The most subjective list of free android apps

The best things are money can’t buy. Like, the ones that are free of charge. This is true for everything in life, from free samples to free subscriptions to services. And, of course, for free Android apps as well. Below you will find a very subjective list of free Android apps. Subjective, as I haven’t used hypes, news and other things to build it, only my own tastes and preferences. Comment below if you don’t agree with any of my choices.

(1) DoubleDown Casino

It is one of my favorite free slot apps of them all especially because it features content provided by a real expert in the slots business: IGT. The company has decades of experience in providing gaming systems to its partners, both in the land-based and the online industry. DoubleDown comes with a selection of over 80 titles from IGT’s vast game library and allows you to experience the joy of playing legit games for free, on the go.


(2) Sam Malone’s VLC Remote

A most useful app if you are a lazy bastard like me, to remotely control VLC Player on your desktop (as long as you are in the same network with it). It knows everything it needs, and it is completely free of charge (unlike some other apps, with either a limited functionality or a price tag on them).

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(3) IM+ (free)

My favorite instant messenger client for Android. Unfortunately, as Facebook has changed its Messenger protocol recently, I don’t use it as often as I used to. But it still remains my client of choice for Yahoo Messenger and ICQ.

(4) Skype

I know there are many other instant messaging and online voice calling apps out there, but Skype will always remain one of my favorites. I love how I can use it to call other Skypers on their PC and phone, and that it won’t charge me a cent for it. Another reason I prefer Skype to other instant messenger clients is that it syncs its message history across devices – and that it works in parallel on more than one device, unlike some other IM protocols I used to love (ahem, Yahoo).

(5) Blossom Blast Saga

Last, but not least, my latest obsession:’s Blossom Blast Saga. What I love the most about it is that it’s beautiful – it provides a welcome alternative to chocolate, candy, and jelly from the other King titles. And it’s not as addictive either – although I found myself playing it non-stop, I feel I can stop at any… oh well, forget it. It’s just as addictive as all other King games (except for Pet Rescue – I couldn’t play that one for more than 5 minutes).

I hope you liked the list of free android apps. Let me know if you have any questions in comment section.

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