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We usually receive phone calls from anonymous numbers, but most often we fail to detect the actual caller. Such calls are received by random people, such as office employees, homemakers, teenagers, private investigators, etc. Some of them receive prank calls, whereas a few receive the threatening ones. In such scenarios, it becomes significant for us to know ‘who called us’. But how should be we actually get the information about the caller? So here’s a proper solution to the matter that you’d like to know.



What are the Reverse Phone Lookup services?

If you haven’t heard about the reverse phone lookup services, then you should know that they are an effective medium to expose the caller’s name and address. These services allow you to find a person with the name, phone number or email address. Reverse lookup services display the complete details of the caller, including, their name, address, location, phone carrier, social media details, date of birth, email address, relative’s details, and lots more information. The lookup services can find out the phone number details from the major countries like USA, UK, India, Canada, Australia, and all countries. These services are perfect to reveal phone number information, whether in any industry you belong to. On the other hand, the reverse lookup services provide you peace of mind and relieve you from the daily stress of receiving anonymous phone calls.


PeopleByName to know ‘who called us’

PeopleByName is one of the top reverse phone lookup services that provides you mobile phone numbers and landline numbers right away. There are a number of similar services that provide the same kind of information, but they are mostly outdated. PeopleByName displays the up-to-date information about a phone number those cannot be expected from the other services.

PeopleByName includes more than 1.2 billion phone number entries in its database so that you can look up for any number based in the US and Canada. The site contains the most accurate data available about the person which are combined by the industry specialists who expertise in large scale database handling, search engine, and data acquisition technologies.

PeopleByName has been providing phone number lookup services since 2008. Since then, they have enormously expanded their technology, as well their databases to provide customers the freshest and accurate data.


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How can PeopleByName help?

PeopleByName updates their phone number data on a regular basis, along with providing additional 19 lookups with identity protection. Whatever you search for will remain 100% confidential. The search can be performed simply entering the target phone number and the site will display the details. If you have lost an old friend or want to find out your long lost relatives, then PeopleByName will help you find them instantly. Their lookup process is fast and easy and it takes just a few minutes to list down the information.

PeopleByName also allows you to register your phone number with details. And in case you change your name or address, then the site will update your details within 24 hours.

How to use PeopleByName

(1) Website

To find out who called me, follow the below steps:

  1. 1. Go to http://www.peoplebyname.com/
  2. 2. Enter the phone number of the person. Click Search and PeopleByName will initiate the search process.

    Enter contact number to find out who called me



    PeopleByName Database Terminal

Upon searching, if they find a match for the number, the result will be displayed as Success, and then you can opt to get full results. Although the full results are not provided for free, instead, you need to pay a certain amount to view it.


PhoneByName: Details of the Caller

(2) Mobile App

A mobile version which can be accessed at http://www.peoplebyname.com/mobile/. This will allow you to reverse lookup phone numbers using your mobile device. This will give you the flexibility to search the number from anywhere and any place.



PeopleByName Review to know “Who Called Me?”


  1. 1. Perform unlimited searches using phone number, name or address to find out who called me?.
  2. 2. Option to view the full report, which will include the Full name, current address, address history, phone number, phone number history, age, date of birth, relatives, background check, etc.
  3. 3. Fully confidential search and it will not intimidate the person at all.
  4. 4. Offers a ‘No Result No Charge’ guarantee, where they do not charge you if your search brings zero results.
  5. 5. Includes both cell phones and telephone numbers those are not even listed in the Yellow or White Pages.
  6. 6. Fast and accurate search results. Although, the complicated searches may take an extended time as one of their specialists has to research the number manually.
  7. 7. No personal information from sign ups is stored by PeopleByName.
  8. 8. Allows you to browse through the area codes in the US and Canada so that you can find a person without doing a search.
  9. 9. Facility to browse through their database with the alphabet of the person’s last name to find out “who called us?”. The initial report displays only the name and address of the person and for running a background check, you’d need to order the package.

The background check displays the following reports:

(1) Personal Records

  • Alias/Maiden Name Check
  • Address History
  • Phone Number(s)
  • Social Web Search
  • Date of Birth
  • List of Relatives
  • Email Addresses
  • Spouse/Roommates Locator
  • License plate/VIN records

(2) Criminal History

  • State Criminal Records Check
  • Nationwide Criminal Records Check
  • Arrests and Warrants
  • Misdemeanors and Felonies
  • Convictions and Incarcerations
  • DUIs and Criminal Driving Violations

(3) Court Records

  • Civil Filings
  • Civil Actions
  • Bankruptcies
  • Liens and Judgments

(4) Property Records

  • Primary owner on title
  • Mortgage Records
  • Property Information


PeopleByName offers a 7-day unlimited free trial, which will cost only $4.95 per month after the trial period is over. This plan allows unlimited people search and address search. Another plan costs a one-time payment of $14.94 offering an unlimited report. Both the plans offer free SpyDialer so that you can listen to any mobile number’s voice greeting, without calling it. Try Spokeo-Phone Spokeo – Phone number lookup by name, email, address, social media

PeopleByName offers 100% satisfaction guarantee. Their online payment system is 128-bit encrypted so that your payment details are not leaked. Their services are not free because the cell phone number records are not public and the company needs to pay data providers to show you the results.


PeopleByName offers 100% accuracy and guaranteed satisfaction for every search you make. The service shows the name of the current owner of the number, along with their latest details and information. Even you will find the information of mobile numbers those are not even listed in the other directories. Not only this, PeopleByName offers a 7-day free trial so that you can test how it works and then purchase it at a reasonable cost. And if you don’t find any result for a specific number, then the service won’t charge a money from your account and you can try another search. Its interface is fast and easy compared to the other services.


Despite having such amazing features and functionalities, sometimes PeopleByName fail to provide the accurate information. The site claims that they have the most updated information available, which is not true to some extent. Some phone numbers lack presenting the correct information and this may take the person to disappointment because they are also paying money to find it. Secondly, the service does not display the full report without making the payment. So customers need to put their money at stake to expect the right results. Therefore, it becomes a risky business to spend an amount and find inaccurate results eventually.


PeopleByName not only provides information about unknown callers but also gives you peace of mind. It follows the industry leading practices to secure people’s data which they collect online or offline. They constantly keep upgrading their security program to protect you from the anonymous calls. You can even add your own number to their directory and also request them to remove it as per your convenience.

You will most reverse phone number lookup services display blurred results, but PeopleByName is totally legitimate. Most users have found this service helpful. PeopleByName helped people find out anonymous callers, long lost relatives, prevented telemarketing calls, caught a cheating spouse, and helped reunite with long lost friends.


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