25 best tech blogs to follow in 2016 | Most popular tech websites

Technology blogs are on a progression and most of the newbie bloggers prefer getting engaged in this IT platform. Since the rise of the digital industry is overwhelming, consumers are more fascinated towards learning the new techniques and specifications of new devices. So bloggers collect the entire details of the upcoming and newly launched gadgets along with performing a real-time coverage of the launch event. This drives more readers to the blogs and provides a fresh knowledge to consumers. So today I am presenting the best tech websites those provide the updated news and events on technology and are considered as the top in the blogging industry.

Best Technology Websites 2016

(Sorted by Alexa Rank)

(1) Cnet.com

Cnet.com deals with the latest product reviews and news from the digital industry. The blog provides video reviews on smartphones, laptops, tablets, and other devices and also offers software downloads.


(2) Gizmodo.com

Gizmodo provides the current news on technology and sci-fi on a daily basis. The site also provides software reviews, guides, and tutorials on digital stuff.

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(3) Mashable.com

Mashable is an emerging blog that has won consumers trust by offering the exclusive news on technology, social media, and lots more. The site got a huge database of tech and science news that cannot be found anywhere else.

(4) Engadget.com

Engadget is one of the popular tech blogs that offers information on games, gadgets, science, and other technology stuff. The site also provides product reviews and videos to enhance user experience with strong information.

(5) Lifehacker.com

Lifehacker is another popular technology blog that provides the latest from technology. The site covers the various aspects of the digital industry and offers the current news and events.

(6) TheVerge.com

TheVerge is popular for its real-time coverage on the product launch’s and events. The site covers all the aspects of technology along with providing reviews, news, event news, product features, and videos.

(7) Howtogeek.com

Howtogeek offers news and tutorials on software and products so that you can cope with any issues related to your system or device. The blog specializes in being a doctor of technology with loads of tips and recovery solutions.

(8) Techcrunch.com

Techcrunch is one of the popular tech sites that provides news on startups, gadgets, and events from the digital industry. The blog also covers the latest events and offers information on the upcoming productions.


(9) Tomshardware.com

Toms Hardware, as the name suggests, offers loads of information on computer hardware and the methods to maintain and fix them. The blog also offers hardware reviews, tips, and software knowledge to readers.

(10) Wired.com

Wired.com talks about the internet and network and the various facets of technology. The site has a global reach for its exclusive content and information denoting the daily technology lifestyle.

(11) Digitaltrends.com

Digitaltrends covers the latest product reviews, information, videos, and tips on technology. It is a widely known information technology blog that provides the exceptional information and giveaways from the site.

(12) Makeuseof.com

Makeuseof is yet another technology blog that delivers information about smartphones, laptops, gadgets, and loads of stuff. The site also offers the tricks and solutions to various technical issues and help you resolve any of the related problems.

(13) TheNextWeb.com

TNW is reported one of the top tech sites, which is globally known and read. The blog delivers the freshest news from the digital industry and also provides app reviews, industry news and what’s going on in the tech zone.


(14) ZDnet.com

ZDnet provides the latest news from the science industry and technology that will rejuvenate your ideas and knowledge. It is one among the top 10 technology sites that has a worldwide reach with a greater number of audience.

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(15) Hongkiat.com

Hongkiat is an inspirational site that deals with technology and its latest solutions. Hongkiat offers tips and news on designing, development, and digitization from a wide range of services and products.

(16) Slashdot.com

Slashdot is a site where users share their own content related to technology and other related topics. The site got a vast knowledge on digitization and news associated with the industry.

(17) Labnol.org

Labnol.org by Amit Agarwal is one of the top tech blogs that delivers tips and solutions related to Google, email, social media, and other stuff. It is one of the top technology blogging sites that posts exceptional stuff.

(18) Fossbytes.com

Fossbytes is a software, technology, and development blog where you will find exclusive content on the subjects. It is one of the “best tech blogs” which is followed worldwide and read by tech enthusiasts and coders.


(19) Technobuffalo.com

Technobufflalo offers information on gadget, accessories, computers, internet, mobile, gaming, and lots of things on technology. The blog provides up-to-date news on the latest happenings from the industry.

(20) Techcabal.com

Techcabal offers all kinds of news and information on technology from around the world. It is a technology portal where you will find the latest event and occurrences from the field.

(21) Winsupersite.com

Winsupersite offers all kinds of news and solutions on Microsoft Windows, Windows mobile, Outlook.com, OneDrive, Skype, etc. The site is entirely dedicated to Windows and information related to it.

(22) Gigaom.com

Gigaom is a computer and technology site that presents the unique tech news and information from the digital world. Gigaom is a globally recognized tech blog which is also followed by the other tech bloggers.

(23) Readwrite.com

Readwrite.com is a technology and a startup based web page where you can find the global news from this industry. With unique content, the site has obtained a huge number of followers and readers from similar fields and is one of the most followed tech blogs.


(24) TechPP.com

TechPP is one of the most popular technology blogs that review gadgets, smartphones, and covers the tech events from the country. You will find product comparisons, social media news, and device specifications and features on this site.

(25) Askdavetaylor.com

AskDaveTaylor shares news and information on software, application, and other computer stuff that you won’t find elsewhere. Dave Taylor writes based on his own research and experience. You will also find tech review and other tips on the site.

(26) Techvibes.com

Techvibes falls among the good technology portals list where you will find a majority of news and other information from the field. Techvibes provides information on gadgets and accessories and also covers the latest events from the tech arena.

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    Many of the best tech websites in this list are bookmarked in my browser. My favorite ones are Techcrunch.com and Makeuseof.com. I like to read them daily. Thanks for introducing me to other websites. Thenextweb.com is also great tech website which keeps me updated on latest technology trends and new tech products.

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    meer irshad khan

    Many of the best tech websites in this list are bookmarked in my browser. My favorite ones are Techcrunch.com and Makeuseof.com. I like to read them daily. Thanks for introducing me to other websites. Indiaread.net is also great tech website which keeps me updated on latest technology trends and new tech products.

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