21 most weird and interesting websites you should check

Today we are going to present a list of the best weird websites on the web which might not be advantageous to you, but it’s meant for ultimate fun. These crazy websites aim to deliver a fun and enjoyable experience so that you can spend some time browsing them when you are exhausted from doing your regular job. So below is the list of the most interesting websites which are worth browsing.

List of top weirdest websites

(1) Cleverbot

Cleverbot is one of the interesting sites that uses artificial intelligence to reply to humans to their questions accordingly. Simply start talking by typing your question in the box and hit enter and Cleverbot will reply with smart answers. It is an interesting website to talk to a bot where you can chat for hours with unending questions. We ensure, you’ll never get bored of it.



(2) Zoomquilt

Zoomquilt is an infinite zooming web page where you will find an awesome illusion based graphic. As you open the page it will zoom into an endless image that will make you really amazed. It is a great page for kids who will find it enjoyable and worth viewing. The page is built with amazing art and has been developed by the finest graphic designers.


(3) OMFGDogs  

This is one of the strange websites that delivers no meaning, but you can still access it for a break. A bunch of puppies run with some music in the background. This animated site is called OMFGDogs which would dazzle your eyes for minutes.


(4) Staggering Beauty

Staggering Beauty is a humorous and weird website that works at your mouse’s movements. As you hover your mouse over the page, a snake-like an object will move according to its movement. And as you shake the mouse vigorously, the snake will move with a fast wave with visual lightning animations in the background.

(5) Creepypasta

Creepypasta is not just one of the “weirdest websites, but it’s also an interesting page. You will find creepy stories on this site submitted by users, which contains horror and mysterious cases. During spare time, you will love reading their stories and also, you can submit your own story on the site.


(6) Blue

Blue is another meaningless site which means nothing but displays a series of a constellation. It is good if you want a break from your work and experience a feeling under the sky. The web page is filled with shades of blue and an animated constellation.

(7) The Last Page of the Internet

“You have reached the last page of the internet. We hope you have enjoyed your browsing. Now turn off your computer and go outside.” This is what the page says. The page depicts itself as the last page online and that gives you a really gloomy feeling when you read the content in it. It’s a strange and yet one of the funniest websites.

(8) Pointer Pointer

Pointer Pointer is one of the cool and interesting websites that asks to move your pointer to a particular location. Hold the pointer still and the page will randomly display the picture of a person, pointing his/her finger at the pointer where it is located. The page displays random images and it’s pretty hilarious.

(9) Noot Noot

Noot Noot is one of the odd websites that displays a penguin who noots in a peculiar way. With each click on the mouse, the penguin noots and it’s been counted in the button below. Thus, you will know how many times you have fed the penguin.

(10) Emoji Party

Emoji Party displays a broad range of emoticons that floats in a hypnotic pattern and dances. This page has no advantage other than giving some relief to your eyes.


(11) Bacon Sizzler

This is another unusual web page that shows nothing other than bacon sizzling. Nothing else in it.

(12) Table Flipper

Table Flipper is one of the funny websites that displays random GIF images of people who flip the tables in different styles. You will also find animations and people displayed from several countries. Each time you refresh the page you will find a different GIF image flipping the table.



(13) Potato

Don’t think this page shows something very special, but only a simple image of a Potato. Great page to show your kid the structure of a potato.

(14) Arnold Sailormoonegger

A stupid page which is dedicated to Arnold Sailormoonegger that displays amusing and funny pics of the actor. Really one of the most weird websites.

(15) Falling Falling

Do you want to see the wall on your screen falling down? Then check this weird website to see the colourful screen falling falling.

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(16) Essay Typer

One of the crazy website ever is Essay Typer. If you got to complete your school essay and stuck with it at the last minute then try out this site. Simply type your essay topic and start typing crazily any key on the keyboard. Essay Typer will complete the essay for you.



(17) Eel Slap

A GIF image that displays how perfectly an eel can slap you. That’s all this page has.

(18) FFFUUU.com

This is an under construction page which claims itself as the future home of all the rage you can handle. This page is supposed to contain rage memes, rage comics and rage threads. In short, everything about rage.


Weird website

(19) The Useless Web

The Useless Web is the most entertaining and one stop website that takes you to the random useless websites that contain weird stuff, including a few of the websites we have mentioned till now. Simply keep clicking on the homepage button and it will redirect you to the top and the weirdest websites ever.

(20) Shower Thoughts

Want to share and read some unusual thoughts? Then visit this unique site and get refreshed with some weird quotes and thoughts from the users. Also, you can shower your thoughts and let others get revitalised.

(21) Ducks are the Best

Fill your computer screen with yellow ducks. Hover your mouse all over the screen and create patterns with duck faces. You’ll really enjoy making it.


Hope you enjoyed browsing our weird sites list.

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