5 best wireless earbuds for running and workout in gym

Are you looking for the best earbuds for running? Most of the smartphones out there, whether they are Android phones or iPhones, support Bluetooth technology. There is hence a great demand for wireless earbuds, especially among runners and athletes of all sorts.

It’s easy to see why. As someone who goes for an early morning run or jog, you would want your handset and headset to be independent of one another, without the inconvenience of the wires coming in between.

That’s why the best wireless earbuds for running are so popular. The only issue with wireless earphones for running is that they may lack in sound quality. But that’s not the case with the best Bluetooth earbuds for running discussed in this review.

Why do runners want earphones for running? There’s nothing quite like a pumped-up playlist to give you the energy you need while running outside on a cold morning.

You want the wireless earphones to be clear, noise blocking and non-obtrusive. You want the Bluetooth earphones to fit snugly in your ears, deliver high-quality sound and be sweat proof so that they can perform well even when you’re sweating profusely.

With the best rated and durable wireless sports headsets, you can be confident about not having the iPhone fall over while running on the treadmill – which is something that happens all too often for comfort, with wired headsets.

We have tested the best earbuds for running out there and reviewed them for you. Let us know what you make of them in the comments below.


5 best wireless earbuds for running

(1) JBL Reflect Mini Bluetooth In-Ear Sport Headphones

There are a number of wireless Bluetooth earphones out there focused on runners and gym-goers, why choose JBL Reflect Mini Bluetooth In-Ear Sports Headphones? Well, for one, these headphones are available for just $99.95, which is a great price to pay for something of this quality.

It offers the right balance between boosted lows and solid bass depth, and the end result is a very restrained and refined sound. These wireless headsets are sweat resistant and fit nicely in the ear.

Best wireless headphones for TV

They don’t slip easily, even when you’ve been running very fast, or jogging on a tough terrain. It delivers a powerful audio performance, with crisp and clear highs and solid bass.  These headphones also come with a reflective strip, which is ideal for night workouts.

Is there anything that you might not like about these wireless earphones for running? Well, they are certainly not meant for those who require a powerful bass. And yes, they don’t come with an auto-off feature. Otherwise, if you’re looking for earbuds that deliver great sound with a secure fit, you can’t go wrong with this one.

Price: $99.95

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JBL Reflect Mini – Best earbuds for running


(2) Beats Powerbeats2 Wireless In-Ear Headphone – Black

Powerbeats 2 Wireless are popular in-ear headphones from Beats. They are a Bluetooth version of the old wired Powerbeats sports earphones model. The old model has been around for a long time but got a massive boost in popularity recently when they were promoted by major NBA star LeBron James in a TV ad. LeBron has been credited as a co-creator of these wireless earphones by Beats.

These Bluetooth earphones are lightweight and offer a comfortable fit. They perform well even under the harshest weather conditions. They are sweat resistant, so it’s okay if you have the habit of sweating profusely when running. They deliver a great sound and a solid bass – just perfect for listening to one of those rousing workout beats.

Are there any drawbacks with these earbuds? Well, they don’t shut off automatically when disconnected from the phone. The battery life is just about average. Still, there’s no question that this is one of the best wireless earbuds for running. It doesn’t cost much either – just $149.99.

Price: 149.99

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Beats Powerbeats2 Bluetooth earbuds for running

(3) Jaybird – Freedom F5 In-Ear Wireless Headphones – Carbon

The Jaybird – Freedom F5 In-Ear Wireless Headphones are expensive – they cost $149.99. But they make up for that with sheer quality. They are a huge improvement over the previous version of these headphones. Jaybird has gone ahead and come out with a completely new design.

The most interesting feature of the new design is the tapered step-down style, which is to say that the earbuds have been trimmed down to a considerable extent and now fit very well in your ears. You can even wear a helmet over them and not feel a thing if you want to.

Critically, for runners, these earbuds are sweat proof; so it’s okay if you are in the habit of sweating a lot when running. The battery life is pretty decent as well. Plus, you get a nice carrying pouch with the package.

Is there anything we didn’t like with these wireless headsets? Well, it’s a little too pricey for one, but that’s okay, it makes up with that with the sound quality and the comfortable fit. The inline remote is a little too heavy, which might feel a little uncomfortable. Still, despite the flaws, this is one of the best Bluetooth earbuds for running on the market.

Price: $149.99

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Jaybird – Freedom F5 earbuds for running


(4) Jabra Sports COACH (Blue) Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds for Cross-Training – Retail Packaging

We are big fans of the Jabra Sports COACH  Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds, and why not. They cost only $79.44, and come with so many amazing features such as a fitness app functionality.

These earbuds work in sync with an app that tracks your runs. It charts your runs on a map using GPS. It has built-in motion sensors that measure calories burned, speed, distance, steps, and cadence. It has so many inbuilt fitness features that you won’t need to buy so many of the exercise accessories that you would otherwise want to.

Best headphones for sports, gym

The audio is pretty decent; it’s well balanced and distortion-free. The earbuds are sweat resistant and can withstand the harshest of weathers. You can expect a rich bass with clear highs. There’s no question that this is one of the best wireless earbuds for running on the market.

Price: $79.44

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Jabra Sports Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds


(5) Monster iSport Bluetooth Wireless In-Ear Headphones – Black

Have you tried the Monster iSport Bluetooth Wireless In-Ear Headphones yet? You should, as they are pretty good. These Bluetooth earphones are sweat-proof and washable and can survive the toughest of weather conditions. They have a large, chunky design, but fit well in the ears.

The audio quality is quite good. You get a lot of bass with solid detail. Just perfect when you need some loud workout music to keep you alert and sharp on an early morning run. However, these earbuds don’t cancel out the outside noise completely, which can be a drawback. It’s certainly worth the money for a price of $22.27.

Price: $22.27

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Monster wireless earbuds for running



Did you like the “earphones for running” reviewed here? None of the wireless earbuds listed here are too expensive, they offer the right balance between price and quality. They are all highly recommended and you couldn’t possibly go wrong with any of them. Do let us know what you think, and keep the comments coming!

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