Spokeo – Phone number lookup by name, email, address, social media

Spokeo is a leading people search engine that helps people search one another and reconnect. Spokeo lets you lookup name, email, address, phone number, social media, relationship status, background details, criminal records & other information of people. It also lets you look up phone number by name/address/email. The site lists down the relevant details of the person where you can find additional information about them. Sometimes, you might want to reconnect with an old friend or a family member and you are clueless about how to find them. So Spokeo would be a great platform to find those people and track down their details. The website provides complete details about a person, which includes their complete address, social profiles, white page listings, emails, usernames, public and criminal records, etc. Although to access a few particular details, you’d require paying a certain amount, but still, you will be able to find the person’s geographic address and everything. Spokeo is popular in the United States and its database consists of a vast number of information of the public from online and offline sources. With Spokeo, you can virtually find and locate anyone from people residing in the United States or other countries. If you do not remember the person’s cell phone number search, then you can search them by their first name or last name, or email address.


Person details, phone number lookup by name/email/address/phone



Features of Spokeo

Spokeo provides a number of incredible features you have ever expected from a lookup service.

  • Find people by their email.
  • Name/address/email lookup by Phone Number.
  • Find people by their address.
  • Cell phone number search by name/email/address/social media.
  • People search directory to locate anyone from the US.
  • Browse photos by year.
  • Browse people by state.
  • Browse people by the US area codes.
  • Access a person’s age, location, and relatives.
  • Access a person’s relationship status, location history, family background, business contacts, full address, social profile, photos, and videos, and court and history records. Background Check/Criminal Records/Public Records Search
  • Access customer testimonials.

Person details, phone number lookup by name/address/email/phone


Where can Spokeo be used?

Spokeo can be used by anyone and for any purpose. Whether you want to find a person personally or using it for a corporate work, Spokeo will help you anyway. It can be used in homes, schools, colleges, institutions, workplace, while you travel, or anywhere you want. Spokeo can also be accommodating to private investigators, especially when they want to find the criminal records and the address of a person.

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Accuracy of Spokeo – look up phone number/email/address by name

With 12 billion public records in Spokeo’s database, the site processes at an intense speed and provides accuracy. Spokeo can process over 12 billion records in less than 18 hours. Spokeo uses deep web crawlers to collect data and allow users to remove their own information through an opt-out process. The site collects information from public records and does not perform any original research on a person. It combines marketing data estimates into the data and searches from social media and other online registry sites. The site gives full access to their entire database without having any privacy option. Spokeo’s public data is processed with lightning speed and presented in an easy to follow format.

Most people have raised concerns about Spokeo for revealing personal data and the possibility of identity theft. But Spokeo revealed that the credit information was not included in their public profiles and not actually available through Spokeo.

Spokeo offers monthly membership so that you can access the complete set of details and information about a person. The company allows you to withdraw your account anytime you want. So if you sign up for 6 months, then you can withdraw your account after 3 months.


Look up person details & phone number by name/address/email/phone


Spokeo – Person details & phone number search by name, address, social media

If you are listed in Spokeo’s public directory, then you can request the site to remove you from its listings. This can be done by finding your profile on the site or filling up a form.

Spokeo follows the industry best practices to safeguard people’s data those are collected online or offline. The site keeps updating their security program constantly to improve security on the site from the biggest threats and thefts.

Using Spokeo is completely stress-free. When you search a person by his name, Spokeo lists out the complete results those are relevant to your search. The basic result displays the states from where the name belongs and their age and location. To view the complete information about the version, you need to click on ‘See Results’. The entire profile of the person will include his contact details, location history, photos and online profiles, relatives, family background, and court and history records those can be viewed by unlocking the profile by paying a certain fee. The searched person will not be notified about your search and hence, your search history will be privately secured. You can also perform celebrity search if you are keen to know the personal data of your favorite US-based celebrities.


For finding in-depth reports, like court records, Spokeo asks you to pay a fee and again for accessing the person’s photos and videos, the site prompts to pay a monthly or one-time fee. Spokeo also offers to access neighborhood data, average property value, average household income, and top area occupations.


Spokeo Reverse Email Lookup
Spokeo Reverse Phone Lookup
Background Check/Criminal Records/Public Records Search



Spokeo offers a number of membership plans. The 6-month membership plan costs $4.95 per month, giving you access to a person’s full details for 6 months. The 3-month plan is made for moderate users where you’d need to pay $7.95 per month. The 1-month membership plan will cost you $13.95 per month and meant for casual users. The extra fees charges are a part of Spokeo’s regular pricing plan which is mentioned in their terms of use. You can also pay extra for the additional details or add-on search service. Before paying the fees, you’d need to agree to Spokeo’s Consumer Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, and Plan Specifications.

For a secure checkout, you’d need to enter your valid email address which would be your login email, the cardholder name, card details, and zip code. Your purchase would be completely secure and private and the provided information will not be added to Spokeo’s database. Spokeo accepts Discover, Visa, and MasterCard credit cards. Currently, no other payment option is supported by the site other than credit card payment. Users can upgrade their plan anytime by paying extra charges.


Spokeo members can cancel their account anytime by visiting their account and clicking on Cancel on whichever service they want to withdraw. You can also cancel by calling Spokeo’s telephone number for which you might need to hold some patience because the connection duration can be extended. Once you speak to a Spokeo representative, you will receive a confirmation email about your account cancellation. The cancellation process is pretty straightforward since the process and terms are explained precisely on the site.

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If you need any kind of assistance with the site, then you can look for the FAQ’s to find your answer or email the company or call their customer support team. The Terms of Service and Privacy Policy documents in the site also might answer your troubles.


Spokeo Pricing – Look up person details & phone number by name/address/email


Pro(s) & Con(s)

Besides having a number of positive features in Spokeo, the site carries an amalgamation of merits and demerits.


  • Terms of Service and Privacy Policy are precisely explained.
  • Large database. It is likely for you to find out the details of the person you want.
  • Search results are close and justifying.
  • Easy process.
  • Unlike the other people search engines, Spokeo does not result with blurred details.


  • Asks for extra fees for every individual in-depth detail.
  • Only one payment option available.


Most of the people search engines result in blurred texts and details, but only a legitimate service like Spokeo will provide you the accurate details. Just because Spokeo charges you for it, doesn’t mean that you should ignore it. Many users have found Spokeo helpful and you can find their stories in Spokeo’s testimonials. So if you are seeking for someone, try Spokeo, and get your job done. You can use Spokeo for “find the person details by name, email, address, phone”, “reverse phone lookup by name/email/address”, “reverse email lookup by name/phone number/address”, “reverse address lookup by name/phone number/email”.

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