8 best language translation apps (Online & Offline) (Android & iOS)

Speaking with a person in the same language as they’re speaking will make them like you more. Also, conversing in the mother tongue is relatively easier than conversing in a foreign language. Especially when you’re visiting a new city or a country where people speak a different language (native language), talking to them in their language will automatically make them love you, and you can as well find yourself some help and some acquaintance in a new country. But, it’s not possible for you to speak all the languages if you’re going to places. Some of us stick to one or two languages and can’t speak any more than that. Today, we are going to provide you with some translation apps that can make things easy for you by quickly teaching you the language you need and also helping you in the new country. Here are eight different translation apps that you can try both on Android and iOS platforms:



8 best language translation apps

(1) Google Translate

This language translator app is compatible both with the iOS (7.0 and higher) and Android (2.3 and higher). Being the only translation app developed by Google, it is the most prominent translator people use across the world. It supports around 90 languages that people speak around the world and is updated on regular basis. The most used languages include English, Hindi, Spanish, French, Arabic, German and Chinese. An exclusive feature is the inclusion of camera translation where you can just focus the camera on a sentence or a word, and it translates the text into the language that you’ve chosen. This works best when you have difficulties to read the signages of other languages in other states or countries.

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Android          iOS


Google Translate – best translation app


(2) iTranslate

Compatible with iOS 8.0 and higher, Android 4.1 and higher, this best translation app is not just any regular app that just translates. It contains a database of 90 languages and allows you choose the text in dialects across the world by giving a preview to listen before translating it. You can get hold of the way people are speaking the language in the region and translate the words or sentences into that particular dialect. It also provides meanings to the word so that your sentence is translated appropriately with you choosing the word that fits your situation the most. While most of the services are free, you can purchase the premium version for advanced features.

Android          iOS




(3) Speak & Translate

An exclusive iOS (iPhone, iPad) paid translation app it works for the versions that are higher than 7.0. This app comes with the voice recognition feature irrespective of the dialect. Therefore, it understands whatever that is spoken by you or the person whose words you want to translate and then translates them into your choice of language. It supports around 100 languages altogether and can also share the translations on your social media platforms or with friends using the instant messaging options making it relatively unique. Even though the price is steep, each buck is worth for what it provides.

Android          iOS


Speak & Translate


(4) Voice Translator

Compatible with Android alone, the language translator app works best when you’re too lazy to type the words for translation. You can just voice your words and let the translator do the work for you. It comes handy especially when you’re trying to translate a paragraph, a page or a whole book (bulk content) where typing would be pretty time consuming. The app also reads the translated content back to you and can translate the content to multiple languages at a time. At the moment, it only supports 21 different languages from Hebrew to the Korean. It is also prominent as one of the best Spanish translator app. However, it is expected that the database will be widened in future.

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Android          iOS


Voice Translator


(5) Yandex.Translate 

Compatible with both the platforms, the Russian translation app is a tough alternative to the Google Translate. It has all the features that Google provides with a 60 language database. However, the precision is cleaner that it does real-time jobs where the translation is just right soon after you enter the text making the process faster and smoother. You can also translate the image text into the suitable language which makes it act like a dictionary as well apart from being just a translator. In case if you lack the active internet to stay online, you can download the translator app and use it offline when you can’t find a dictionary in emergencies.

Android          iOS


Yandex Translate


(6) iTranslate Voice

This paid language translator app for both Android and iOS speaks more than 40 languages including German, French, Italian, Chinese, Japanese and Spanish et.al  and is the voice alternative to the iTranslate app. It acts the same as the iTranslate but focuses specifically on translating sentences than just words by making the right formation. You just have to hold your phone and speak into it for the translation and the app will speak the translated text back to you. The voice recognition quality is relatively higher and it will let you share the translated content to friends and other social media profiles.

Android          iOS


iTranslate Voice


(7) SayHi Translate

Are you looking for an interpreter translation app? This app is the right choice for you with a 100 language domain. You can choose dialects accordingly and can even choose the pronunciation and syllables of the words of the particular language like the South African English, Canadian French, Indian English et.al. It gives you access to around 43 primary languages in the free version with limited dialects, and the in-app purchase will give you a total of 100 languages. However, it can only be used with the iOS devices. Let’s hope that the Android version to be released soon.

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SayHi Translate


(8) Translate Voice

This “best translation app” is entirely free and it doesn’t require any payments or subscriptions. Only workable with the Android software, it is one of the simple translation apps in the market that can translate the content to 80 different languages where you can just give the audio input. You can also get several word suggestions, spell suggestions and grammar of the translated content which lets you improve the sentence and helps you in gaining a grip over your language. All the translations will be saved in the history and you can always revert back to get them.



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