How to get paid apps for free on iphone, ipad without Jailbreaking

Nowadays in this technological enhancement iPhone and iPad users can find numbers of apps online. Even enhancement on the apps is released frequently and due to which some apps seems costly. Most of the time you can find new apps with the advanced features, Moreover, iPad and iPhone apps are considerably inexpensive. Due to the regular update and enhanced new apps it’s quite a deficit to buy apps, hence, most of them would like to get the apps free of cost. If you are thinking “how to get free apps” then here there is a way to get the apps absolutely free. 

How to Get Paid Apps for Free without Jailbreak on iPhone, iPad? 

The app store is flooded with millions of apps. App developers frequently try to increase the app visibility in the app store, where most of the app developers follow the technique of price drop promotions. You can find numbers of websites who publish latest deals and offers iphone paid apps free; here you can find what all the apps are doing price drop promotions, even you can find cheaper than usual. The most popular apps categories are games, education, business, lifestyle, utilities, books, travel, health and fitness, music, productivity, food and drink, sports, photo and video, social networking, medical, navigation, news, finance.

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Ways to get paid apps for free ios:

  1. Finding deals on iOS App Store
  2. Using Third-party app stores
  3. Finding Free App Aggregators
  4. Searching for Customer Programs offering free apps
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Method 1Finding deals on iOS App Store

Apple shortlists or chooses an app every week where it’s popularly known as “Apple’s Free app of the week”. These apps are pretty much impressive due to lack of marketing and promotion, the visibility is low. In order to emphasize the apps, Apple chooses app of the week. These apps may cost a pound or two pounds. It’s well worth keeping an eye on iOS app store every week where you can get the clear idea on latest apps. 

Method 2Using Third party app stores

Third party app stores duplicate or collect all the free apps. The collection of apps on these stores are not necessarily cracked apps. But there is no guarantee whether the apps will work or not. Sometimes, the app may be malicious. These sites are often foreign sites which contain app that can be downloaded without jailbreaking. 

You might be wondering how to download paid apps for free using third party app. You simply have to open the site and download the app. Here are mosy popular options:


Method 3Finding Free App Aggregators

The nature of these sites is gathering latest happening app deals and listing. This aggregator consecutively keeps on updating the best deals you should be updated on a daily basis to get the best deal on apps. They remove the apps from the list after the promotional tenure is over, so you need to keep an eye on these sites on a regular basis.  AppShopper and AppZapp are two best app aggregators for all iOS users.

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  • AppZappIt is the best source where you can find the best deals on apps. You can find the complete details of apps and whether the apps are free or running under discounts at the current point of time. This app is user-friendly where you can filter the apps as per your requirement, where you can filter the type of apps you are interested and even you can filter the apps which are compatible with your devices that you own may be Mac, iPhone or iPad, there is an option for checking only free apps.  AppZapp app has got the popularity because of its user-friendly feature where you can track the ratings of the apps so that you can decide whether to download or not. It makes you understand whether the similar kind of app you are using is better than the new app.
  • AppShopper: It is a website where you can find the best deals on apps. This website – gives latest updates and newly launched apps list. Here you can find best and top free apps with a price drop. You can check this in “what’s new tab”, there you need to click on the different category like price drops and free even you can check the list of latest popular apps. This type of websites helps in finding the best apps they also publish the list of where paid apps have been made free.

Method 4: Searching for Customer Programs offering free apps

You can find immense numbers of customer programs offers, where they offer iPhone paid apps for free through the customer point. This is also one of the promotional activities, where the company will be having the deal with the app promoters. Here they give some coupons with their products to their customers. You can trust these temporary app deals to compare to other sources this platform is safe. Weekly codes Starbucks pick is one such program.

  • Starbucks pick of the Week Codes: On weekly basis Starbucks picks weekly promotion where you can download paid ios apps for free on iTunes every week. Getting the code is pretty much easy. Here to get this weekly promotional code you just have to visit Starbucks and get a discount card on apps, you can find these cards usually in where you pick your coffee order. You can find the code on the back side of the card to then type into iTunes, where you can start downloading your free app; usually, you will find music, books, apps and free game apps. The alternative procedure would be you can connect Starbucks Wi-Fi and can get the weekly code. 

You need not have to worry about limitation products or malware here. So find the best and reliable source to get the free apps. You can find numbers of the website which are working on listing the free apps and paid apps on discounts, you just have to follow the site on a regular basis so that you are not going to lose attractive deals on apps which you are looking for. Before downloading the apps ensure that the site you are following is trustable. And check the app details whether the app is compatible with your device. These are the few things that you need to consider before downloading the apps. In this technological era, every day new and enhanced apps are hitting the market follow these steps to get the best deal on your apps.

Hope you enjoyed reading “how to get paid apps for free” article! You can use above methods on iPhone, iPhone 3G, 3GS, 4, 4S, 5, 5C, 5S, 6, 6 Plus, 6S, 6S Plus, iPad, iPad 2, 3, 4, iPad mini. Start downloading your favorite apps for free 🙂

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