How to recover your deleted facebook messages?

It often happens that sometimes you accidentally delete Facebook messages and then panic on how to get them back. Well, speaking precisely, the messages you have deleted cannot be recovered but if you have archived your Facebook messages, then they can be retrieved again. So coming straight to the point, today I am going to tell you a few ways to recover deleted Facebook messages which after learning you will never bother archiving them.

How to archive Facebook messages?

To archive a particular conversation in Facebook social network follows the steps below:

  • Go to
  • Select the conversation you want to store in the Archive folder.
  • Click on the cross (X) icon below every conversation from the left panel.


  • The conversation with that particular person will be archived.


  • Go to
  • Select the conversation you want to store in the Archive folder.
  • Click on the Actions icon above every conversation.
  • Select Archive.


How to view the Archived messages?

To see your archived messages,


All your archived conversations will be displayed.

How to retrieve deleted Facebook messages?

To get back your deleted Facebook messages,

  • Go to your Facebook Account Settings to download Facebook data.
  • Click on Download a copy of your Facebook data.

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Retrieve deleted facebook messages

  • On the next page, click on Download Archive.


  • You will be prompted to re-enter your Facebook password.


  • Enter the password and click again on Download archive.
  • Facebook will send you an email confirming the download.
  • Click on the link in the email and start downloading your Facebook data.
  • After downloading the .zip file to your desired location, extract the .zip file.
  • Launch the index.php file present in your Facebook data folder. It will automatically open in your default browser.
  • Now you get access to your deleted Facebook data.

How to recover deleted Facebook messages with the help of apps?

Besides using these processes, there are a number of apps and tools available on the web through which you can start recovering your Facebook deleted messages.

(1) FB Chat History Manager (Firefox add-on)

FB Chat History Manager is an add-on for Mozilla Firefox browser that can fetch your Facebook chat history and messages. You can view all your past chats online or offline and your messages will be stored securely. The messages won’t be stored on the server but only with this client and to view them you need to perform a security check.

To discover messages using FB Chat History Manager,


  • Login to Facebook from the popped up window and you will be returned to the main application.


  • FB Chat History Manage will save all your messages automatically.
  • To view chat history, go to Tools > Facebook Chat History Manager > View History.

Your entire chat history will be viewable.

(2) How to recover deleted Facebook messages with Dr. Fone for iOS?

Dr. Fone is a data recovery tool for iOS devices which can help you fetch deleted Facebook messages on your iPhone or iPad. This program powerfully scans your deleted Facebook messages and gets all the erased out data for you. To recover your deleted Facebook data using Dr. Fone, follow the procedure below:


Recover deleted facebook messages from iOS

  • After this process, your entire FB chat history will be fetched.
  • If you want to recover back the deleted messages then below every conversation there is a ‘Recover’ option > click on that.
  • Your deleted FB chats will be retrieved.

Dr. Fone is an all-in-one data recovery solution for iOS which can also recover additional data like contacts, call history, multimedia files, apps and documents, messages, etc.

(3) How can you recover FB messages with ES File Explorer (Android)?

ES File Explorer is a full featured Android application and file manager that secretly stores your Facebook messages and other data securely in your phone’s SD card. Hence, finding back your deleted Facebook messages won’t be too difficult with it.

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To restore the wiped out FB messages,


  • Click open the fb_temp folder and there you will find the backed up messages by Facebook which are automatically saved.

(4) How to retrieve deleted Facebook messages with iSkysoft?

iSkysoft is an all-in-one iOS data recovery software that can fetch your deleted Facebook chat messages with its powerful operations. iSkysoft works with the latest iOS version and supports all iPhone and iPad models. You can easily recover your deleted FB messages with this program without taking up the hassle of finding them yourself.

To start recovering your chat messages with iSkysoft, follow these steps:

  • Download and install iSkysoft on your Mac or PC from
  • Connect your iPhone to your PC.
  • Your phone will be automatically detected. Find the data you want to recover.
  • For finding FB messages, check the Messenger option and your chat history will be fetched,
  • To “retrieve deleted Facebook messages“, click on the Recover option below every conversation.

Hence, you have learned how to find your Facebook archived messages with a number of processes. So it is very necessary to keep these data recovery software so that you don’t panic on losing any conversation. Secondly and most importantly, archiving messages will help you get rid of this fear because those messages are securely stored in a separate folder and not deleted. Hence, you can always recover your archived messages.

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