How to Hide/Show Text Messages on the iPhone?

Displaying text message previews on your iPhone can be a big security issue. Normally the iPhone displays text message previews on the lock screen and also on the notification panel which can harm your privacy. For most people this isn’t a major issue, but there are also some users who are much concerned about this feature. In case you receive a confidential message on your absence and someone else picks up the phone and reads it from the lock screen, then it might bring some harm to you. So to prevent such problems from occurring, Apple has offered a plenty of options to control your privacy and security so that you can easily show or “hide text messages” on your iPhone. But these would not work if you do not enable Touch ID or a passcode because even if you set your phone to show nothing on the lock screen then anyone can swipe it read everything.


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Hide or show me my text messages

How to hide text messages on iPhone?

Method 1

To hide incoming and outgoing text message previews on your iPhone, please follow these steps:

  • Go to your iPhone Settings > Notifications > Messages
  • Scroll down to the bottom and find Show Previews
  • Toggle the button from green to gray

Now when someone texts you a message, you will find on their name and not the message similar like iMessage. Another thing you should remember is that hiding the text message previews will disable you from replying from the lock screen.

Method 2

For more security and privacy of your private text messages, you can configure a couple of more options from your iPhone Notifications > Messages. You can disable the Show on Lock screen option and that won’t display a single notification on the lock screen. Instead, you will just hear the beep or feel the vibration when any message arrives. After unlocking the phone, a banner will be displayed on the top showing the new messages and you will also see the number of messages that have arrived because of the badge app icon.


Hide text messages notification

How to hide text messages on iPhone?

To increase the level of security to hide messages, you can disable the Badge App Icon, disable the notification sound, and disable messages in the notification center. But that won’t even make you realize when you have received a message. You’ll require manually opening up the messages and view the newly received messages. So it is better to Turn off Show Previews and enable a passcode so that you get notified when you receive a message and read it only after unlocking the phone.

Method 3

The third method is forwarding your text messages to the devices logged in with the same iMessage account. This option can be used only by users who own more than one Apple device, including iPhone, iPad, or Mac. This process can be followed to prevent anyone from reading your text messages. Enabling this option will forward your text messages to the devices signed with the same iMessage account and then you can access your messages from there instead of using your iPhone. But make sure the other devices are also secured with a passcode to avert others from reading it.

Method 4: Use third-party apps to hide text messages



CoverMe is a secure text messaging safety app that offers a private vault for the extended privacy of your iPhone. This app hide messages, contacts, call logs, etc. to maintain the privacy of your confidential information. CoverMe’s encrypted vault is invisible and it gives you full control over messaging. You can remotely wipe the messages and allows self-destruction of messages. Once you read a message, it will disappear from the inbox and will be stored in a private folder. It is unlike the traditional messaging apps that reveal your message to anyone else and rather de-authorizes any third-party individual from reading it.

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iTapCrypter is a hidden text app that converts the regular and secret messages to cipher-text which won’t be visible to anyone without a password and hide text messages iPhone. You can easily encrypt and decrypt hidden text messages by entering a password from a local link provided and view the message. The message hider also allows encrypting editing the message from the encryption interface and SMS or copy it. You can also add the contact information by copy-pasting while editing the message and without leaving the app.


Encrypt/hide your confidential text messages


Wickr secures your personal conversations and protects them with multi-layered peer to peer encryption. The app never reads your private data and gives you full control over messaging. Wickr prevents anyone from retrieving your data and transmits your conversations on any device at any time. You can message anyone privately and also leave a private voice message in case you don’t have time for texting. You can also send encrypted files with an expiration date and share files from the cloud with anyone. The app also allows you to remove the deleted text messages and other content from your device. And all these can be done using your Wickr ID which would be anonymous to Wickr itself and to anyone outside your network. Hence, your conversations cannot be tracked or monitored.


TigerText is a secure messaging app that keeps your conversations private and erased from both the servers to maintain privacy. The app keeps your messages encrypted with end-to-end security and enhances your work productivity with repeated notifications, message delivery confirmation, and message lifespan. Currently, the app is available to the only US and Canada users and the rest of the countries might find it working inconsistently.



Hence, you have learned the different procedures to hide text messages and keep your messaging private. So you don’t need to worry about your messaging privacy because Apple already provides the inbuilt functionality to keep your messages hidden from others which would hardly require you to download any third-party app to do the same. So you can easily enable the features we have explained above to hide messages and prevent all your messages from getting exposed.

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