10+ Best Root Apps for Android You Must Have

Android is used for its flexibility to root which is done to crack the fundamental features of the device. Similarly, there are the rooted Android apps those let you perform the same and give root permissions to other top apps and games to avail the additional features. Rooting your phone increases your phone’s battery life and its processing ability and it lets you use the Superuser permissions of the OS with more controls. Today we have come up with the best root apps that offer more control over your smartphone.

Best apps for rooted Android phone

(1) Flashify

Flashify is a flashing app that flashes the boot.img, recovery.img and zip files on your phone without going to the recovery mode. It provides you the option to wipe out the cache, data, and Dalvik and takes full android backup and restores while using Philz recovery or TWRP. Flashify supports automatic cloud synchronization in backups and keeps a complete track of the recently flashed items. Flashify is one of the free and best rooted apps and it offers unlimited flashing with its premium version which can be purchased by in-app payment.



(2) Rec

Rec is one of the apps that requires a rooted Android device if it’s running under Android 5.0 (Lollipop). It is a screen recording app with a simple and easy interface and much more flexible for you to operate. Rec – Android root apps lets you record audio with the mic for up to 1 hour and save your settings and configurations as Presets. It can be more easily operated by shaking your mobile or switching your screen off to end early recording. Rec can be used without staying connected to your PC.

(3) System App Remover

System App Remover is one among the cool root apps that can move your apps to the SD card or phone memory and also uninstall apps from your device. It works perfectly as a system app remover and app uninstaller and move/scan/delete apk files. You can uninstall system apps with root permissions and it is a complete, secure app to perform these. The operations of System App Remover are completely safe and you can also uninstall multiple files at once. It also supports apk management to batch rename apk files, install them and search and delete duplicate apk files with a single click.

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(4) Terminal Emulator

Terminal Emulator is one of the Android apps that lets you access your devices’ inbuilt Linux command line shell or terminal emulation. The app supports multiple windows and provides launcher shortcuts to access it instantly. To use Terminal Emulator, you’d require the knowledge of using Linux command line shell and might want to install a set of command line utilities for adding commands beyond what is available on your Android device.


Terminal Emulator

(5) Root Call Blocker

Root Call Blocker is one among the fun apps, and best rooted apps that can block SMS and MMS and stop spammers with its super user enabled call manager. The app discreetly blocks calls and SMS from the numbers that you select. Root Call Blocker never disconnects a call if you block anything during a conversation and it automatically sets itself as your default messaging app. It provides an in-call widget to ignore calls during a conversation and remotely manages your contact list with Google Contact Groups. You can also customize notifications with ringtone, vibration and LED colors.

(6) Device Control

Device Control requires a rooted Android device and it aims to control a number of features on your phone. It offers a Tasker, Editors, App Manager, Entropy Generator and Wireless File manager. Device Control is one of the best apps for rooted Android phones that also offers device specific features like knock-on, screen color temperature, LCD power reduction and lots more. It can also monitor battery and CPU temperature and also offers an app manager to get informed about an app, kill it, disable and re-enable it.

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(7) Kernel Adiutor

Kernel Adiutor is a root app that manages kernel parameters and lets you monitor your phone’s CPU frequency, CPU voltage, hotplug, thermal, GPU frequency, wake controls and lots of other things. It is one of the best root apps for Android, which can tweak multiple features , including managing virtual memory, flashing and backup, battery charging, sound controlling, etc. Kernel Adiutor supports these features based on the configuration of your device so it fully depends on your device kernel.


Kernel Adiutor

(8) Full!Screen

Full!Screen is one of the root apps that enables your Android tablet in full-screen mode without disabling the key functions of systembars. It keeps the notifications and navigation options enabled and can disable the bottom systembar in tablets running Android 3/4. With the full-screen mode, you can play games, watch movies and videos, read email, browse the internet and do everything that you normally do with a tablet.

(9) Boot Animations

Boot Animations is of the best rooting apps that provide more than 300 custom boot animations on your Android phone and can convert any animated GIF into a boot animation. It is one of the apps for rooted Android that can install boot animations from your SD card and includes a root file explorer to discover all the rooted files on your device. You can easily preview boot animations and randomize them and also, backup/restore multiple boot animations.

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(10) CatLog

CatLog requires a rooted Android phone and it is one among the best Android root apps that can read and access log files. This must have app consists of a user-friendly column display and enables the real-time search that makes it different from the other apps. You can save and open log files from SD card and send them as an email attachment. CatLog automatically scrolls down and search for autosuggestions and saved filters.



(11) Hosts Editor

Hosts Editor is one of the best rooted apps that helps developers to modify their /system/etc/hosts files easily. This good app works powerfully and super-fast and works with Android 2.2 and above versions. Hosts Editor is an open source app which is ad free and consists of a compatible IPv6. It consists of a user-friendly and intuitive interface that can be easily accessible and options are recognizable.

(12) ROM Toolbox Pro

ROM Toolbox Pro combines all root apps into a single app and it consists of tools that make your Android phone run faster. It is one of the top rooting apps which has been featured in the greatest weblogs and pages. ROM Toolbox Pro combines apps like Titanium Backup, SD Booster, Font Installer, etc. into a single and powerful app and lets you create and restore android backups. You can also backup and restore phone apps to Dropbox and from Google app store links.

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