Techno Music: Know about techno songs, radio, remix and artists

Are you techno music enthusiastic? Do you love dancing with the electronic music beats? Then you have come across the right post. Being a music freak I have always loved to dance to the electronic music beats and this is why techno music and vocal trance usually fascinates me. So this is why today I am quite excited to write about techno beats and music and list down the best techno music of all times including old songs.

What is Techno Music?

It is an advanced form of music where the tracks are basically instrumental and are created with techno Dj mixes. It includes the fast rhythmic beats and modern genres and a number of electronic instruments are being used to develop such form of music. Techno dance music first came into its form in the 80’s somewhere in Detroit, Michigan. It is basically made with synthesizers, drums and a number of hard rock instruments to bring the right effect.


Why is techno music so popular?

Today’s youth is very much energetic and loves clubbing a lot, techno music has become a craze for them to spend lively evenings and rocking nights. This kind of heavy electronic dance music consistently remained victorious and is still preferred in parties and Dj techno nights. Besides this, a number of FM channels prefer playing only techno radio music. Detroit especially organizes an Electronic Music Festival every year where they play only techno songs and music. It has been reining over the dance floors for around decades due to its variable music and beats and even stage shows and concerts also play this music to bring enthusiasm among the audience. Artists have also developed the techno background music to add some thrill and energy in movies and tv soaps which are equally appreciated by viewers and listeners. 

Dawn of techno music  

During the 1980’s, techno music was initialized in Detroit by using a diverse range of electronic instruments, vocals, and drum beats. This influenced the musicians so much that they chose to carry this forward and create a variety of techno music in a significant way. Popular musicians like Giorgio Moroder, Kraftwerk and Yellow Magic Orchestra took forward this music by using an extensive number of synthesizers, electronic drums, loop sequencing, and turntables. The artists mix the sound in different ways and include an exclusive beat for each track or song. Such beats and tracks are today used to energize the public in DJ clubs and dance floors. It is produced with either vocals or no vocals, or both ways to bring out the variation in the music.

How techno remix songs and music are made?

Techno music lies in the core of the instrumental beats and mainly depends on the Dj remixes. This techno mix is created by fusion melodies with powerful bass lines and with the addition of studio effects and electronic sounds into the mix. This results in the vivacious beats and rhythms which make the sound more flowing. “Techno music” is somewhat comparable to western music and carries the same framework that it does. Techno and minimal techno is normally generated for Dj clubs and parties. It is the sub-genre of techno which develops the use of repetition and understated development. “Minimal techno” is known by a stripped down aesthetic and it was originated during the 90’s by Detroit-based producers Daniel Bell and Robert Hood.minimal-techno

List of best techno songs and music of 2014, 2015, 2016

  1. Porter Ricks- Nautical Dub
  2. Monolake- Occam
  3. Theorem- Cynder
  4. Hexagon- Heiko Laux
  5. Rhythm and Sound- Cylinder
  6. Night Vision- Dolby D, Sync Therapy
  7. Pub- Summer
  8. Maurizio- Eleye
  9. Mono Junk- ‘Channel B’
  10. Model 500- Starlight (Moritz Mix)
  11. Schizophrenia/ Schizophrenia
  12. Dynamo- Killed by a Feedback
  13. Convextion- Ebulience
  14. Consequences- Flug
  15. This is Cocaine Speak- Withecker
  16. Digital Face- Withecker
  17. Injection- Marco Bailey
  18. Sarasani- Francesco Tristani feat. P41
  19. Noursed (Matt Sassari remix) – Alessan Main, Luca Morris, Matt Sassari
  20. Kit Clayton- Nele
  21. Fluxion- Chain Reaction
  22. Paperclip People- The Climax (Basic Reshape)
  23. Signer- Building Memories Without You
  24. Echospace- Aequinoxium

How to download the top techno songs?

Techno beats and music are widely available on the web, as well as music stores in your locality. If you want to free download mp3 on techno trance music then you can also download it from the web. You can visit a number of mp3 download sites and search for electronic genres to get the latest and most popular techno music of all times. A major number of sites also offer free techno mp3 streaming where you can listen your all time favorite techno music online without downloading. 

Types and genres of techno songs

If you want to know about the genres of techno music then there are wide of categories and sub-categories that it falls into. And being divided into so many categories, it carries that distinction and mixture for getting so popular among the youth of today. You will find this kind of music falling into the following genres:best-top-techno-songs

  • Ambient
  • Disco
  • Electronic rock
  • Electronica
  • Hardcore
  • Trance music
  • Industrial music
  • Drum and bass
  • Downtempo
  • House music
  • Jungle
  • Video game music
  • Electroacoustic music
  • …and lots more.

Each genre has its own specialty and signature rhythm that delivers high-quality bass and flow into the dance floor.

How is techno music made so widespread?

After this type of music originated in Detroit, several techno artists started taking it into a serious business and began experimenting with this form. Slowly this music divided into the genres and sub-genres and became the heart of night parties and clubs. Even the FM channels started playing radio techno and this captivated listeners and music lovers. The music maintained its consistency by shunning away the boredom of the same kind and utilized several hard instruments into variant ways.



People who have been listening to techno radio and music have already appreciated this form since decades, but if you are new to it then start listening to it today. You can choose from the number of top techno songs and music we have listed above. This music is popular since years can be easily found anywhere on the web or YouTube channels. So start listening to them and feel the enthusiasm that techno artists have input to make techno music radio much better and superior in the music industry. 

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