10 Most Popular Free File Sharing Sites (Secure Upload Websites)

The biggest advantage of using “file sharing sites” is that your hard disk doesn’t get junked with loads of files. Neither you need to worry about your files getting lost because they are securely stored in the cloud and can be shared with anyone. The file sharing platforms offer you plenty of storage for free which can be upgraded at a later time. File sharing can be performed privately, as well as publicly. You can even view the files, copy, move, and edit them from the storage site seamlessly without download it. So abundant of features and options are provided by the file sharing platforms that we are going to tell you today. Below is a list of the best and most popular online file hosting sites you will find on the web.



10 best & free file sharing sites

(1) Google Drive

Google Drive is one of the best file sharing site that allows you to store any kind of file ranging from documents, spreadsheets, PDFs, images, videos, movie, etc. It initially offers you free 15GB space which can be upgraded later with a nominal fee. The uploaded content is shareable with anyone by inputting the recipient’s email address and the access link will be delivered to their email address. You can share high-quality photos and large documents with anyone and they’ll be able to access them anytime. Drive also allow users to edit, modify, and control permission of the files by making them public or private.

(2) Dropbox

Dropbox is among popular file upload sites, lets you carry your files anywhere and share them with your friends and colleagues. The files can also be accessed from your phone and Dropbox keeps them synced across all devices. You can upload and share a large video file with anyone who doesn’t have a Dropbox account by creating a link of the file and sending them via email, chat, or text message. The sent link can also be previewed before downloading. Dropbox keeps your files good and safe. It lets you edit a file with your teammates without emailing them and editing it within a shared folder automatically updates the file for everyone else.

(3) 4shared

4shared, among top file sharing sites, offers free file sharing and downloading, including pictures, videos, documents, music files, etc. from your desktop or mobile phone. The files can be accessed from any device and 4shared automatically syncs them across all devices. 4shared also allows browsing files from it massive database and also lets you add filters to your search. With 4shared, you can easily edit, copy, move, rename, and delete the files and share them with any of your friends, family members, and colleagues. The files can be instantly shared via a link or by using an HTML code for embedding in websites or forums.



(4) Mediafire

Mediafire, a free file sharing site, lets you share files through email, link or social network with unlimited downloads without any waiting time. You can store and save any file format and share folders of your projects and any large files. The site lets you email heavy file types without any issue or delay and it can be sent to anyone. Mediafire offers 10GB of free storage, which is quite plenty and can store a huge amount of files. The store and shared files can be accessed from anywhere, even if you forget your primary device at home. The shared files can be edited, copied, moved, renamed, and deleted from any device and you can also manage permissions.

(5) iCloud

Apple iCloud supports document sharing across the iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Windows PC and is accessible from anywhere. The site requires an Apple ID and password to access the files and iCloud enables automatic downloads in your Windows Explorer when the iCloud for Photos and iCloud for Windows is enabled.

(6) OneDrive

OneDrive, among best file sharing websites, previously known as Skydrive, is a cloud storage service from Microsoft that enables any user to share the stored files and work together. OneDrive already comes preinstalled in Windows 10 letting you access your files on any device. You can collaborate the platform with Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote from any supported device and share them with your employees and co-workers. OneDrive keeps your files organized and searchable and provides real-time notifications when the shared files are edited by a member. OneDrive is also available for any business that keeps your files backed by tools with improved security and privacy options.

(7) Zippyshare

Zippyshare is a free file sharing website that contains no download limits and supports upload large files up to 200MB. The site offers unlimited disk space and doesn’t require having an account. The uploaded files can be easily shared with a link via email, message or social media. The link can also be shared on websites, forums, or any other media.


ZippyShare – Popular file sharing website

(8) Box

The Box is a collaborative and secure file sharing site which is portable and allows accessing your file across any device. The files can be shared with your co-workers and partners without having to worry about their security and privacy. The recipients can also edit, rename, and create documents in real-time from any device and re-share them with others depending on their permissions. Box offers a number of security controls and customer-managed encryption. You can also connect Box to other apps like Office 365, Slack, Google Apps, Symantec, etc.


Box – file sharing website


(9) Issuu

Issuu offers the largest collection of free publications from the leading publishers those can be easily shared with your friends and family members. You can discover new content on this site and read them offline on your iPhone or Android device. Issuu offers publications from all categories, including travel, education, sports, health, technology, etc. and is a great place to spend your idle time. Any content you like can be shared via a link, social networks or email or can be downloaded to your device.

(10) SugarSync

SugarSync, among popular file sharing websites, works like any other file storage program and lets you backup and access your files using your existing folder structure. The files can be accessed across all devices and can be shared securely with anyone. You can also edit and modify a file your device and it will be automatically synced to your other devices. Simply right-click on any folder and click add to Sugarsync and it will be automatically uploaded to the site.




Use the above “free file sharing sites” to upload and share documents securely.

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