8 best facial recognition search engines to search faces online

Face recognition and Face search have been gaining prominence over the years because of the emerging need of face search for various purposes in the ongoing world. The facial recognition search software not only helps in recognising the faces in a solo photo, but it also helps in recognising people in group pictures, matching two different faces, finding faces similar to a particular face, providing other face attributes according to the eyes, nose, and other parts and therefore plays a crucial role in guessing, identifying and recognising the face. Face recognition search is used by thousands of software companies and hardware companies, individuals to filter people of a specific kind and sometimes even to find your images. With the help of the image recognition search engines that are available; you can use different ways to find a face or similar faces. Among many flourishing face recognition searches, here are the best five you can use:



8 best face search engines & face identifiers

(1) Google Face Search

It’s been a while since Google has introduced it’s Reverse Image Search option. However, do you know that this can also be used as Google Face Recognition technology where you can search limitless faces that are similar to a particular face? Google has definitely without any doubt has the largest database, and the case is similar when it comes to the images. So, this is the first place where you have the possibility of finding similar faces. However, the technology embedded is not exactly faced recognition, but the algorithms involved in the search are very similar that you will end up with most pleasing results then you should. Just upload the picture of the person that you want to find or identify and get similar faces with Google searching the faces with the help of many factors.

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 How to make a Google Face Recognition Search?

(1) The first step involves going to the Google Search Engine. Click on the ‘Google Images’ to get the Image Search option.
(2) Click on the ‘Camera’ Icon in the search bar and then use the ‘Upload Image’ option. Upload the image that you are searching for.
(3) Once uploaded, you will get the results of the similar images. To narrow down the search to faces, type “&imgtype=face” in the search engine bar and click “Enter.”
(4) By doing this, you will only be shown images with clear focus faces.
(5) You can also use advanced search options found in settings and set the image type to “Faces” instead.


Google face recognition


(2) PicWiser

Exclusively designed for developers and designers, this face recognition software is being used to make sure that the pictures of individuals are not being used anywhere else on the internet without the consent. They use various databases to search for the particular image and find a copy of it, and they will report them back to you. With the same functionality as the Google Reverse Image search, they have different options that can “Search Faces” and therefore can be used as one of the best image recognition search technology to scan a face and find similar results. Though the sole intention behind is to search for the exact faces spread over the internet; it also shows you similar faces that you’re looking for. However, registration with valid credentials is required to make a search. You need to login after registering by giving your identification details. Apart from this, it is free and unlimited.


PicWiser face search


(3) Betaface

If you’re looking for a rather professional face recognition software, Betapace is the best facial recognition search you can find. It can automatically find faces with keen details. However, as it is a paid product, you can only try the demo software to use it for a limited period. This software is exemplary on many levels with an amusing precision. After getting the demo version, you will need to upload the picture that you want to find. It will give you a big list of search results about the face including the age, race, expression, beard, hair color, glasses, chin size, moustache, eyes, eyebrows, color of the eyes, hair length, position of eyebrows, head shape, nose shape, mouth shape and other minute details.

However, apart from the face attributes this face recognition search can also help in finding the similar people. In case if you know a specific detail of the face; be it the eyes, the nose or anything else; you can select the other details to complete the face. Therefore, this software gives you two options, either to search similar faces with around 40000+ faces in the database and the Wikipedia’s database of 1 million faces or to identify the face with presumable features. This software is best recommended for media companies, investigation bureaus etc.




(4) TwinsOrNot.net 

An actual face comparison tool, this is the best facial recognition search you can find on the internet. You can upload two photos and then compare how much alive they are. It gives you a percentage to tell how similar they are and if they resemble each other. The accuracy of this face recognition search is very high. Also, the process involved in making an image search is simple and similar to the Google search. All you need to do is, select ‘Click to add a pic’ and add the picture and then repeat it again for uploading the second picture. After uploading the both pictures, processing will be done to show the percentage of the similarity between the both pictures in the form of a bar below. This is a great tool for comparison in cases where you have found a similar picture that look likes the one you have to get the exact estimation of similarity.


TwinsOrNot face recognition search



(5) Pictriev

A face recognition search website that gives you information of a scanned face, it also lets you know the look-alike celebrities of the particular picture. This is a perfect photo matcher if you’re making a search by face, search by image. However, it doesn’t give you the similar images over the internet and therefore is not very recommendable. It is most used for fun to get the exact celebrities that look like you instead. To do this, you need to either upload the image or paste URL of an online image and face lookup for the face. You can then click on the face to see the list of the celebrities who look similar. The website also offers you a gender difference and shows you the percentage of the gender along with your age.



(6) Viewdle 

Face Recognition Video Search Engine:  A face search, powered by the Reuters Labs, you can find someone in a video using this website. This app analyzes each video frame by frame and searches for faces in it. It also adds contextual data of each face to the face recognition information by converting the speech to text. All in all combines, you can search for the right person in a particular clip of a frame. In a nutshell, it helps you in finding the person in a video. However, the database of Viewdle has been limited with only famous faces as of now. Therefore, you have to type a name in the left bottom of the interface to get forwarded to the search bar. Here, you can enter a keyword to narrow the results. Using advanced search, you can find the results by picking a frame from a video on your video channel.




(7) Face Detection

Face Detection is a recent yet sophisticated face search software that lets you find faces in arbitrary images and also videos. As the number of “image recognition search” software are expanding on a daily basis, it also determines the size of the faces, the location of faces in the digital videos and images. The best part of the software is that it is smart even to detect the oriented faces which have been a new feature in the face recognition search field. The benefits of the Face Detection software include low false alarm rates, highest precision, oriented face detection, works well in cluttered backgrounds, is effective with poorly lit pictures and videos, detects faces even with facial hair or glasses, makeup and different hairstyles. Try the demo version to your benefit.


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Face Detection


(8) NeoFace Watch

Specifically designed to extract faces from the surveillance system videos, this face search software can match them against a full watch list of people. It also raises an alert when it finds a similar person so that you the investigation bureaus, the police can take action against them to reduce the safety threats. Best used to find someone speculative, the NeoFace technology is the accurate and the fastest software with amazing matching capabilities even when finding faces that are captured in lowest video resolution.


NeoFace Watch


Some of the other facial recognition search engines include:

(1) Yandex Reverse Image Search
(2) Baidu Reverse Image Search
(3) Image Raider
(4) ImageBrief
(5) Karma Decay Image Search on Reddit
(6) TinEye Reverse Image Search


That being said, use any of the above-mentioned face recognition search software to find the similar faces that resemble the face you have based on your priorities and their functionalities.

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