How to Insert PDF into PowerPoint

When you are dealing with presentation, you must be familiar with PowerPoint. PowerPoint is a program provided by Microsoft for presentation. By using PowerPoint you can create some slideshows. Besides, in the slideshow, you can also insert or include some files such as Video, Audio, and Image. However, some of the people may not be familiar to insert PDF into PowerPoint. Or you may never try to use PDF format on your slide show. In fact, PDF file can also be included in your slide in several ways just like when you are inserting DOC file. Therefore, through this article, I would like to show you on how to insert PDF in PowerPoint using several ways.

Before heading towards the procedure, you need to make sure you have some kind of PDF reader app installed on your system. If you don’t have any PDF reader on your system nothing will work. If you try to insert a PDF file without any PDF reader on your system, you’ll just get an “object” icon on your slide. Adobe Reader is my personal favorite PDF reader, but even a different PDF reader will serve the purpose.

How to insert PDF into Powerpoint

Method 1: Insert PDF as an Object

(1) You can insert PDF in PowerPoint by clicking the Insert from the menu, and then you can find Object.

(2) After that, you can click the “Object” and then choose “Create from File” and browse your PDF file on the windows explorer.

(3) Next, you just simply click OK. You do not have to click any boxes on the window.


Embed object in powerpoint


Create new file object


The PDF file will be showed in the slide show with its title. To open this file while editing, simply double-click on the icon and select the PDF reader. Now, to play the PDF during PowerPoint slideshow, you need to perform following steps.

(1) Click the PDF file’s icon or image, and then on the Insert tab, in the Links group, click Action.

(2) In the Action Settings box, select the Mouse Click tab if you want to open the PDF with a click, or the Mouse Over tab if you want it to open when you move the pointer over the PDF file icon.

(3) Select Object action and select Open/Activate contents in the list.


Set action for PDF object

Method 2: Insert PDF content as Picture

If you do not want to insert the whole PDF contents, you can use another alternative by using screen clipping feature. It is actually easy to do the screen clipping. The first is by using the screen clipping feature on the tab.

(1) Open the PDF file you want to insert and make sure you don’t open any window after this. Scroll to the content you want to insert and  switch to Powerpoint.

(2) In PowerPoint, select the slide that you want to add the content to, and then just simply click Insert tab in the Images group.


Inserting Pdf as picture

(3) Click on Screenshot. You will get options to take a screenshot of Available Windows, but select Screen Clipping.


Screen Clipping in Powerpoint

(4) Next, you can select the area of your PDF file that is going to be screen clipped. It will automatically be inserted into the slide show.

Below is the final image I got after clipping the content from my PDF.


Pdf as picture in Powerpoint

The second option is by using the screenshot of the snipping tool. Search for the sniping tool at the start. Next, open the PDF file and go to the content you want to insert. Open Click on New, select the area of PDF and save. The file captured is saved in image format. Next, you can copy or insert the image in the slide show.


Snipping tool


Method 3: Using Hyperlink Feature

In order to insert PDF into PowerPoint can also be done using the hyperlink feature provided by the Microsoft office. It is also quite easy to create a hyperlink to PDF file on the link.

(1) Go to Insert tab and click on Hyperlink under Links group.

(2) An Insert Hyperlink window will open, enter the Text to display and browse to the PDF you want to insert.

(3) Next, click Place in this document and select the slide in which you insert the hyperlink of PDF file. It will automatically be inserted into the title and the title color will change into blue. If you play the slide, you will be able to click the link where the PDF file in the link will be opened in the Adobe Reader.


Hyperlink feature in Powerpoint



Add title and address for hyperlink



Select the slide


Embedded PDF as hyperlink

Method 4: Copying the content of PDF into Powerpoint

The last alternative is to copy the content of the PDF file in the powerpoint slide.  You can easily copy all text and images from PDF if you have Adobe Reader 7.x, 6.x, 5.x or 4.x.  To refer the steps to copy text and graphic file from PDF using Adobe Reader, click HERE.  You can download the Adobe App from

The second option is to use your internet browser such as Google Chrome. Just click right the PDF file in the windows explorer and open with Google Chrome. The PDF file will be launched in the browser. The next step is to block the words that you want to copy. Just block the words and the press Ctrl+C or click right and copy. Next, you can paste the word on your Slide.

In summary, those are some ways how to insert PDF into PowerPoint easily. You can choose one of the best ways explained above. If the requirement is to embed the content of PDF file, use Google Chrome browser or Adobe Reader. To run the PDF file in the Adobe Reader or any other PDF reader, use the hyperlink feature in the PowerPoint. To insert the real PDF appearance, use the screen clipping feature. The file will be in image format so it will appear on the slide show directly. It all depends on your choice.

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