Best auction sites like eBay and deal sites like Groupon

Considering the best eCommerce sites like eBay and Groupon, you might want to browse similar sites like them for more options and features. EBay, being one of the shopping giants, allow users to sell their own products at their desired rates and organize auctions. And since this feature carried overwhelming response to the site, its competitor sites also started initiating the same strategy which turned out a hit. And Groupon being a huge deals ad coupons site stands in the topmost position, but still, its rivals are trying hard to beat it. You might like to know which other sites deliver the same features as eBay and Groupon, and so, we are stating a few of them.


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5 eBay like sites

(1) eBid

eBid is one of the popular auction sites like eBay where you will find thousands of product listings and exciting offers. The site allows you to sell and resale your own products at your preferred rate and it is one of the best bid sites where you can put multiple bidding for a product. You can also find who the top seller on the site is and view their points and also get involved in the sellers section. Simply create an account with eBid and start tracking your sales and purchases and build your own profile to stay at the top.


(2) Shopify

Shopify is one of the other sites like eBay that lets you build your own eCommerce site and sell your products directly from the site. You can create your own store with a variety of themes and provide an enhanced user experience to visitors. Shopify provides a number of options for selling like, integrating the Buy button on websites, selling from social media sites, in-person sales with mobile phone and Shopify card reader. This means you can avail multiple features with this site which is very much alike website like eBay.


(3) Amazon

Amazon is a popular shopping and auction sites like eBay, where selling and purchasing works like a fiesta because of Amazon’s premium quality products and services. It works similar to eBay except for some changes in their terms and policies. Selling with Amazon works smooth as butter and you can also read and write reviews to help other customers learn about a product’s quality. You will find daily deals and exclusive products in the site from the original manufacturers and companies. Shipping from Amazon is completely free and it delivers the product faster.


(4) Etsy

Etsy is one of the sites like eBay where you can buy and sell handcrafted products. The products are exclusive and uniquely designed by experienced craftsmen from all around the world. Etsy makes online selling easier by placing your product in the right category. You can create your own store, define it and upload pictures of your products with appropriate descriptions and pricing. Etsy lets you get in touch with the store owner too in case of any query about the products.

(5) Newegg

Newegg is one of the electronics good selling and buying sites where you can find the A to Z of electronics just like Ebay sells. Except for the thing that, Newegg is electronics store only and eBay sells products from multiple categories. Newegg is a premium store that sells the first-hand electronic items like computer peripherals, cameras, accessories, car machinery, gaming devices and lots more. This site is completely trustworthy and you can make easy replacements in case a product is found faulty.


5 best sites like Groupon

(1) LivingSocial

LivingSocial features the hottest deals on hotels, food, and money and offers exclusive discounts on them. It is one of the deal sites like Groupon where you can find deals based on your location and get local deals right on your computer screen. LivingSocial updates its site with regular deals and it supports hundreds of cities in the US. This is one of the saving sites that works exactly like Groupon and provides you the products at the biggest discounted rates.


(2) Tanga

Tanga is one of the deal sites like Groupon that features the top and daily deals from a wide range of categories. You can view the countdown timer for every deal and avail coupons by subscribing to the site. Tanga also includes handmade items which are exclusively featured on the site. Tanga features products of great quality which you can find at the most reliable cost. It keeps updating the page on a regular basis so that users can find new deals every single day. This keeps your shopping experience more refreshed.



(3) CatchOfTheDay

CatchOfTheDay is another Groupon-like site that features the deal of the day at the discounted rates. You will find multiple deals for a single category and discounts even on the best-selling products.  CatchOfTheDay makes money saving even easier by presenting their products at the best prices. If you are looking for deals and offers from multiple categories, then this site brings you the most optimal products at your desired price.


(4) Travel Factory

Travel Factory is one more Groupon-like sites that focus on travel deals and coupons to make your trip more affordable and reliable. You will find the cheapest rates on the current flights, hotels, cruises and shops which you’ll require a booking within a certain time. Travel Factory offers up to 50% discount on their offers which you might find tough to find on any other travel site. Like Groupon, this site cares about their users’ requirements so that you can travel lighter and make it enjoyable.

(5) DealFlicks

DealFlicks is one among the online deal sites that offer movie tickets deals at up to 60% discounted rate. Which means, with this site you can enjoy your best movies at the lowest costs. DealFlicks is one of the coupon sites like Groupon that provides coupons and deals from your nearest movie galleries so that you can instantly book a ticket of your favorite movie. You will find the daily deals and the upcoming movie offers from more than 750 cities around the country.

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