving advice). Also, by joining clans one can defeat other clans very easily. All the members of Clans have a private chat for socializing with each other and are able to donate troops to each other.  Players can earn exclusive unlocks and multiplayer XP bonuses as they level-up their Clan. You can find many websites which generate “good clan names“.

clans are also known as family, tribe, dynasty, guild, group, kinship, faction, gang. bunch, alliance etc. In this article, you will see some amazing, hilarious, warrior, legendary, sick, Viking, ninja, epic, cute, funny, really cool,  one word, top 100, clever, random, badass, unique, gaming, 4 letter, one-word clan name ideas.

How to Join a Clan in Clash of clans (COC)?

Moreover, players can join clans once they rebuild the special Clan Castle building and to do this 10,000 gold is required. Once you complete the rebuild of Castle, you will get an option for joining or creating a clan. There are various ways to join a Clan. 


Below are some examples:

  • Find a clan that has the status ‘Anyone Can Join’ and tap the ‘join’ button.
  • Accept an invitation sent by a clan elder/co-leader/leader.
  • Go on global chat and watch for people recruiting members to join their Clan.
  • Send a request to join a Clan that has the status ‘invite only’.


What is Clan Wars & how to join it in Call of Duty (COD)

Clan Wars is one of the most interesting things in Call of Duty. Clans Wars allows you to join up and compete against other clans of similar size and skill for control of positions on the Clan War Map. Now to participate in the Clan Wars you need to join a clan or create your own clan by following below mentioned rules. Once you have either joined a clan or made a new one, you will be able to access the Clan Wars feature, if your clan meets the requirement of having three members prior to its start. If your clan meets this requirement, you can then participate in the Clan War. Further, you can monitor the progress through the Call of Duty: Ghosts Companion or Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare App.



To create the best clan names in cod, you need to follow some rules.  Following are the rules:

  • Characters length must be less than 20 letters. 
  • Special characters such as exclamation mark (!) or dollar signs ($) are not allowed. 
  • Underscore (_) can be used.  If your clan name is already taken and then add an underscore, you will get your clan name in a different manner with the same meaning.

If you want to create your own clan and give it a unique cool attractive name; you can use clan name generator online websites. Just you have to go the website and click on “Generate” button and you will get multiple clan names. Some of such websites are listed below.

  1. http://www.clannames.net/clan-name-generator
  2. http://online-generator.com/name-generator/clan-name-generator.php
  3. https://www.iclanwebsites.com/clan-name-generator/
  4. http://www.newnamegenerator.com/clan-name-generator/
  5. http://genr8rs.com/Generator/Fun/ClanNameGenerator



In case you are bored with generating names from these websites, you can go through below clan names list to know awesome names.

200 Best Cool Clan Names for Call of Duty & Clash of Clans

    1. 420 Spartans 
    2. Abnormal Squad
    3. Anatomy of Death
    4. Anderson Cubed2
    5. Angels cry
    6. Animated Coercion
    7. Axiomatic Vigor
    8. Bad Committee
    9. Bad Sneakers
    10. Baird 
    11. Battlefield Brawlers
    12. Baxter
    13. Beat clan
    14. Bent Military
    15. Bitten Bone Bits
    16. Blades of Rage 
    17. Blood Lust 
    18. Blood-Scribe 
    19. Blue Assassins
    20. Boiling Troublemakers
    21. Bored Militants
    22. Borthwick 
    23. broken wings
    24. Bumpy Gang
    25. Cairns
    26. Calder 
    27. Cameron Live to Kill
    28. Carrion Evolution 
    29. Chemical Death 
    30. Clan Doom Hammer
    31. ClashForCash
    32. Cluttered Almighty
    33. CoC Craze 
    34. CoC Inspectors
    35. CoD Dead 
    36. Collision RossieDeath Dose 
    37. Colorful Vandals
    38. Complex Prestige
    39. Cot
    40. Crazy Tronners
    41. CreD 
    42. Crosbie
    43. Deaf Executioners 
    44. Death Bloom
    45. Death by Boomstick
    46. Death Dealers
    47. Death Eaters 
    48. Death to Tronners
    49. Decorous Antagonists
    50. Delirious Moguls
    51. Demonic faces
    52. Demonic Strategy
    53. Destroy The Noobs
    54. DeViiLz Tank 
    55. Disastrous Movement
    56. Discreet Masters
    57. DONATORS
    58. Dusty Exterminators
    59. Eagles
    60. Embers Rising
    61. Embers to Ashes
    62. Encircling Inferno
    63. Enlighten 
    64. Enmity
    65. Epsilon 
    66. Et al Clan Boyd 
    67. Ethereal Desperado
    68. EviLz 
    69. Exclusive Domination
    70. Fanatical Perpetrator
    71. Farm4us
    72. Farquharson
    73. Fascinated Gangsters
    74. Faulty Admirals
    75. Fire Dragons
    76. Foamy Sharpshooters
    77. Forgetful Tyranny
    78. Frightened Unquenchable
    79. Fullarton Nobmping 
    80. FuriousSteel
    81. Galloway
    82. Gigantic Criminals
    83. Greasy Outlaws
    84. Greek Fire
    85. Grey Delinquents
    86. Gryfinndor
    87. Gunn
    88. Guttural Veterans
    89. Heady Cadets
    90. Heavy fire
    91. Heir of Thrones 
    92. Herries 
    93. Hive Mind 
    94. Immortal Dynasty 
    95. Impossible Slayers
    96. Internal Hooligans
    97. InAgency
    98. Judicious Voltaic
    99. Known Butchers
    100. Lazy Exile

