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You might have often pranked your friends with numerous ways and techniques. If you Google, then you’ll find a plenty of methods to prank with your friends. Similarly, text bombing is a kind of prank that is mostly played by the current generation and is one of the finest tricks. It is a good way to irritate your friends by the means of mobile text messages without indicating them about the sender. But remember this trick should be played only with your friends and people who know you because annoying strangers with this method is strongly prohibited. So today we will talk about the best ways to send text bomb messages to your friends.



What is text bombing?

Text bombing is sending a series of repetitive text messages to a cell phone so that the phone becomes almost inoperative during the attack. It is similar to DOS (Denial of Service) attack on websites where multiple computers try to login to the same website at a time making the computer servers hosting the website unable to tackle with the respondent requests.

Text bombing can be manually done by searching online for a few software that allows setting up an SMS bomb attack and run it automatically. The text bombing messages are easy to trigger, but it’s really tough to convince the sender about not to send them. Because if the receiver has any urgent operations of performing on his/her cell phone, he/she won’t be able to maneuver it due to the SMS bomb messages.

There are severe negative effects caused by text bombing that has also led people to suicide. According to this news in KSLA News, 15-year old Danielle Cox attempted suicide after receiving constant destructive text messages compelling her to end her life. There were 150 different messages sent using text bombing, signifying that they came from Danielle’s different classmates. Whereas Danielle had no idea from where the messages came from, and circumstantially, they came from only one girl.

Causes of sending text bomb messages

Text bombing can be performed for several reasons as follows:

  • Revenge
  • Playing pranks
  • Just for fun
  • Annoying someone

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How to send anonymous text messages to people?

Before you follow this section, it is strongly advised that text bombing should be done only for playing pranks with your friends and known people and shouldn’t be used for negative purposes. This is a serious offense.

(1) Online SMS Bomber

The Online SMS Bomber is a simple text bomb website by Techcrack that allows you to send plenty of text messages to a particular number. Simply enter the phone number and click on ‘Start’ and SMS Bomber Online with trigger a series of SMS bomb online to that number. For discontinuing the SMS series, simply close the page and it will conclude. Remember, this text message bomber online service is developed for educational purpose only and therefore, the sender would be responsible for any damage caused.

(2) Prank Bomber

Prank Bomber is an online text message bomber by Amazetricks that lets you send plenty of text messages to a certain mobile number. The software allows messaging to one number only once and you can send a maximum of 75 text messages at a go. The Prank Bomber software is developed for fun purpose only and doesn’t recommend you to abuse anyone. It is a simple tool where you just need to enter the recipient’s mobile number and the SMS count, and then submit the query to initiate the bombing process.

(3) Message Bomber

Message Bomber is a text bomb app for Android that lets you send SMS across 5000 and above times in a few intervals. The app repeatedly sends a bunch of messages to the targeted phone. You can copy- paste the messages anywhere in the SMS field and also send blank messages containing only white space. The app is simple and easy to use and you can reset everything with a single click. Simply enter the message and the recipient’s number, set the message multiplier, i.e. that number of times you want to send the message, and then click on Send.


Message bomber

(4) TXT Blast

TXT Blast is a simple “text bomber app that lets you send 100 to 1000’s of SMS with a single click to a particular number. You can choose how many times you want to send an SMS to a number. This text spammer app got a simple user interface, but the only drawback is that the standard charges of SMS sending will be applied. If you got free messaging from your mobile operator then you won’t be charged anything. To use TXT Blast, simply enter the recipient’s mobile number, the number of messages, type the SMS and click Send Message.


(5) SMS Blast

SMS Blast is another Android app that sends multiple SMS to a number at one click. Similar to TXT Blast, the standard messaging charges will be applied so you cannot expect that the messages won’t cost you a penny. To use SMS Blast, enter the contact number of the recipient, type the message, choose the number of times you want to send the SMS, choose the interval, and click Shoot. The recipient will immediately start receiving the blast of messages.


SMS bomber

(6) ClamTXT

ClamTXT is a text bomber website that permits text bombing your friends and read or listen to their reactions. You can send humorous messages to your friends and have an SMS conversation with your friends and family members from their SMS page with a real number. The tool also provides a premium version that offers international texting, send up to 20,000 messages, ad-free interface, and higher priority for messaging. ClamTXT got 70,939 active users and is one of the most recognized text bombing tools on the web.

(7) SMS Bomber by Google

Apart from the third-party developers, Google is also in the list of creating text bomber codes. Google has developed their own unique script so that you can create your own SMS flooder. With this script you can send unlimited text messages to your friends, flood plenty of contacts with annoying messages, use the cancel button for concluding the SMS flood, avail no delay in sending, make each SMS differently, and lots more. You need to download the .apk file on your Android phone and check Unknown resources from Settings > Applications.

(8) SMSBarrage

SMSBarrage allows you to send 100 messages to a single user at a time. This Android app is available in a .apk format so you need to check the option ‘Unknown source’ from your Settings > Applications before downloading it.

(9) EliteBomb

EliteBomb is another Android app that lets you send 1000 messages to one user at a time and text bomb your friends, family members for fun.



How to stop receiving SMS bombing?

It is obvious that SMS bombing will certainly annoy you and hence, you would want to stop receiving those unwanted messages. So to resolve this problem, there are a number of way and tools and stop receiving the irritating text messages as we have mentioned below.


Truemessenger is an app that shows you the message sender’s name and details. The app also automatically blocks spam messages to keep your inbox clean and junk free. Truemessenger easily identifies the sender and prevents receiving messages from unknown senders and contacts. You can stop SMS bombing by using Truemessenger by long pressing the contact from whom you are receiving the messages. A Block option will appear in the pop-up menu so simply click Block and you will successfully stop receiving messages from that number. Truemessenger is an Android app from Truecaller.


How to block annoying SMS from your Android phone?

Besides using an app, Android also offers its default block option to stop receiving the annoying text messages. To block SMS from any sender, please follow this process:

  • Go to Messaging on your Android phone
  • Long tap on the contact/SMS you want to block
  • Select ‘Add to block list’

Stop Text Bomb

Your device will instantly block the contact from sending further messages.

How can you prevent someone from text bombing?

Kids are too desperate nowadays, especially the teenagers who tend to take revenge from their past friends on their failed relationships or breakups. Many of them take text bombing as a revenge tool to show their hatred towards the others without giving a thought of the consequences. It is easy to handle it if it is a prank, but serious offenses cannot be excused. So being a parent, you need to guide your child and keep a spying eye on their activities. You can use the Mobile Spy app for Android that will monitor your kids’ activities on their cell phone. So that whenever, they use their cell phone for text bombing, you’ll be able to track their actions right from your PC or desktop computer. This way you can keep an eye on your kid and prevent them from further committing the same mistake.

Caution: Text bombing might be fun when you play it as a prank, but causing harm to someone’s life with such activities will make you compensate for it. So before you attempt such actions, think twice about the consequences.

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