Are Free VPN reliable & trustworthy to protect you in online world?

You might have heard this or have stumbled on some article discussing and encouraging you to have a VPN, but what is VPN? A short-term for Virtual Private Network, VPN is composed of combined computers which are all connected to a public network or as to what we’re all familiar with, the internet. Multiple companies use VPN in order to create connections with their data centers and for most individuals like you, VPN is utilized to have an access to network resources if they are not connected on the same LAN or if they want to guarantee the safety of having disclosure of information while using a public network. Let’s find out how does it work and can we rely on the free VPN services.



How does VPN work?

Through VPN, you may connect with a VPN user on your computer and your computer will exchange keys with a server. After which, you’ll be able to have secured online communication without jeopardizing the security of information, data, or files being sent. Thus, it helps your computer to keep any information that you have stored away from the hot eyes of any eavesdropper or hackers.



Who usually uses VPN?

 It’s not only big multinational companies who’ve invested in using VPN to secure their company’s assets and liabilities online, some of its regular users are as follows:

  • Schools and Universities – Usually used by administration or students who’ll have to access some of the school’s resources while they are not at the school premises uses VPN to secure that even if they’re using free internet, no one will ever have a chance to get the data they are accessing.
  • Individuals into Downloading – Let’s face it- almost everyone is a fan of everything free to the extent that we illegally download music, books, and films online. For some and totally not commendable, they use VPN so their identities wouldn’t be uncovered while snooping and downloading any kinds of file that should have a cost, but they were able to download for free. And yes, if you’ve been downloading a lot of stuff online without security measures being checked, these sites probably have your IP Address by now.
  • The Security Geek – There are also individuals out there, especially those who’s into information and technology security, who’ve combat themselves with all sorts of security assurance to ensure that while they enjoy surfing the internet, their surfing experience would stay as anonymous as possible and any information they’ve provided or receiving wouldn’t be transferred or stolen from an unknown third party.
  • The Explorer – These are the people who’ve always wanted to keep themselves up to date with global events real time. Thus, they use VPN to access websites, TV shows, or any applications from various countries that aren’t accessible in their region.
  • Then, there’s You – If you aren’t of these types of people who use VPN, maybe you’re just like the rest of us who’s into VPN not only out of curiosity of what it has to offer, but also because we’d like to have this guarantee that we are using the internet properly and safely without endangering our identities, properties, accounts, and any personal information that we intend to keep confidential.

Fortunately, there’s a free VPN offered by different providers that interested users may utilize in order to fully get themselves familiar with its features.


What are the advantages of free VPN?

And although it’s quite risky for someone to actually go for a free VPN because of several thoughts that these may be either a way of getting your data, ergo personal information, free VPN has advantages that you can count as reliable and as a good way to start your VPN services.


Anonymity – Just like, web proxy, proxy servers, utilizing free VPN usually allows users to access it without asking for personal information unlike with the paid version, thus you can sign up and still maintain your anonymity by providing information that would not truly identify your personal details.


Locations – With the help of free VPN, you may access websites from other countries which are usually restricted from where you’re located. At the same time, you may use VPN to block access to several websites which is usually used by companies to prevent their employees from accessing websites not related to work and may just only cause a distraction.

Logging – Although VPN offers you security from keeping your identity and information secured, the provider of your VPN itself can actually have access to your data. So it’s much ideal that before signing up, you have fully understood the terms and conditions offered by your VPN provider.

Free from Malware and Spyware – Like any good online security provider, VPN ensures that it’ll prevent you from acquiring malicious malware and spyware that may affect your internet experience and devices. But it’s also upon your responsibility to keep yourself from sites that are deemed to be harmful. One of the fastest way to figure this out is to ensure that the website you’re visiting has https or has a green link before its domain name.

Internet Connection – Though it offers reliable security protocols, there are times that when “free VPN” subscribers surf the internet all at once, it would result in limited bandwidth, thus a possible slowdown in internet connection.


Protocol – Free VPN offers Point to Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP) that has an encryption of 128-bit which serves as your security level, although perceive low, but nevertheless, it’s better to have a VPN than none at all.

File Sharing – VPN also allows sharing of files within a group for a long time.


And though free VPN has limitations and boundaries on the features it can offer, we can’t deny that it’s definitely a good start on measuring its capability of offer quality security experience to its prospect users. If you are looking for robust, faster & much better service then you can check out this article on best VPN services


Author Bio: Sef Cruz is an avid internet user. He aims to spread the importance of online privacy to internet users who do not seem to care what they say, share and do online through his blog about free web proxy.

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