Best Cydia Apps & Tweaks for iPhone and iPad

If you are having an Apple iPhone which is the newest addition to the Apple technologies, there are a number of fun little programs which you can never imagine. Additionally, there are a plenty of educational apps allow you to learn different languages, read all newspapers and provides a plenty of exercise to mind. Other apps are present just for the purpose of entertainment and to find things which are very much necessary in day-to-day lives. Literally, we know that there are number apps available directly from the manufacturer play store. But still there are certain functionalities and features which you might not get in the apps provided by Apple App Store. For that reason, Cydia is used. Let’s have a look what is this Cydia, best jailbreak apps and why every Apple user must have it.

What is Cydia?

It is a web store which offers a number of third party apps for your Apple.  It is a software application for iOS that enables a user to find and install apps, themes, tweaks on jailbroken iOS Apple devices such as the iPhone, the iPod Touch, and the iPad. Such apps are just not available only through the Apple store, but in fact, it can work on any model of iPhone.

Unlike any other apps in the App Store, the tweaks and apps provide informational as well as entertainment amazing apps which allow you to personalize the appearance and operation of an iPhone. Some of the best Cydia apps released during the end of 2015 will allow you to change the entire look of the iPhone screen.

Other apps include a huge number of sound effects and ringtones which can automatically change the volume of your cell. Bear in mind that, your iPhone is not at all ready to make use of these apps, but in order to take benefit of a number of inexpensive as well as Cydia free apps; firstly you need to jailbreak your iPhone.

When you Jailbreak your cell using appropriate software, you can get access to a number of apps in Cydia app store. This app store provides an extra sophisticated touch by providing a number of apps and also tweaks which will provide you with an opportunity to enjoy the best features of both.

All these free Cydia apps and cool Cydia tweaks are applicable for iPhone 5S, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus, iPad, iPod touch, iPad Mini, iPad Pro, iPad Air.


All you need to know about Jailbreak 

The term Jailbreak means you can easily unlock your cell from the restrictions and it also allows making use of the software other than Apple manufacturer. This process includes buying jailbreak software and you need to apply it to iPhone. Within a span of a few minutes, your cell will be unlocked and you will be having control over the look and its ability to make use of a number of best jailbreak apps which you had with the unlocked iPhone. By doing so, you will not be prevented from using the Apps of Apple store instead you can get the best of.

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With the best software for jailbreaking your iPhone, you were supposed to go through firmware updates which would result in cell re-lock again and you need to unlock your cell again. With the enhance jailbreaking software, it’s no longer a big issue. The firmware updates are rarely updated on your iPhone and thus, the jailbreaking process remains active. Hence, you can get access to a number of top jailbreak apps without any issue.

Best Cydia tweaks

Every day a number of Cydia tweaks are being released. Each top tweaks comes with their amazing features, among those only few would succeed in leaving a good impression on the users of iPhone across the world. IOS 9 jailbreak is out into the market with some of the best iOS 9 tweaks and definitely, you would love to try in on jailbroken iPhone or on your iPad as well.

1. Clean Lock

This is amongst the essential Cydia tweaks is mainly designed for those people who would like to keep notifications away from the prying eyes. For such people, Clean Lock is best suitable Cydia app. If you want to get access to the notifications, all that you are supposed to do is just tap on the right portion of your cell and view your notifications. 

2. Slices 

There are times where you may find difficulty in managing a number of accounts, there raises the need of slices tweak. It solves your issue in a brilliant manner. To accomplish the task, you need have to log in and out every time, you can easily slice from one account to another account without any sort of inconvenience. This is rated to be one of the top best Cydia tweaks.

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3. iCleaner Pro 

This jailbreak tweak has been designed to clean your iPad /iPhone and is used to remove unwanted files from your cell which you don’t appreciate to a greater extent. iCleaner Pro will do the task in an impressive manner. Certain things like cache files, cookies, message attachments and other applications can make your cell go slow. In such a scenario, this app will get rid of the issue instantly.


These were all about top Cydia tweaks, now let’s see what’s there in the box for apps.

Best Cydia apps for iPad/iPhone 

1. Winterboard 

iPad being a great working device, on the other hand, it has a stylish look as well. The stylish Winterboard adds style to the device with customizable themes with a string of awe. Additionally, there is a list of pre-designed themes which can change the look and feel of the cell. This amazing app can be directly downloaded from Cydia.

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2. MyWi

It is a free Cydia app which allows you to get connected to instant Wi-Fi Hotspot and it can also be used by other devices to get access to the internet.  By making use of this app, you can effectively connect your iPhone/iPad or another Wi-Fi device to the iPad hotspot and get access to a fast internet connection.


3. Airblue Sharing 

It is one of the best cydia apps allows the iOS users to share the files by enabling Bluetooth transfer of files over the Bluetooth connection. You can share files like notes,  music,  photos,  voice memos,  images with any iOS device,  Android device or another platform until and unless it supports Bluetooth connection. This is one of the best and handy “Cydia apps”.

Hope you the article helped you. There are many other apps also in the app store; you can try them  out.

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