10+ Websites & Apps to Create Your Own Cartoon Character

Have you ever think to “cartoonize yourself”? If not; you might wonder why people want to do so. Reasons might be either people are bored of putting up same normal pictures or they want to keep their profile picture secret or they are cartoon lovers. One of the benefits to cartoonify your picture is that more fans and friends will get attracted. It’ll look more interesting, comic and funny. So you can use them as a profile picture on those social media sites like Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter and also you can use it as a Gravatar.


Here we have complied cartoon character creator apps and websites. As there are many websites and apps available, no technical skills are necessary to make your own comic. You just have to put up your photo and select anime character you want to create. Isn’t it simple!? You can use all the app and websites listed here for free. Anytime, anywhere you can play with pictures.

10+ Excellent Websites to Create a Character Online

(1) Manga Avatar Face Maker

It is one of the most popular sites with a very easy to understand interface. You can make yourself a cartoon by choosing appropriate skin tone, eyes shape, eyes color, lips, hair styles. Moreover, you can make your cartoon look more stylish by adding up some accessories like glasses, ponytails, hairbands. After completing your cartoon avatar, you can share it with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and many more social sites with the help of “Share and Save” button. The only con of this website is there is no option to save your cartoon. You need to capture screen and paste it in paint or other editor and save it. All in all, it’s the good option to cartoonize yourself.


Manga Avatar Face Maker

(2) Portrait Illustration Maker

This one is very similar to Magna Face Maker. The only better thing about this site is you can directly download your creation. On this site, you will get more options to choose your face shape, nose, mouth, hair styles, eyes, cool glasses. Also, you can add various objects like a cigarette, cats, dolls, rabbits to your anime character. You can click om “Settings” button .i.e Gear icon and save the image in PNG, JPG, GIF format. Additionally, you can adjust the level of each object through the Settings.


Portrait Illustration Maker



(3) Cartoon.Pho.to

This is the perfect site to cartoon yourself. You can upload your own photo either your disk, facebook or any URL. You can convert a photo to cartoon and make a caricature of yourself, add photo effects and even add animation to your photos. Moreover, you can apply realistic animated emotions to a face – flirty wink, nice smile, screwed up eyes, sad face, surprised expression, etc.



(4) WeeWorld

WeeWorld is another best cartoon avatar maker website. You can customize the head shape, eye color, gender and skin color. Along with the normal customization, you can add tops, bottoms, scarves, bags, wings, headphones, pets, etc. This site has a huge collection of outfits. You will also get hints on how to use the functionality on the website. To save your cartoon avatar, you have to signup.



(5) Pick A Face

This is not so popular one. To use this you need good internet speed, or you will end up waiting for the page to load. You will get limited features if you aren’t registered user. To unlock more styles, elements and features you can register to this site FREE. Avatars can be saved in 215 x 215 PNG Image File format.

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(6) Build Your Wild Self

This website is real fun and the interface of site is super awesome. It allows you to choose hair, body, eyes, clothes, tails, backgrounds, face, ears, bottoms, mouth, shoes. If you are little bit lazy, then you can click on “Go Random” and you will get a cartoon. You can share cartoon with your friends. You can print your creation or use “Get A Wild Desktop” to save it as your desktop wallpaper.


Build YOur Wild Self

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Some other sites where you can create a character:

(7) Meez

(8) Pixton

(9) Messdudes

(10) iPiccy

(11) Cartoonize.net



Best Cartoon Face Generator Apps for Android

(1) Cartoon Photo

The name of the app itself says a lot about it. It is one of the most popular free photo editing apps. Along with the normal photo effects and editing, it allows converting your photo into a cartoon character. Just you have to upload your photo and start making the cartoon of yourself the way you want to. Moreover, you can apply different effects on the cartoon character and save the image.


Cartoon Photo

(2) MomentCam Cartoons & Stickers

This is my personal favorite cartoon face maker. With this app, you can experiment a lot. You can turn your photo into funny cartoons and emoticons. You can choose thousands of backgrounds to cartoonize yourself, customize your avatar entirely (hair, glasses, beard and many more) and share it with your friends! You can even gift it to someone.


MomentCam Cartoons

(3) Change Photo Into Caricature

This app has more than 80 men and women caricature and cartoon images. You can you can turn your images into funny caricature and share to friends on all social sharing app.  Just you have to take photo or import from the gallery and this app will automatically give a hilarious caricature or cartoon look to your photo. Also, to make it more interesting, you can add text to the photo in 25+ text fonts. It is good cartoon character maker app.


Change Photo Into Caricature

Hope you enjoyed reading article. Start creating cartoon of yourself and share it with us!

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    Wish2BE is the one of the most advanced free cartoon makers, that deserves to be mentioned here.
    It has huge cartoon themes collection, automatically crops the face from photo and applies cartoon effect. Totally free of charge and without the need to register.

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