11 best proxy sites for school to unblock websites

Schools and institutions often block particular websites to prevent access due to severe distractions that children often face. But during a project or research work, those websites become necessary to access and hence, the kids aren’t able to access them again. So it turns out compulsory to make those sites accessible even if the school authority does not permit it. In order to make it available, you need the help of proxy servers to unblock websites at school and complete your project works.



What are proxy sites?

A proxy site works as an intercessor between the user and the targeted server, for e.g. between your computer and the targeted server you are trying to access. A proxy site hides your real computer IP and location and uses a virtual location and IP address to access the server. In this way, the information is collected by the proxy site from that server and delivered to your computer efficiently. A school proxy site works like any other web page and it hides your identity so that the destination server cannot track it.

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How proxy sites work?

When you visit a particular URL using a proxy site, it uses a random IP address to mask your real IP. By using that random IP it forwards your request to the destination server and delivers back the collected information from the targeted server to you. This way you can remotely connect to the blocked website through the internet and access the URL anonymously.


How to unblock websites at school?

To unblock a particular web page at school, please follow the steps below:

  • Open the URL of the proxy site from the best proxy site list
  • Enter the blocked URL in the proxy site address bar
  • Hit Enter and you’ll be redirected to the webpage
  • Access it anonymously


Best proxy sites for school

(1) HideMyAss

HideMyAss can make any website unblocked in schools and keeps hackers and snoopers away from tracking your identity. It is a secure tool that lets you access websites at greater speed and works with any web browser. HideMyAss hides your real location and makes your favorite websites accessible in the US, Netherlands, and the UK.


Best proxy site for school

(2) Proxy Site

Proxy Site is another free web proxy site that protects your online privacy and provides maximum speed and security. You can surf any web page with SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption and connect from any place. Proxy Site keeps the information accessible worldwide so that you can browse your favorite web sites from any school or office around the world. Proxy Site also supports browsing movie websites, game websites, music websites and Facebook, Twitter, Pandora, Spotify, and YouTube like major platforms.

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(3) New IP Now

New IP Now protects your online identity and uses diverse locations for your browsing activity. It secures your browsing history with URL encryption and lets you browse with a fresh IP anytime as a part of their multi-browsing service. New IP Now is a free proxy site that shows you “how to unblock websites at school” seamlessly.


Unblock websites at school using IPNow


(4) Hidden Proxy

Hidden Proxy offers secure web access and unblocks the blocked URLs in schools. This proxy site works from all over the world and maintains greater speed and service. It keeps your identity masked along with your real IP and location. Hidden Proxy encrypts the web URL and the content of the targeted website and prevents any prying eyes to steal any of your entered information.

(5) 24Proxy

24Proxy is one of the anonymous proxy websites that allows surfing the blocked web pages without revealing your identity to the prying eyes. It allows secure web browsing and prevents tracking your private information or keeping a log of your activities. You can optionally encrypt a web page and unblock websites at school.

(6) Unblock My Web

Unblock My Web is yet another proxy for school that connects you to your targeted websites those are banned by your school authority. It can also unblock YouTube and other social networks those are prevented from browsing by your school authority. Unblock My Web is a free proxy site that allows unlimited access to plenty of web pages so that you can use it as your primary school proxy.

(7) Proxify

Proxify is one of the good proxies for school that hides your real IP address and lets you browse the web anonymously. You can browse the web from anywhere around the world and appear from around 1300 locations. Proxify allows encrypting your connections and protects your information from getting monitored. The site is dedicated to securing your online privacy and security through its unique proxy system.


Proxify – School Proxy


(8) SSL Unblocker

SSL Unblocker is one of the best proxy sites for school that can unblock any restricted web page to get your job done. It can control your data from getting leaked or tracked and allows disguising your real IP and location. Unblocker offers extreme privacy and security to your browsing activities and encrypts the web page data before transmitting it to your PC.

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(9) DontFilter

DontFilter is an anonymous web page unblocker and protects your online privacy and lets you access any website. It can unblock the websites those are blocked by your school administrator or your country. DontFilter is the top school proxy which is used by thousands of students for completing their research or project works.

(10) WorkingProxy

WorkingProxy unblocks websites at school by protecting you from network monitoring so that you can access any web page anonymously. It randomly issues a new IP to you to access the websites and ensures that your real IP is masked from the third-party agencies. WorkingProxy does not keep any log of the user activities and also lets you unblock the popular social media sites.

(11) Kproxy

Kproxy shows you how to unblock websites at school with its free proxy service. It can make any website not blocked from around the world and keep your online identity protected from hackers and snoopers. Kproxy can bypass any site even when you are abroad and secure your network from the public WiFi connections. Kproxy also prevents stealing your passwords, card details, or any other confidential information. It hides your real IP address and allows access to any web page at school.


I hope you will enjoy surfing/browsing the blocked websites at school using above listed proxy sites for school.

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