Top Unblocked Music Sites for School, College, Office

Students often take advantage of music to relieve their distressed feeling. An unblocked/ not accessible music site is a nightmare for them. Do you feel the same? The best way to solve this problem is to visit available unrestricted sites out there.  Today, we are going to dig out some methods to get the “music unblocked”The internet connection at school is often blocked for specific reasons. So, is it even possible to listen to the music without hassles? Yes, it is.  Blocked and banned music sites are common on all colleges, high schools, and others. But you can access those web pages by using some methods. This article will tell you some options to make music websites unblocked at school. Also, there are some sites that you can access easily. 

We’ll findout unlocked music sites that you can visit without hassles. It means you can enjoy all the contents freely. Knowing these available options will prevent troubles when you need to listen to your favorite music from school computers


Best unblocked music websites for school 

(1) Slacker

Slacker is popular amongst all the websites. On this site, you can search your song by just entering keywords like song name, artist, genre, title, album. This one is very useful to access unblocked music sites for school. You can register on this site and enjoy music from 200+ stations. Moreover, you can get the latest information from the music world. 

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(2) Pure Volume

This one has a good acceptance among students. You can take advantage of its free access. There are many songs available in the site and you can listen to them without paying anything. The site is popular due to its various music categories. There are many artists, top songs, and albums included. Not to mention you are able to get more detailed information about the artists and songs. Overall, it’s a perfect place to get some fun and entertainment from the internet. Plus, it’s an outstanding option when compared to other accessible music websites unblocked to listen to the music. 


(3) Soundza Bound

Here’s one of the top options in the list of unblocked music websites. There are many songs you can access from this site. It’s a cool music site which let you enjoy various online music categories with all features included. Here you can either listen to the music of download them directly to your computer. Due to this feature, more students use this site to satisfy their demand of entertainment. What are you waiting for? You can scout the site. 

Soundza Bound

(4) Clearly Drunk

This site is one of the most favorite music streaming sites where you can get all genre of music. Even though you should use several proxy settings to access it, you can listen to music for free. It is the only proxy site for music lovers. Basically, it is a secure SSL proxy that lets you surf any music site at blazing fast speed. Clearlydrunk can unblock any sites which are blacklisted by your internet service provider. It means there’s no troublesome issue regarding banned online music access at school. The music category is easy to search so we can get lots of fun either from the songs or artists. Yet, we need to find some proxy sites to be able to access Clearly Drunk. 

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(5) Groove Shark

Well, always turn on your music player when accessing this site. It’s one of the best sites where you can enjoy nearly all music lists. Whenever you enter the page, you won’t get any warning notification or banned messages. Enjoy the site as you are able to search music without getting any issues. On the top of that, there’s no fee included. You can access it for free. The best part is that you can make and save your own music playlist. It is one of the best free music unblocked sites available on the internet.

Groove Shark

How to unblock music sites at school

When you are at the office, school, or other places and you want to listen to the music, you will end up disappointed as the site is blocked. These are the most useful ways you should try to unblock music sites:

(1) Use VPN

VPN (Virtual Private Network) is much similar to proxy servers. A VPN changes your current location and allow private browsing with higher security than proxy servers. You will find a number of top VPN services on the internet which secures your identity and provides better security than any proxy site. VPN’s are commonly used to unblock websites and many of them are available for free.

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(2) Use proxy sites

The simplest way to listen to unblocked music at school is by using the proxy. You can search it on the internet. There are hundreds of options you can choose. They are often used in any college and school to unblock music websites. Plus, you can stream music secretly from restricted sites. Some of you perhaps don’t trust 3rd party proxies. In this case, you can make your own server by simply following a tutorial. As a precaution, you need to choose a proxy site that is up-to-date. Why? It’s more reliable and it makes the site is not blocked.

List of Top 20 proxy sites to access blocked websites in school, college, organization:

  1. K Proxy
  2. Hidester
  3. Don’t Filter
  4. FilterByPass
  5. Unlock My Web
  6. Proxy Site
  7. Hide My Ass
  8. Proxify (3 days trial) 
  9. Unblock videos
  10. Proxy
  11. Fast USA Proxy  
  12. New IP Now
  13. Anonymouse
  14. Hidden Digital Info
  15. Anony Mizer (14 days free trial) 
  16. Prox Me Call Me Names

CC Proxy is the best software you can use for Windows. Here’s the step by step instruction for accessing blocked sites using Proxy:

  1. Download and install it on the computer.
  2. Run it and then choose the advanced option -> Networks. Click to uncheck the “disable external users”. 
  3. Make a setting in the browser to let CC Proxy works. Open the browser and go to the internet options. Then you need to click on a tab of “connections”.
  4. Choose “Lan Settings”. The configuration varies and it depends on your condition. Thus, you are free to edit it later.  

(3) Google Translate

There’s a unique way to unblock music sites. It’s by using Google translate. In fact, it’s one of the most efficient methods to access free unblocked music. The key is to alter the searching method. Don’t use the word “music” when you use a browser. Otherwise, it may trigger the firewalls at school so you can’t access the sites for live music. To overcome this, you need to translate the word into the other language. The firewalls won’t work if there aren’t any forbidden keywords are being searched. 

Here’s the instruction:

  1. Visit Google Translate.
  2. Choose any language apart from the site’s language you are going to access. For example, you can use Bahasa Indonesia as the source language when visiting English websites. 
  3. Select English as the destination language. It can be the others according to you need. 
  4. Type in the address in the field of the source language and click the translate button. 
  5. Use the translated site’s address in your browser. 

In summary, there are many available music sites that you can access from everywhere. There are also several methods to get contents from unblocked music sites at school. Which one is the best? It depends on your condition. If you want to learn more about what we discuss here, you can research further on the internet. After all, they are all free to use so you don’t need to spend any single penny to enjoy your favorite music online. 

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