How To Delete Your Kik Account Permanently ?

People might wonder what Kik it is. Perhaps they have seen many social media users like to include their Kik accounts in their profile. Well, it’s a big trend, actually. The program helps users to check out the famous accounts that they have been followed. This article is about how to deactivate kik. However, it’s important to recognize what kind of application kik is. In fact, it’s imperative thing to do before learn the deactivating procedure. Kik is a cross-platform app for smartphone that is both useful and trendy. This is used for prompt messaging users’ friends both as in groups and individual profile. Unlike regular instant online messaging applications, Kik allows users to setup a username. The users need to search others to add friends.

With it, users are able to both receive and send lots of messages to other users. Perhaps it’s quite similar to regular text messaging like SMS. However, it needs a data plan or internet connection of the smartphone to operate. What is the downside of using it? The biggest disappointment is that users need to spend much data connection either to send or receive messages. So, what do people use it? Many of them consider this application as a simpler choice when compared to public or email chatting on social network sites. It also can replace SMS texting. Even though it charges some data connection, the price isn’t as expensive as regular texting.


Kik Messenger

Why may you need to deactivate kik?

  • There are a lot fewer emoticons available in Kik than in WhatsApp.
  • This app is a prime vehicle for sexual predators to locate targets. Hence, it’s very unsafe for teens and children.
  • Tired of so many messaging apps and want to remove some.

Some important points to keep in mind while deleting your Kik account permanently :

  • All the data related to that account will be lost (Which includes Friends and chats).
  • You can’t register a new account with the same username and email as it is deactivated.
  • If you want to delete your current account and create a new one using same email id then you can first change the email of current Kik account and then create a new account using the old email address.

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Easy Ways to Delete the Kik Account 

Perhaps you decide to know “how to delete your Kik account” due to some reasons. It isn’t difficult, actually. Even beginners can do it. They only need to go to the account change and settings. It’s important to remove all their friends and details before deleting the account. In order to permanently cancel the account, they can do it either from their PC or mobile phone. Once it’s deleted, the account will vanish permanently. There won’t be any history left regarding conversation, friends, or others. They can’t use the same username when registering a new account later. Here are the procedures, actually.

Method 1: Delete Kik from your PC

To remove a Kik account from the PC, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the website:
  2. Input the email address that is connected to this account. There will be a big green button and. Press it to proceed.
  3. There will be an email sent regarding the confirmation how to deactivate Kik account.
  4. Follow the instructions attached to the email and the account will be deleted soon after.


    Confirmation Sent

Method 2: How to delete account from Phone

To remove Kik account from the phone, here’s the simple procedure:

  1. Run the Kik app on the phone and choose the settings.
  2. Pick the “Account”.
  3. Click “reset”.
  4. Put the email address used to setup the account earlier.
  5. There will be information regarding the further procedure to deactivate your account. It will be sent on the email inbox. Once it’s done, the last thing to do is to log out.

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Features of Kik

Some people decide to look for a procedure of “how to delete a Kik account”. They have their reasons why to do so. However, the others keep using Kik messenger as it offers many useful features. Kik was created to imitate the functionality and appearance just like phone text messaging. It works with a username to chat with others. That means people don’t need to swap their phone numbers with friends or families. Here are several features they can expect of using Kik. People should know these features before learn the deleting procedure to remove their account.


1. Privacy and The Web Pages

Users can pick whether or not they want the app to check their address book. It’s helpful to match the feature with their contacts. They can also block other users from messaging them. Another feature is the web page. Below the conversation tab, users can find a small globe icon. This is where they can browse some pages for gaming, meeting new people, and more.

2. Live Typing

This isn’t a new feature. Almost all messenger apps in play store include it. Users are able to chat with others through a live messaging. It’s helpful to know that they are expecting to get the reply back within a particular time of period. They can also notice when a message they have sent has been received or read by the recipient. Even if the recipient hasn’t started typing or replied it yet, the sender can see this.

3. Friend Invitations

With Kik, users can invite others they know by various media such as email, SMS text, social networks, or others. Their data will be recorded to the connected accounts. This is a nice feature that helps users to bring more friends to Kik. It seems unreasonable to delete Kik account due to this feature. An account deactivation is quite common, though.

4. Code Scanning


All users have a specific code that can be retrieved from the profile settings. What’s this? It’s the code to add a user without hassles. The scanning procedure doesn’t take much time. However, users need to give permission for the link app to access their camera. It’s the basic requirement to start scanning other’s code, after all.

5. Notices

When users receive or send messages, they will get notifications regarding the status of their messages. It’s similar to old text messaging method. The best part is that they can customize the notification sounds whenever other users send a message to them.

6. Multimedia Messages

Users aren’t only able to send or receive text messages. They can also send multimedia messages including emoticons, images, sketches, videos, and much more. This makes them flexible to send anything they like. Just login and send any messages regardless of the types. Some unknown persons can send you any creepy kind of messages and hence you should learn how to delete Kik account.

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7. Profile Combination

People have their own account and username, which is good. In fact, they can customize it with details and pictures. That means each user has a unique profile to begin with.

8. The List of Conversations

Kik also has this feature like other SMS text platforms. The app lists various conversations the user has made with others. How can users access this list? They can simply click the conversation and start communicating with them.

9. Chat Customization and Group

It’s quite fun as users can modify or customize the color of the chat bubble. This makes the messaging more fun and appealing. There are also group chats. People can start a group for chatting. That means they can add members to their group.

10. Sponsored Chats

This is quite a unique feature. Users can tap on the search icon to find popular chats. They can join interesting chats with this feature.

I hope you liked this post. However, if you are facing any issue or error while deactivate kik account, then let me know in your comments. I will be glad to assist you.

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