How to tell if someone blocked you on facebook (fb)?

If you ever get blocked on Facebook, how will you identify that the person actually blocked you? We know that there are hardly any clues about getting blocked on Facebook and the chances of recognizing it are even tougher. But you come to know it when the person is no longer seen in your friend list or you cannot access the content of your contact who is publicly sharing his/her posts. This might also happen that you are not blocked and you may have been unfriended by the person and this is why you cannot find him/her in your friend list. Not seeing someone in your friend list does not necessarily mean that you are blocked. This might also happen that the person deactivated his/her account for some reason or Facebook suspended their account. So this is difficult to judge whether you are blocked or not and this is why today we came up with the proper solutions to recognize if you are blocked on FB.



Am I blocked?

How to block someone on Facebook?

Before we come to the actual point of the topic, it’s important for you to know how a person can be blocked. A person can be blocked with the following steps:

  • Visit the person’s profile who you want to block.
  • Click on the 3 dotted lines beside the ‘Message’ tab.
  • Click ‘Block’

What happens when you block a person on Facebook?

Blocking a person means preventing him/her from seeing the things you post on your profile. This includes the things that you privately post, the conversations, and adding the person as a friend. If you block a person who is on your friend list, will automatically unfriend the person. The person you block won’t be able to see the things you post on your profile, tag you in posts and comments, invite you to groups and events, chat with you, and add you as a friend. Meanwhile, blocking someone may not prevent all kinds of conversations, e.g. in apps or group, and only affects your conversation with that person on Facebook. Secondly, unblocking a person who was in your friend list will not automatically friend him/her. So you’ll need to send the person a new friend request.


How to tell if someone blocked you on Facebook?

Please note, we’ll be talking about being blocked and not unfriended. Getting blocked will prevent you from accessing the person’s profile and getting unfriended will give you access to the same. Both are different things and it’s is necessary to understand the difference before learning the solution.

Who blocked me on Facebook?

To know if someone really blocked you on Facebook, you should try the below methods:



Method 1

To know whether the person blocked you on Facebook, try to find his profile. If you cannot find out his/her profile and even the name, then it is probable that you are blocked. Also, try to check the name from the mutual friend list by visiting your friend’s friend list. Still, if you cannot find his/her profile, then it might be because of the following reasons:

  • You are blocked by your friend.
  • The person deleted his/her profile.
  • The account of that person is disabled due to a violation of Facebook’s terms and policies.

If we ignore the last two reasons and consider the first one, then you can confirm it by going to your Facebook conversations at If you ever had any conversation with this person, then find it and expand the conversation. The image of that person will show the default Facebook image, but it’ the name that matters. If the name of that person is in black and bold letters and is not clickable to visit the profile, then it is certain that the person blocked you. Even if you try to send a message to the person, you’ll receive a return error message. If a person’s account is disabled, it will display his name as ‘Facebook user’ and not his real name.


Method 2

The second method to confirm if a person has blocked you is by opening a conversation you had with that person. Try to report the conversation as spam and then reopen the message page and the conversation with the user. Then click on the settings icon on the right panel of the window next to the user’s name and click ‘Report Spam or Abuse’. From the pop-up window, choose a reason to report the conversation and click Continue. If it results with the message ‘Operation prohibited’, to the exact name of the friend it means, the user has blocked you.


How to tell if someone blocked you on facebook



Method 3

If you never had any conversation with the user on Facebook, then you need to try this method. Please note that to try this method, you need to know the person’s Facebook username URL. The profile URL of that person will give you direct access to his page when typed in the browser window unless you are blocked. Try to find the person’s name on Google by searching with ‘+ name + surname facebook’. If you find the URL of his profile, you will certainly visit it. But if the page shows ‘The page you requested was not found’, it means you are blocked.

After you note the username of the URL, visit the link Replace ‘username’ with the person’s username and hit the URL in the browser window by pressing Enter. This tool will offer you some information about any user, page or application on Facebook. If you can see the user details like ID, name, first name, last name, etc. and the user is existing in Facebook and certainly you are blocked.


Method 4

This is the simplest and easiest method you can use. Simply ask a mutual friend if he/she can see the person’s profile that you cannot. If they can view the profile successfully, whereas you still cannot, then probably you are blocked by that person.


Method 5

If the person has ever posted anything on your wall, then try to search for that specific post. The post will be visible, however, the person’s profile picture will be replaced with a question mark. Secondly, the person’s name will be in black and bold letters and shall be no longer clickable. This means that the person blocked you.



Method 6

This is another simple way apart from trying all the Facebook tricks. If you got the contact number or email of that person who you suspect to have blocked you, then call the person directly and confirm it from him/her. If the person blocked you then he’ll definitely respond to your question and the latter can be discussed with him/her.


How to know if someone blocked you on Facebook?

Besides trying all these methods, there are certain web tools that confirm about the person who blocked you on Facebook. If you suspect a person to have blocked you and want to confirm if he/she has really done it, then try this method. Go to and authenticate your Facebook account. The next page will display the results if the person has actually blocked you.

Whosblocked me is a web tool that displays the names of the person who blocked you on Facebook. To obtain the results, you might need to share the app on Facebook which might not take much time.


How do you know if someone blocked you on facebook


How to see the person’s Facebook account even after getting blocked?

This sounds extremely difficult, but your desire to contempt the person’s wish of not letting you watch his/her profile can be fulfilled to some extent with these 2 ways:

  1. Log out from your Facebook account and type the person’s profile URL into your web browser. You’ll be able to view the person’s profile whatever is publicly posted.
  2. Ask any of your mutual friends to log in to their account and then see the person’s profile who blocked you.

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    Great post. Method number 2 works well and it’s relatively fool-proof. And the block is easily verified by asking a mutual friend to see if they can view the person’s profile. If you can’t see it but the mutual friend can, you have definitely been blocked. Again, great post. Very informative.

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