10 best cheap gaming keyboard under $50 and $100

Every gamer wants to win his/her battle. And if the game processing is lazy due to the slow keyboard operations, then it becomes an annoying situation. Choosing a gaming keyboard can be a great struggle due to the alteration in features and prices. The cheapest keyboards might include a set of features that might make one doubtful about its quality. Whereas, the expensive keyboards contain too many advanced mechanisms that one might find complex to handle. But whether you need a budget keyboard or an expensive one, the set of features and functionalities is all that matters. So we have reviewed the best cheap gaming keyboards under 100 USD that you can prefer buying.



Best cheap gaming keyboards

(1) CM Storm QuickFire TK

The QuickFire TK is the highest preferred keyboard by gamers that has delivered a game-changing experience. The keys are individually UV coated to make it durable and the full LED backlighting consists of 3 modes and 5 brightness levels to provide optimum visibility in darkness and low light. The keyboard consists of a unique Numpad lock design that merges both the navigation and command keys. The QuickFire TK supports NKRO over USB to register every single keystroke and an embedded steel plate to provide maximum stability and durability. The keyboard also includes 7 easy-access multimedia shortcut keys to save your time and the Numpad keys helps in the documentation of work while you’re not gaming. The keyboard is slim and lightweight and gives sufficient space for your mouse. The CM Storm QuickFire TK keyboard comes in 3 versions, namely the Cherry MX Switch (red, blue, and brown), Backlight color (red, blue, and white), and Steelplate Coating (red, blue, and brown).


CM Storm QuickFire TK – best cheap gaming keyboard under $100


(2) BlueFinger Adjustable Gaming Keyboard

The Bluefinger keyboard consists of two kinds of breath modes. The cracked pattern on its surface that makes it look fashionable. It includes 3 color breathing light and adjustable color and brightness with red, blue, and purple colors. The keyboard also contains the powerful Fn Key: FN + SL that changes the keyboard color to red, blue, and purple. Similarly, the Fn + Up/Down key can adjust the brightness of the keyboard, the Fn + PS enters cool three color breath mode, and the Fn + PB enters in one color breath mode. The keyboard is crafted with ABS material that gives you a soft and comfortable feel while you touch it. The 19 key avoids conflict and delivers a new and unique experience.

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BlueFinger Adjustable Gaming Keyboard



(3) Logitech G105

The Logitech G105, one of the best cheap gaming keyboard, consists of a long-life LED backlighting that lets you seamlessly play in low light or darkness by selecting two brightness levels. The 6 programmable G-keys allows configuring up to 18 unique functions per game, including the single key presses and complex macros. It also supports multi-key input so that you can press 5 keys at once for performing the complex actions without any interference. The keyboard lets you easily switch between the game and desktop to prevent accidental game interruptions. It also includes the instant media buttons like the volume control key, mute, pause, play, and forward for convenient one-touch controls. This best budget keyboard is meant for serious gaming and gamers who love uninterrupted game playing without any disruption. The Logitech G105 gaming keyboard is compatible Windows 8/ 7/ Vista and Mac OS X.


Logitech G105

(4) Redragon ASURA K501

The Redragon ASURA K501 is crafted specifically for gamers with programmable macro keys and 7 backlight color options. It comes in black and red patterns that give it a devilish look, resembling its name ‘Asura’. The keyboard offers adjustable backlight brightness with the adjustable pulsing rate for LED lighting. It also includes 104 standard keys, 32 conflict-free key options, and 12 multimedia keys for smoother operation. Having the interchangeable arrow and WASD keys, the WIN keys can be disabled while gaming and the keyboard are entirely splashed resistant. The Redragon ASURA K501 gaming keyboard is compatible with Windows 7/ 8/ 10/ Vista.


Redragon ASURA K501 – Cheap Gaming Keyboard under $50

(5) TOMOKO Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

The TOMOKO Mechanical Gaming Keyboard includes anti-ghosting 104 keys that allow the multi-keys to work simultaneously without conflicting with each other. The keyboard improves your typing and speed accuracy with 50 million times keystroke tests. The Fn shortcut buttons give easy access to media controls such as play, pause, calculator, email, etc. without exiting the game. The TOMOKO Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is built with fine quality ABS and metal base with matte finish texture. It is made sturdy and robust for extreme stability and durability. The keyboard is water resistant with drain holes and the laser-graved keys will not fade easily. Its cascading keycap design will fit your palm easily and prevent tiredness. The TOMOKO Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is compatible with Windows 8/ 7/ Vista and XP.


