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Why would anyone require using a “fake phone number”? Probably because you want to prank with your friends or maybe you want to use it on social media sites to avoid spam calls on your primary number. Of course, the reason varies with the needs and necessities of a person, but the procedure to generate a cell phone number would be the same. There are good, as well as bad reasons to produce a false number, but if you are generating it for the wrong reason, then be certain that would be legally punished for it.


So today we will mention a few online tools for generating false phone numbers, which can be used for multiple purposes and to serve your needs.

Why do you need a fake phone number generator?

The most probable reasons to use a fake number generator are the following:

  • For online dating sites, because it isn’t risky if you receive multiple phone calls on the fake number.
  • For online job portals, because certainly, you will receive promotional calls.
  • For online classifieds, because unknown buyers and sellers will call you.
  • For running a business with a temporary and a real phone number for receiving calls.
  • To deceive an abusive person who’s often troubling you.
  • For using it as a disposable number in case you are moving somewhere, or is out of the station.

Who can use a fake phone number generator?

The fake numbers generator tool can be used by anyone, and hence, there are no age limits. Whether you are a housewife, advocate, CID agent, police, doctor, webmaster, teacher, student, or anyone, who can use these online tools and generate as many false numbers you want. Most of the tools support US based numbers and more countries, so that wouldn’t be a problem for you.

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Best sites and apps to generate a fake phone number

(1) FakePhoneNumber.net

FakePhoneNumber.net can generate random phone numbers from the US. The generated numbers are purely legitimate and they are validated against the standard US mobile number formats. FakePhoneNumber.net produces numbers with the accurate pattern, correct location-oriented digits, and other information. The random numbers generated stay in accordance with the legal rules. These numbers are not assigned for long term or permanent use, so they do not guarantee that it will last forever. The site generates numbers where the first 3 digits determine the state location, and the first 6 digits locate the city. All their numbers are completely fake and they, in fact, do not exist. The site supports generating fake numbers from the major places like the US, California, Australia, China, Japan, and Germany.


Fake cell phone numbers

(2) Fake Number

Fake Number also generates legitimate and fake numbers from countries like the US, UK, Canada, Australia, etc. Their numbers are 100% non-working and non-existing so they are not meant for permanent usage. The phone numbers generated from Fake Numbers are only for short time uses and they are disposable. The site does not assign any of the generated numbers to anyone and nor do they guarantee that the numbers will forever exist. Their phone numbers are only meant for playing use, like those used in television shows, entertainment, on websites, or in printed literature. They are handy to use in online surveys and promotional offers. Even the telecom companies cannot assign these numbers to anybody under the current legislation.


Fake phone number generator



Random phone number generator tool

(1) Randomlists

Randomlists is a fake US phone number generator that creates legitimate numbers for various purposes. Whether you want to prank someone or shoot a text to a random person, the numbers generated from Randomlists will work for them. The fake numbers from Randomlists are meant for temporary use and are not allocated to anyone permanently. Their numbers are legitimate, but the US telephone companies cannot even assign them to anybody. The numbers generated from Randomlists can be used in an online survey, promotional deals, or in the job portals. You can quit them anytime after having used them. Randomlists lets you generate multiple phone numbers at a time and the number is unlimited. This means you can generate 1 to 1000 fake numbers at a time.


Random phone numbers tool

(2) Phone Number Generator

This Phone Number Generator tool helps you generate phone numbers for software testing. If you are a software tester and need some valid phone number for using for application input, then this tool helps you generate some random phone numbers for your test data requirement. This online tool is developed by FYIcenter.com. All you need is to enter the number of data items you need in the form and generate them by hitting the Start button. The generated phone numbers will be displayed in the “(aaa) ppp-nnnn” format. The numbers produced by this tool are meant for testing purpose only, and not for use in production systems. You can generate a maximum of 30 phone numbers at a time.

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Best fake phone number app

(1) Phone Number Generator

The Phone Number Generator is an Android app that can generate about 10,000,000,000 unique phone numbers with the tap of your finger. Whether it be any purpose, the app efficiently generates a random number as if you have pulled it straight out of your phone book. You can tap the button as many times you wish to generate more numbers. The numbers are completely random and legitimate and they are not real. The phone numbers generated from Phone Number Generator are not meant for real usage and they are non-existing. Therefore, these numbers are not assigned to anyone and meant for temporary or short time uses. The numbers generated are displayed along with a fake name. The interface of the app is clear and simple so that anyone can use it.

Download Phone Number Generator from the Google Play Store.


Random fake phone number generator



These online tools and apps for a fake phone number generating works perfectly. Whether the reason for having a false phone number is anything, these tools will certainly serve your purpose and produce as many false numbers you want.

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