ABBYY FineReader review – Best optical character recognition (OCR) Software

ABBYY Finereader is the most accurate OCR converter in the market. In this review of ABBYY Fine Reader, we shall discuss everything you need to know about this software, but first, let’s give you a quick introduction to Optical Character Recognition technology.

OCR or Optical Character Recognition is a relatively new technology that converts several different types of documents such as PDF files, scanned paper documents, digital images into easily searchable and editable data.


How does this help? Let’s say you’ve got a brochure or a contract that’s in PDF. Now, you can scan the document, but a scanner has its limitations. It cannot make the information available for editing in MS Word or in MS Excel. The scanner only creates an image or a snapshot of the document.

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Here’s where an OCR software can be so useful. It extracts and repurposes the data, by first singling out the letters on the image, converting them into words and then the words into sentences. So you can get the content in MS Word and edit it the way you like it.


What is ABBYY FineReader?

ABBYY FineReader is optical character recognition (OCR) software which converts scanned paper documents, digital images of texts and image only PDFs in MS Word, MS Excel or searchable PDFs. It is a super accurate text recognition and handwriting recognition software with excellent conversion capabilities. It has a highly intuitive, user-friendly interface and supports up to 190 languages, more than any OCR software out there.  So the ABBYY OCR reads image text and reuses the content while preserving the original layout and formatting of the original document.


ABBY Fine Reader Versions

The ABBYY FineReader comes in three different versions – ABBYY FineReader Professional, ABBYY Fine Reader Corporate and ABBYY FineReader MAC. The corporate edition consists of a few extra features and can be installed on a cloud-based server with special access granted to a group of users. The Professional and Mac editions are priced on a per-user basis and are based on a desktop installation.

Let’s look at the three different versions of the ABBYY OCR quickly…  

FineReader 12 Professional


The ABBYY Professional allows you to scan and convert PDFs, digital photos of text and paper documents into sharable and editable files on a Windows-based computer. You can sign up for the ABBYY FineReader free version [here].

FineReader 12 Corporate

ABBYY Professional auto-converts documents with additional features such as hot-folders and scheduling and offers affordable network licensing options. You can scan and digitize paper and convert and create PDF files. In addition, it allows you to proofread the conversion Results, perform automation and batch processing.

FineReader Pro for Mac

ABBYY FineReader Mac is the most accurate OCR for the MAC OS X. It performs the most sophisticated text recognition and PDF conversion for the MAC, scans and digitizes paper, allows for automation and batch processing, converts and creates PDF files and more on the MAC.


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How does ABBYY Fine Reader Work?

ABBYY OCR copies texts and tables from papers and PDFs. Here’s how this works…

So, if you need to get a page of text or a table from a PDF document or paper in an editable form, you don’t have to retype the whole thing on Word or Excel as long as you have the ABBYY application with you. Simply open the PDF document or scan a sheet of paper on FineReader. Just outline the paragraph with a mouse and click on the “Copy” button that is on the top of the FineReader. That’s it – the text is copied to the ABBYY clipboard and can be pasted in Word and Excel whenever you want to. You can perform the same operation with tables, but you will need to select the “Draw Table Area” option before you copy the tables. You can then get the tables, along with all the columns and cells, in a formatted and editable form.



ABBYY OCR improves the quality of your scanned PDFs

Often, documents are poorly scanned and don’t look all that great. But with the ABBYY app, you can make the documents look so much better because of two innovative technologies that the optical character recognition software uses:

  • The PreciseScan technology, which smoothens character images
  • The Whiten Background tool, which gets rid of any inconsistency in the background or unnecessary shade and makes the background evenly white.

ABBYY OCR Converter gives you perfect PDFs from the photographed documents

Usually, using a camera instead of a scanner to capture a page is not an efficient solution. While you can read such text (barely), you cannot create it into PDF. ABBYY FineReader converts any images that you have captured with a camera into perfect searchable PDFs.

ABBYY converts any document into a format that can be read on a tablet or e-book reader

So how do you convert an A4 sized PDF file into a form that can be read on a 10-inch tablet? ABBYY Fine Reader allows you to do that. It converts the PDFs and all types of papers into a format such as tagged PDF (which automatically adjusts to the width of the screen when viewed), epub and fb2 that can be read on a handheld device, whether it’s a tablet, phone or e-book reader. The essence of the text formatting and images are held on to so that nothing is lost in the conversion.

ABBYY Fine Reader – What’s to Like?

The ABBYY FineReader is easy to download and install on your PC, laptop or MAC. It works by pulling up the various processes in different windows and performs most of its tasks with great accuracy. It converts and replicates images, text in several fonts and sizes, blocks of color, and tables in all sorts of colors flawlessly and with compelling accuracy, and nothing is lost in the conversion. The integrity of the original document is held on to. The language recognition capability of the software is impressive as well. The ABBYY optical character recognition software recognizes 190 languages and offers proofreading support for 48 of them, which is phenomenal.


 ABBYY FineReader 12 Features

  • Converts all images from the scanner or any pictures you take from a tablet or a mobile phone into searchable and editable PDF.
  • It recognizes documents with multiple pages and works with all types of electronic documents.
  • ABBYY FineReader comes with a batch processing functionality, which means the software will convert your files in batches and send them to the specified folder.
  • ABBYY OCR formats files into MS Word, MS Excel, HTML, rich text and text.
  • It works with numbers and converts tables, and makes the content available in MS Word or MS Excel for editing.
  • The OCR converter recognizes colored, vertical or inverted text. It recognizes barcodes as well and maintains numbered lists and bullet points.
  • It exports the text into formats appropriate for phones, tablets, and eBook devices.

 ABBYY FineReader Help & Support

There are a plenty of useful and instructive video tutorials and online manuals on the official website of ABBYY Fine Reader. The FAQ page is pretty decent as well, as is the Knowledge Base. You can communicate with the ABBYY customer support through phone and email support.


ABBYY Optical Character Recognition Software – Pros and Cons


  • ABBYY Fine Reader is the most powerful and flexible OCR software out there
  • ABBYY offers 100 percent accurate document replication that is as close to the original document as you can get
  • It is one of the best text recognition and handwriting recognition software in the market
  • It allows you to proofread the text, performs spell check and style verification
  • It consists of unique and useful correction tools for difficult tasks.
  • ABBYY OCR reads initial pages of a large document, even as the other pages are still being processed
  • ABBYY recognizes 190 languages. The software interface is available in any one of 24 languages. It has a dictionary and spellchecking support for over 48 languages.


  • The ABBYY OCR converter does have a few menu options that are confusing
  • Each of the processes on ABBYY OCR software creates different windows, this is a little confusing too

Final Thoughts on ABBYY Fine Reader

ABBYY FineReader 12 is the best OCR software out there by a country mile. It runs very smoothly, is fast and efficient and extremely powerful. If you want an optical character recognition software that is fast and capable of accurate text recognition, ABBYY OCR converter is the one that you should go for.

ABBYY FineReader is awarded best OCR software by many news magazines for reading image text.


It is 100% accurate and replicates the document perfectly so that it holds on to the integrity of the original document. ABBYY even reads low-resolution documents very well. The only issue with this OCR software is that it creates a number of windows with each process that can be confusing, but the more you use it, you will become more familiar with the software and this won’t be such a big problem.

Finally, ABBYY FineReader is affordably priced as well. Click here to view the various price plans of ABBYY OCR. You can also sign up for the ABBYY FineReader free version here.

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