TOMOKO Mechanical Gaming Keyboard



(6) Azio Levetron L70

The Azio Levetron L70 gaming keyboard comes with a blue color backlight that makes the keys visible even in darkness. The keyboard includes a volume adjustment knob so that you can easily turn the volume up and down. The multi-key rollover ensures that the multiple keys register correctly while gaming. It also includes a lock/unlock key for the Windows Start key to preventing accidental interruptions in the game. The Azio Levetron L70 keyboard offers a detachable palm rest slab to provide ease and comfort to your palm during long time gaming. The keyboard supports Windows 8/ 7/ XP, and Vista platforms. Azio Levetron is also the cheapest gaming keyboard in the list if you looking for the cheapest option.


Cheapest Gaming Keyboard


(7) SADES K10 Cheap keyboard

The SADES K10 is a mechanical gaming keyboard that delivers a powerful clicking sound with a strong sense of rhythm. The keyboard consists of several backlight modes and each key row provides different backlight colors. The floating keycaps are built with ABS double color injection molding and uniform light transmission delivers 9 colors of backlit effect. The SADES K10 is trusted by hundreds of professional gamers because it gives a comfortable feel and the 6 pieces wearable TPF rubber pad ensures that the keyboard does not slide from its original place and prevents scratches on your desktop. The SADES K10 contains a nickel plated USB port, anti-interference electromagnetic loop, take-up Velcro, and an exquisite local tyrants gold frosted chassis that gives it a unique look and feel to the user.

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Best gaming keyboard under 50 dollars



(8) Logitech Wireless K800

The Logitech Wireless K800 illuminated keyboard contains laser-etched backlit keys those are bright enough to be seen in the dark. The keys are equipped with the PerfectStroke key system that makes you feel comfortable with each stroke, gives a smooth feel, and maintains quietness. The backlights are completely adjustable to suit your lighting conditions, so you can adjust them with the press of a button. The keyboard includes sensors to detect your hands as they approach the keyboard to turn the backlight on or off. This inexpensive rechargeable keyboard supports 10 days of battery life with 3 to 6 hours of charging and can also be used while it recharges. The Logitech Wireless K800 got a sleek design with a clear edge and low-profile keys that add style and perfection to your desk. With 2.4GHz of wireless connectivity, you can enjoy seamless and extremely fast gaming and it prevents delay, dropouts, and any kind of interference. The Logitech Wireless K800 gaming keyboard works on Windows XP/ Vista/ 7/ 8/ 10.


Logitech Wireless K800


(9) Redragon S101 Vajra

The Vajra S101 cheap gaming keyboard and mouse combination is splash proof and contains a wide range of functionalities specifically developed for gaming. It contains 104 standard keys, 12 multimedia keys, and 19 anti-conflict keys. The WIN keys can be disabled while gaming to prevent interruption and accidental switching to the desktop. It includes laser engraved keys, 5 foot high-speed USB cable, and a 3mm diameter high-strength braided fiber cable. This affordable keyboard is constructed with fine quality ABS construction with LED lighting and supports working on Windows XP/ Vista/ 7/ 8/ 10. The Redragon S101 Vajra is built using gold-plated USB connectors, anti-slip textured surface, and a comfortable ergonomic design.


Redragon S101 Vajra


(10) SportsBot SS301

The SportsBot SS301 cheap gaming keyboard comes with a combined headphone and mouse to enhance your gaming experience. The keyboard consists of blue light backlighting and breathing light effect that contains 3 brightness settings to improve visibility in dark rooms. It includes 104 standard keys and 10 dedicated multimedia keys for volume control, music, homepage, and email access. The WIN key can be disabled while gaming to avoid any kind of disruption. This low price keyboard is constructed with an ergonomic design to maintain stability and durability for long-term use. The special padding on both the keyboard and mouse adds stability and highest quality ABS material improves durability. The SportsBot SS301 keyboard consists of a high-quality LED leather cover design headphone with rich bass and surround sound. The sharp gaming design keyboard and ergonomic design mouse provides you the best requirements that you need while gaming and delivers the best gaming experience ever.

Cheap gaming keyboard - SportsBot SS301

Cheap Gaming Keyboard – SportsBot SS301

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