What song is this?: Identify song name by lyrics phrase

If you would like to learn how to detect what song is this that is being played on the radio or by the live orchestra. There are so many mobile applications are available such as Shazam and SoundHound, and websites like Midomi and also some online social services are available to find the name of a song. 

There are various music discovery mobile apps, which are able to find the song name, if you feed the voice to these applications with the tune or music of that song it can recognize the song. This kind of mobile apps are available free of cost.

Various Mobile Apps that can identify what is the name of this song

You must know this all the mobile application works with the help of voice recognition technology. If you input a tune by recording it into the applications, then this app will send the tune through the database, to recognize the song that matches with the recording one.

(1) Shazam

Using this app, you can “find the name of a song”, by recording a musical tune or a piece of the sound. This will capture the sound and it will run through the database of regarding 11 million songs.  This service will try to search a match for the acoustic fingerprints of the captured sound. As it found a pattern match, then the Shazam will fetch the song details and it will display in the mobile. “shazam this song” also means that find song by lyrics phrase.

This app is available for all the extensive mobile phone platforms such as Windows, Blackberry, IOS and Android and you can also find on the Windows desktop PC.


If you want, you can download Shazam on the internet and use it for free. But the problem with the free version will allow you to identify only 5 songs per month. If you want, you can discard this type restriction, you can buy a license for Shazam Encore.

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How to use Shazam?

  • It is very easy to operate, just download the applications and install Shazam on your mobile. 
  • Then open the app and hold your mobile towards the music system, so the app ill record the sound. 
  • Once you gave the input, for about 15 Sec then press the tag button and let the app discover the music detail to recognize the song.

(2) Music Match

It is one of the largest databases of the lyrics in the world. If you know some words about the song, then this app will show the entire lyrics. This might be helpful for you, in case if you know some words from the song and if you can’t figure out the title of the song. Instead, of this, you can also find based on the artist name as well. It can easily tell you, which song is this?

What is this song

(3) SoundHound Music  Search

If the Shazam is the most famous music discovery application, this app is also not far behind. This app is available with free of cost. SoundHound is also available with all the mobile platforms. 

After downloading and installing the app, you can hum the tune into this app, SoundHound will search the song that you were humming. Actually, it works fast and finds the album details, artist information, and the song lyrics. This application is compatible with so many music players and it can show the lyrics in sync with the song that are being played.


List of websites that helps to identify: What song is this?

(1) Midomi

This is the website beyond the SoundHound mobile app. This website is renamed as soundHound, but they hold the web interface as the Modami and it assists the mobile app as the soundHound. This is a very cool website, if you want, then you can find a song by humming. 

First, enter the website URL in browser and strike “click to sing or Hum” button. This will ask to sing for about 10 Sec for the better result.


(2) Musipedia

It is one of the great enterprises. Actually, this website is established on the Wikipedia concept. It will allow anybody can enter the website they have legal rights to edit the music details which are stored in this website. The specialty of this website is, it will offer various new options, to give the music input to find a song.

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(3) AudioTag

If you want, you can upload an audio clip to this website. It will compare the audio clip with the database, and it will find the title of the song. You can upload the long music files for about 15 to 45 seconds, which is ideal duration; but you have the option to upload the files of any duration. This audio clip can be any of the part of the complete song. This will compare to the music of an uploaded file with the complete song.

Let’s See How to identify the song on iPad or iPhone

Shazam is an app that is available on the modern smartphones and tablets. But now the voice assistants such as Cortana, Google now and Siri can able to do all this.

If you would look to use the Siri app on the iPhone, then open the app and click the home button. Say something like “what Song is this”  or “whats the name of this song“. Then it will listen to the song and it will find it for you. This app offers a “Buy” button that will allow you to purchase the song in the iTunes, and it will allow you to make note of the artist and the name of the song and you search it on the other service.

You can easily learn how to use the Siri, which is Handy iPhone Assistant. This is the unbelievable handy assistant,  which comes with the IOS device.

If you are the music lover, you have forgotten the lyrics of your favorite song then you need not get so much worried about this, because there are so many mobile applications and websites available for you to “identify song” of your favorite one. They also offer the service with the free of cost.

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