10 Best Google Gravity Tricks which will amaze you

If any internet search engine is universally known by mostly all individuals, of all ages, all over the globe it is Google. Google is the most popularly used search engine and is instrumental in bridging gaps all over the world and keeping individuals updated and entertained. It keeps coming with a wide range of ways to keep people hooked. Google gravity trick is one of those ways to keep the people entertained. Usually, Google has many games  which you can play with your entire family and stay connected. I’m feeling lucky to review such a prestigious browser. 

All these games are not known to everyone, but it’s something very exciting other than just searching on google. The most common of them are Google gravity trick. If you want to play these games and stay connected to the pranks, all you need is an internet connection and to stay connected to the web browser. There are many of the games which you can play. Such google tricks signify that google is not only meant for searching, there’s much more to explore! A list of the top new games is stated below, find out all about them and decide which game you want to play first. 

What is Google Gravity?

Google Gravity is an innovative feature in which the page you have opened begins performing some unique tricks. The contents of web pages may seem to be falling down or the web page itself might seem to be turning upside down. It will seem as if the content of your web page are being subjected to the unconditional pull and push of gravity and hence is performing different actions. 

Best Top 10 new gravity games 

The top new and most popular Google games are stated below:

(1) Google Guitar

This is a unique feature of Google because it allows any person to play the chords of a guitar on the page of the search engine. This will help you impress your family and friends as they will be amazed at your high level of intellect and aptitude. Playing the guitar on Google is however not a difficult task and can be performed with much ease if you know the trick. You can find the notes too many of the popular songs online and figure out how to play the songs with much ease using Google anti-gravity. You can try this on http://elgoog.im/guitar/

Google guitar

(2) Google space

Google gravity Mr doob has come up with this unique and incredible feature in which all the contents of the page circulate around. As the mouse rotates around the page as you move it so will all its contents. It is quite difficult to look for anything when the contents circulate. Users find it quite hard to select the correct option and once the results are achieved even they circulate around in a circle. You can experiment Google space at http://mrdoob.com/projects/chromeexperiments/google-space/.

Google Space

(3) Zero gravity google flat fall

This is a truly exceptional feature, everything you type using this feature falls down flat to the screen. You can also flick every object on the screen and simultaneously can continue your surfing. It’s very amusing and everyone must try this for sure. You can checkout this awesome flat falling Google on http://mrdoob.com/projects/chromeexperiments/google-gravity/.

Zero gravity google flat fall 

(4) Google barrel roll

To experience this trick simply go to www.google.com and type the words: “do a barrel roll” in the search engine. You will notice a quick spin of the web page as soon as you type the words. It will be very quick and will make you feel extremely mesmerized. This spin of the web page in a single moment is a very appealing and exciting trick. 

Google barrel roll

(5) Zerg Rush

If you are interested in experiencing yet another unique feature of gravity then go to the web page of google.com and then go ahead and type the words: “Zerg Rush“. This will make your search results fade out and disappear into thin air one by one with the decreasing zeroes. It is one the most enthralling tricks that you can use to impress others and get a lot of appreciation.

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Zerg Rush

(6) Google Zero Gravity Inversion or Google Mirror

Zero gravity Inversion in Google is yet another one of the appealing things which anyone can make use of. You can search for this option, it will inverse all your texts which you will type into the system. This does not just apply to texts but can also be implemented for images, numbers, value and all other data available on a web page. Every word is completely reversed and inverted to become the opposite. To explain this further imagines writing a word of a sentence and holding a mirror at the end of the word. Now look into the mirror the letters will be completely reversed, this is the Google gravity mirror feature. Visit http://elgoog.im/ to see the magic.

Google Gravity Inversion

(7) Google underwater


Google gravity underwater is one of those truly incredible things which Google provides that is sure to blow your mind and leave an indelible imprint on your mind. The background of this web page once the underwater theme is activated shows the sea, with a cluster of a variety of different fish. You will be able to tell the species of the fish apart and it is really mind boggling of how beautiful the feature portrays itself to be. The contents of the page and the results of the search engine will float about in an exceptionally attractive animated fashion adding more persona and appeal to your web page. You will notice that the search bar seems to fall down on the seabed and the fish are moving about. With this Google additional feature, you are bound to have a thrilling and intimate underwater experience. Visit http://elgoog.im/underwater/ to try it out.

google gravity underwater

(8) Google Tilt

Goog Tilt is one of those many features, which will keep the users of Google web page entertained. The thing about this tilt is that when you open a page, the alignment of the page is even and all the lines appear to be straight. However once you type in the word “Tilt” or “Google Tilt” in the search bar of the Google page you will after a significant passing of time notice the alignments change. The alignment of the page will be such that it will seem to you that there is a tilt. 

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Google Tilt

(9) Weenie Google

This google anti-gravity feature is truly one of those rare features that never seem to become monotonous and always keep the user entertained and asking for more. However, this is true for all of the things Google provides to make surfing and attaining knowledge. These games are unblocked and hence can be availed to by all.  Weenie is a word which in colloquial terms denotes the meaning of small or little. This additional aspect ensures that the reasonably sized text becomes very small, giving it an extra effort to read it out. You can easily confuse or bewilder anyone by reducing the size of the text when they are trying to read something from your computer or laptop. Weenie Google is the opposite of epic Google which enlarges every single font or image and can be used to surprise many. This is quite simple and you can easily try it out at http://www.toosmalltouse.com/ or http://www.weeniegoogle.com/.

Weenie Google

(10) Google Rainbow

This is the last of the many cool attributes of Google which will be described and explained here. This is a rather simple trick, but it can also be used as a means to keep oneself motivated and energized. The rainbow trick allows all texts and images to be posted in a rainbow color fashion which will mean that the Google gravity space will be filled with a variety of bright vibrant textures and loud and attractive animations and fonts. It may seem like a very primitive feature but do not underestimate the joy and smiles it can create. Anybody who is having a bad day or a bad week can instantly be filled with the strength and motivation to carry on using this feature. You can try it out on http://seetherainbow.com/.

Google Rainbow

If a person who is not aware of these features suddenly views them on your personal computer or laptop may easily be fooled and become very concerned about the abnormal activities Google is performing for you. You will be feeling lucky that you are not the person being fooled. Their confusion and bewildered expressions will make all the time spent in applying the efforts completely worth it.

Other games

Some other games that might interest you and leave you amazed are the Chuck Norris game and, of course, the Easter egg game. The chuck norris google trick may not seem to raise too much interest at first but if you try it out the results may truly surprise you. The Easter egg trick is, however, a sort of tribute to the Mario brothers and is inspired from it. The images of this particular gravity game are inspired from Mario and are very enjoyable. In addition to all this, there are many more features, games, and tricks which are surely going to keep you hooked on to Google and ensure that you are never bored; some of the names being the snake game, Pacman, Google terminal, Google Loco and many more other interesting things. 

Hope you will find this article helpful and interesting; there are lots of Google gravity tricks available. If you like this Google gravity tricks then share it with your friends and leave your feedback on the comment box.

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