How to unblock youtube at school, college or office

As you all know that the YouTube has become the king and leading of entertainment industry. Everyone loves to watch YouTube videos. But this type of entertainment may kill your work rate that is the reason while many of the schools, offices, colleges used to block the YouTube and also other Social Networking websites. Apart from the entertainment, you can watch YouTube videos to learn so many things. 

You know some of the countries have blocked the YouTube because of uploading some provocative content. Also, in schools, corporate offices, educational institutes, youtube is not accessible. But there’s always a way out to access it. Today’s article is all about how to get on youtube at school

Different Ways to Unblock YouTube at School

  1. Using Tor Browser 
  2. Some Add-ons/Extensions
  3. Online Proxy Servers
  4. Virtual Private Network(VPN)
  5. Using Https connection

1.  Using Tor Browser

Tor Browser is a type of client which is used to establish the connection with the tor network on your personal computer. This can be used to maintain your anonymity on the web. It is one of the most popular browsers to get youtube unblocked at school. It 
that can be used by NGO’s, Hackers. Also, Journalist communicates their personal or confidential matter in a more secure way through this browser.

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The drawback of the TorBrowesr is that it does not protect all your system’s Internet Traffic when you run it. It only safeguards your application that is correctly configured to send their Internet traffic through Tor. So just you need to download the tor browser online and you can straight away start browsing on YouTube without any kind of restriction.

2. Extensions /Add-ons to youtube unblocked in Schools

Hola is one of the great free Virtual Private Network extensions for Firefox and Chrome. It can be used to browse the websites without any censorship. The best part is, it is very easy to use and it is ads free.

Guideline to use Hola on Chrome

  • First, you need to download the Hola extension.
  • After the installation of the extension, you will find a new icon in the extension bar.
  • Click the icon and you can select any country to get started. Now you are ready to get youtube for school.
    Hola extension

Guideline to use Hola with Firefox

  1. If you don’t find Hola add-on in the add-on store. Then you must install Hola from its official website.
  2. Launch Firefox and then download Hola add-on
  3. It will ask you to permit installation of the add-on, Just click on allow

3. Online Proxy Servers

You know this is one of the smartest and easiest ways to unblock the blocked websites. Using the web based proxy servers, you can able to spoof your IP address and bypass these restrictions. All you need to do here is just head over to a proxy site and give the input URL of the blocked websites to unblock it. If you want your “youtube unblocked” at school, then you must move on to the proxy sites and enter the to unblock it. 

Some proxy sites:

  1. HideMyAss
  2. KProxy
  3. Proxfree



It is the most popular web based proxy website. It provides various features and plans. You can also download browser extensions for chrome and firefox. I personally like this proxy service online as it can be used on many devices at the same time, including mobile phones, tablets and games consoles.

Download HideMyAss Chrome Extension
Download HideMyAss Firefox Extension


It is a simple and completely free proxy service. It’s very easy to get youtube unblocked from such proxy sites. Just you have to go to Proxfree website, enter the URL of youtube ” and click “Proxfree”. It acts as an intermediate between you and target website. It is an anonymous proxy as your privacy is maintained.


Kproxy agents encrypt the connection between your browsers to target server, it will not allow stealing your personal data from the unauthorized person. It can able to connect everything. Any windows or programs can use the Kproxy Extension to connect to the Internet. It helps to convert your system in a proxy server or other device, can hide the traffic behind Kproxy servers. 

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You can use KProxy extensions for your chrome and firefox browsers. There is also one browser known as ” KProxy Browser”. It is a portable Firefox browser that is configured with the Kproxy Extension. It does not need any installation, you just need to surf and unzip.
Download KProxy Chrome Extension
Download KProxy Firefox Extension
Download KProxy Browser (best way to get unblocked youtube)

4. Virtual Private Network

You know this, the Virtual Private Network adds a new layer to the network for the security purpose. Using VPN, you can easily browse the internet freely without compromising your confidential information. 
A VPN uses other private network IP address, so it is easy to unblock YouTube at school using it. 

List of top VPN’s:

Let’s see how to use Cyber Ghost VPN?

  • First, you need to download and install the VPN software
  • After the installation, Cyber ghost will automatically connect to its network, for the first time, make sure it may take some time.
  • After it is loaded completely, you can able see your IP address and Location. Now click on the big yellow button to establish the connection with the VPN network.

6. Using Https connection

Here you just need to do is change the “Http” connection to “Https”. For example, if it is in your browser, then change it to Make sure that you are changing it to secure the connection. Though it is very silly tricks to try, it will work in many cases. This one is the easiest way to get youtube for school and companies.

In case it doesn’t work then try changing the adapter settings as mentioned below:

  1. Run ‘Network Settings’ -> Click ‘Change adapter settings’.
    Change Adapter Options ( Windows 10)
  2. Right click on the connection you’re using -> Go to Properties.
  3. A window named ‘Network Connection Properties’ or ‘Wi-Fi Properties’ will pop up.
  4. Expand the network tab -> Select ‘Internet Protocol Version 4’ -> Click ‘Properties’.
    Internet Protocol Properties
  5. Change the following DNS server addresses with the following values:  Preferred DNS server is and Alternate DNS server is
  6. Click ‘Ok’.
    Change DNS

Surprisingly, this work is done at the college, the reason behind this is at many schools and colleges just block the websites with the help of some security software’s, where they manually enter the web address of the websites which they want to block. In case, if they might have just blocked URL’s using the HTTP connection, then you can easily watch youtube videos using the Https secure connection.

Try above solutions for how to unblock YouTube on school computers and start using youtube for learning purpose! Let us know if none worked for you.  

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