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Pranks. The term itself creates the certain level of excitement in us. We as kids used to love playing pranks on people and some of us couldn’t get rid of the habit even after growing up! Yes, I’m one of them too. While playing funny pranks are entertaining, pranking friends through spoof  text messages also have one of a kind pleasure in it. Especially, when being anonymous. For example, texting a friend by pretending as a guy/girl with whom she/he has a crush on. Whoa! Imagine the fun out of it. Sending SMS as an anonymous person might be the oldest prank technique, but still, it works every time. However, it is not easy to always get hold of someone’s phone, especially of someone whose number ain’t saved in your friend’s phone. In such cases come your rescue, the websites that allow you to send the prank texts without stressing much at all. If you’re wondering what websites to use and how to use them; you’ve just come to the right place. Here’s a list of top 7 sites to send prank texts from a fake number.




Here’s how to send prank texts using a fake number

  1. Firstly select the spoof text messaging site from the list that is given below and opens the one that seems to be functional to you.
  2. Next, go through the rules of the site that you’re going to use for the prank texts and make sure that you’re not using it for an illegal purpose for example, like harassing or sexually abusing.
  3. If you think that you’re going to be completely anonymous and that you can do whatever you want, you’re just a fool. You’ll be in trouble because your IP is trackable even when using the proxy sites.
  4. So, it’s better not to use the spoof texts for any other purpose other than pranking your friends and taking the fun out of it. Now, type the friend’s number that you want to send the prank text to and add the content of the text.
  5. You can google texting pranks and see how is it usually done not to cause much havoc and then at the end just hit the send button. You need to enter the captcha that is given to send the message and then you can be done with the process.


7 text messages to spoof text message

(1) SendAnonymousSMS

Standing second in the list and with the workability as the name confirms it, SendAnonymousSMS is the second best site that is used to send free pranks over text message. Why do you have to choose it? Because it is relatively more trustable and reliable and also considered to be the world’s largest text service provider. Though it doesn’t have a mobile based application, you can just use the web based application through your phone irrespective of the Android, iOS software. The service is entirely free to use and doesn’t require any preregistration. It just asks for a number, respective country and also the text content and you only have to enter the captcha and hit the ‘send’ button.


Spoof text message using SendAnonymousSMS

(2) SendAnonymousText

Not much different from the previous website, this site offers the similar service. In fact, it is more like a clone of the above-mentioned site. Recently, they redirected their URL to the same service provider as above which means that they have clubbed the services. However, it has been listed as the most prominent text providing website and also known for sending spoof texts. If you search the Google Engine for the keyword, ‘Anonymous Text’ you will see the site being ranked on the first page, thus speaks about the popularity.

(3) Textem

If you are looking to send a text with a picture included, Textem is the perfect site for you. It is free, and you can use this prank texting site to send numerous free text messages on occasions like April Fool. However, the service is limited, because you can only send the texts to major network service providers in the United States, but not all. The best thing about Textem is that you can not only send but also receive a picture for free. It’s more or less like using WhatsApp being anonymous.


Texting pranks using Textem


(4) TxtEmNow

Looking for a free and easy way to send a text spoofing to your friends without letting them know that you’ve texted them? This is your best pick. You can also support international numbers, here without any difficulty. The best part about this website is that you don’t have to register on it. You just have to fill a signup form and then can send countless free spoof texts to any number of people you want. The interface is user-friendly and can be used without sweating much which is why most of the people prefer using this site over the others and that is why it is listed at the top of the site.

(5) TextForFree

One more fantastic yet simple spoof texting site that offers spam-free texting. Due to its sophistication, it got listed in the top 7 sites to send prank texts. Using this service provider, you can text any friend in the USA who has a legible cell phone service. You can also send the prank text to the popular service providers, but in such cases, the character limit is restricted to 140 only.

How to text bomb friends, family members for fun | SMS bomber websites


(6) TxtDrop

Being a completely user-friendly and hilarious prank texting service, it allows you to send a spoof text free to any number without even registering beforehand. Wondering how to send an anonymous text without even revealing your identity? Visit TxtDrop right now and within few seconds your mission will be accomplished. You can also find this prank texting app version on the internet to use from the cell phone.


Text pranks using txtDrop

(7) SMS Anonymous

Well! Well. Suffering from a long distance relationship? Want to bring a smile on your partner’s face? Not only partner but also friends, family, and relatives. Well, send something humorous and anonymous using this site. However, this site is specifically designed to send the “text pranks” to Australians random numbers alone but is user rich in the particular domain.


So, now that you’ve gone through the list of sites through which you can send unlimited texts to your friend’s mobile be it an Android device or an iPhone select one of them and have fun spoof texting. All the best! Please subscribe to us for more informational content, share us on your social media and help us grow!

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