Good clan names for cod

  1. Legendary
  2. Lennox 
  3. Luck 
  4. Lumsden Diplomacy of the Sword
  5. Lyon
  6. Magnificent Superpower
  7. Makgill 
  8. Marauding Maces 
  9. Martial Warlocks
  10. Meaty 2g
  11. Micro Bus City
  12. Miniature Warfare
  13. MocK 
  14. Monsters Unleashed
  15. moveable
  16. Murder For Hire
  17. Nauseating Warriors
  18. New Gang
  19. Nicolson
  20. Ninja 
  21. Nnoyed Punks
  22. Nova
  23. Null Knights
  24. Nutty Exterminators
  25. Obsequious Authority
  26. Omega 
  27. Ownage 
  28. Pantheon Mad Scientists Powerful Peons
  29. Pennycook 
  30. Petite Invincible
  31. Philistines 
  32. Phoenix
  33. Physical Enemy
  34. Pleasant Power
  35. Pownage Wood
  36. Pray to the Pantheon 
  37. Purring Occupation
  38. Red Onslaught Killing Code
  39. Regular Assassins
  40. Ringing Blades 
  41. RiseOfAbyss
  42. RisingPhoenix
  43. Roasted Guerrillas
  44. Rogue Tronners
  45. Romantic Crew
  46. S.Y.G. (Stole Your Glory)
  47. Salt of the Fields 
  48. SaS
  49. Scarce Force
  50. Seahawks
  51. Seven Scimitars 
  52. Shields
  53. Siege of Ages
  54. Singularity
  55. Skin Peels
  56. Skinny Execution
  57. Smash and grab
  58. Solar
  59. Song of the Blade
  60. Spartans
  61. Special Undertakers
  62. Speed of Light
  63. Stewards of Gaia
  64. Stirling 
  65. Story unfolds 
  66. Striders
  67. Sudden Death Eye for an Eye
  68. Sunset moon
  69. Super Powers 
  70. Super Squad 
  71. Superb Squad
  72. Swarm
  73. Symmetric Chaos 
  74. Synergy
  75. Team One
  76. Tenuous Devils
  77. The Immortal 50
  78. TheDamned
  79. Thedarkwim
  80. TheWhiteStoners
  81. This Is My Clan
  82. Tron Federation 
  83. Tronners Unlimited Skirving 
  84. UniqueLegacy
  85. United Warriors 
  86. Unsuitable Victors
  87. UprisingRivals
  88. Vans 
  89. Versed Dominance
  90. Vigorous Marksmen
  91. Wardlaw
  92. Well-to-do Enforcers
  93. Whole Deadly
  94. Wolverines 
  95. Workable Bureau
  96. Written in Blood 
  97. Xenocide
  98. Xy Clan
  99. Zesty Corps
  100. Zombie Hordes

So what would be your next new clan name! Which clan name is your favorite? Share your ideas about the good clash of clans clan names through comments. You can also use above mentioned clan name generator sites to generate your clan names.

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