How to save Instagram videos using Instagram video downloader apps?

Everyone knows about the Instagram videos which are the tiny version of YouTube. Those amazing videos of 15 seconds give the real pleasure of experiencing a part of others’ lives. And so it obviously feels like watching the same video over and over again. But the hurdle is, each time you need to sacrifice your mobile data to view the video which is frustrating on the other hand. At the same time, there might be friends or family members who do not own Instagram and you’d like to send a video to them. So downloading and saving an Instagram video will allow you to send it to that member in a specific way. Most of our readers have asked how to download Instagram videos and save Instagram videos. So today we are here with the solution.


A number of tools and programs have been developed to store the Instagram videos and below we are mentioning a few of them.


How to save a video from Instagram?

(1) Dredown

Dredown is a simple Instagram video downloading site that can fetch any Instagram video and allow you to download it. You can save Instagram videos in MP4 format or can download only the audio version in MP3. All you need is to simply copy and paste the Instagram video URL from the address bar or right-click on the video and select ‘Copy link location’ and then paste it on the Dredown site and click the Dredown button. Dredown will instantly fetch the download link and you can easily download it by clicking on it. It is a perfect tool that will serve your purpose of grabbing an Instagram video.


(2) SaveDeo

SaveDeo is another simple Instagram video downloader that can save Instagram video. It works very much like Dredown allowing you to copy and paste the Instagram video URL to SaveDeo and fetching the video download link. The video can be downloaded in MP4 format, keeping the quality and resolution intact as the original one. SaveDeo also provides you the video details and description along with the uploader details to keep you informed about the video. This tool is built for intermediate as well as experienced users who often requires downloading Instagram videos.


Save Instagram videos SaveDeo

(3) Torch Browser

If you are using Torch Browser then you can also download and “save videos from Instagram” with it. Torch Browser automatically grabs the video link for download and allows you to save it on your computer. After downloading the Torch Browser from, you’ll need to install it on your computer. Then launch the browser and copy and paste the Instagram video URL in the address bar and hit enter. Torch browser will grab the download link from the video page. On the top navigation bar in the browser, you will find a video button. Before playing the video, the video button will be grayed out and after playing, it will become clickable. You’ll need to click on the Video button to download videos from Instagram. The downloaded video will be saved in MP4 format and you can play it on any device.

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(4) Video Downloader for Instagram by Bravoo

Video Downloader for Instagram is an Android app that lets you save videos from Instagram and share them so that you don’t need to stream it every time or re-download it. The app saves your mobile data and bandwidth and allows you to view the video offline anywhere and anytime. Simply copy and paste the Instagram URL into the field and click Download. Download for Instagram will grab the download link and store it in your mobile phone. The downloaded video can be viewed offline as many times you want. Video Downloader for Instagram can be used for public profiles and it is a simple app that can be used on any Android device.


Save Instagram videos using Bravoo



(5) Instagram Downloader

Instagram Downloader is an online tool that allows downloading any Instagram video and photos on your computer drive. You can even share the video and images to social networks or copy and paste the HTML code on your website. Instagram Downloader is a simple tool that fetches the content of the URL and lets you get it in MP3 and MP4 format. The tool can also be used in mobile devices so that you can directly save Instagam videos on your phone.


Instagram video downloader

(6) Zasasa

Zasasa is an online tool that allows direct downloading Instagram videos to your computer. The tools work similar to Instagram Downloader and Dredown that grabs the URL and fetches the download link. You can download the video in MP4 format and view it later in offline mode.


(7) Video Downloader for Instagram by InShot Inc.

This application works similar to Bravoo’s Video Downloader for Instagram. The app by InShot Inc. lets you download Instagram videos easily and instantly to your Android phone and copy tags from Instagram too. Simply press on the Insta gram video and click share. You need to select InstaDownloader from the options and click Download. The video will be saved to your mobile device.


Save a video from Instagram using InShot

(8) Instaboard

Instaboard for iPhone and iPad is an Instagram video downloader app that saves Instagram videos and pictures to your iOS device. The app fetches your Instagram feed and allows saving a video to your device. You can also repost the downloaded videos, search for videos, browse Instagram user profiles, batch download videos, and share the videos to Facebook and Twitter. Instaboard also allows searching videos by the user and hashtags to allow finding a video easily without moving out of the app. Instaboard is a premium iOS app that costs $1.99 and can be purchased from the Apple iTunes Store.

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So these are the best apps and tools for downloading and saving Instagram videos to your computer, laptop, tablet, and mobile devices. The apps are easy to use and can download almost all Instagram videos, including from public and private profiles. The videos can be saved in MP4 format and can be played on any device and on your favorite media players. If you know any other Instagram video downloading tool or app for saving Instagram videos then please share with us in the comments section.

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