How to post to Instagram from MAC? (Upload pictures and videos)

Instagram is one of the most popular photo uploading and sharing app for smartphone users. However, a big disadvantage of the app is that people who do not use a smartphone can access the pictures but cannot upload directly to the site from their PC or Mac devices. Desktop and Apple MacBook users can view the pictures and also like them, but most of them do not know how to post to Instagram from Mac. So there are a few working ways to directly upload videos and images to Instagram from your Mac which we are going to guide you with today.


How to post Instagram pictures from Mac?

(1) Gramblr

Gramblr is a MacBook to Instagram uploader that allows uploading pictures directly from Mac to your Instagram account. Using this app does not require a smartphone because it consists of an upload wizard to minimize the use of a phone. Gramblr offers you a plentiful of features like auto cropping images, more than 50 image filters, writing captions in any supported language, and like or skip Instagram photos of other members. The software got a simple and easy-to-operate interface so that you can crop and filter the images as you like. Moreover, you can schedule uploads, view upload history, view ratings, and receive notifications in Gramblr.

Key features of Gramblr Instagram uploader:

  • Automatic cropping of images without leaving the wizard
  • 50+ image filters to make your picture look stunning
  • Full UTF-8 support to insert captions in any language
  • Schedule uploads
  • View uploads history
  • Like or skip photos from other members
  • Get free Instagram likes by playing the Rating game in the app and gaining coins
  • Top notch customer support

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How to upload to Instagram from Mac with Gramblr?

To use Gramblr for uploading pictures from Mac to Instagram, please follow these steps:

  • Download and install Gramblr from
  • Once the app is installed on your Mac, launch it.
  • The wizard will ask you to sign in to Instagram.
  • Choose the image you’d like to upload.
  • Add a caption.
  • Crop the image and add filters (optional)

Post to Instagram from MAC

  • Click on Upload
  • Once the upload is successfully done, you’ll get a message as ‘Upload complete’ in the wizard

So you can see how easy it is to use Gramblr as your primary image uploading app from Mac to Instagram. You’d also be happy to know that Gramblr is a free tool that supports the latest Mac version and is compatible with all Mac systems.


  • Your image will now successfully appear on your Instagram profile

(2) Flume

Flume is a Mac Instagram app which is built to bring you Instagram on your desktop. Flume is a free Instagram app from Mac that offers a stunning view of your images in column or grid-view. The app keeps a track of all your accounts and lets you discover your desired profiles. It never skips to send you notifications on activities and gives you a closer look at the high definition photos and videos. Flume got a beautiful and gorgeous interface and keeps your attention fixed on the photos and Instagram videos. You can enlarge the photos and videos with QuickLook support. You can also view your feed and search for users, hashtags, locations, and other profiles. Whatever you are offered to do in the Instagram app can be availed through this app whether it be liking, commenting or sharing the pictures.


Post Instagram pictures, videos from MAC

Key features of Flume:

  • Communicate with other users in groups
  • Create new groups and share your pictures or videos together
  • View, like, comment, follow and share pics and videos
  • Enlarge photos and videos with QuickLook support
  • View the popular content based on users you are following and your current location
  • View all the latest activities and respond to notifications
  • Swipe using your trackpad and browse through your feed
  • Search for users, locations, hashtags and save them for quick and instant access
  • View the photos and videos tagged at a location
  • Read comments and captions in different languages with translation support
  • Available with a Safari and Google Chrome extension

Upload to Instagram from MAC

  • 100% keyboard navigable and 100% accessibility supported
  • Edit posts, captions, add/remove locations and user tags
  • Available with Light Mode
  • Preferred font size available
  • Support for Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr, etc.
  • Supports uploading in JPG, PNG, MP4, MOV, and M4V formats

How to post to Instagram from Mac with Flume?

To use Flume on your Mac, please follow these steps:

Compared to Gramblr, Flume provides many more features and options for uploading an image to Insta gram.

(3) Bluestacks

Bluestacks is an Android emulator and an app player for Windows and Mac that can run any Android app on your Mac system. Similarly, you can also run Instagram via Bluestacks on your Mac and start uploading pictures. Bluestacks can efficiently run Instagram with all the features those you can access from your phone.  You can upload photos, view, like, comment, and share the images from your Mac with this emulator.



Key features of Bluestacks:

  • Seamlessly run any Android app on your Mac, includes Instagram.
  • Get access to all the Instagram features and options from this emulator.
  • Turn off the emulator any time to exit Instagram.
  • Add filters, crop image, add captions and add location to your pictures.
  • Share your images on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Tag friends.

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How to upload to Instagram from Mac with Bluestacks app player?

To use Bluestacks, please go through these steps:

  • Download and install Bluestacks for Mac from
  • Launch the app and search for Instagram from the search bar
  • Install the first Instagram app from the list
  • When installed, login to the app using your Instagram ID and password
  • Start posting pictures and post Instagram videos from Mac

The Instagram app can be used virtually from Mac exactly like you use it on your smartphone.

Hence, you have learned about the top procedures to publish images and videos to Instagram from your Mac. Now it is not essential to use a smartphone to browse Instagram and you can do it right from your Mac computer or laptop.

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