14 best websites to get free stuff online without putting in much efforts

Everyone loves free stuff, but finding the accurate place to catch them isn’t that simple. Imagine finding the huge list of sites where you can find freebies and free samples that you always desired. They are, in fact, the best way to save money and you can also avail items for your daily use. These sites also offer free samples for use so that you can test their quality and be assured whether you like them or not.

Most of the free stuff online sites offer free items in a few specific so that you can test their samples and products. Simply sign up with these websites and get daily items in your mailbox for free. So here is the list of the online legit websites to hunt for freebies. Get free samples by mail


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Best Legit Websites to Get Free Stuff

(1) 2000 Freebies

2000 Freebies offers a wide range of free items and samples from a variety of categories. This includes drug coupons, beverage coupons, health coupons, baby coupons, home freebies, medicines, kid freebies, software, and lots more stuff. The site offers trial deals via RefundSweepers.com, and also lets you earn reward points and gifts.

You can also avail free eBooks and several health offers with a try and buy option. 2000 Freebies offers a number is free samples of products, and also free food and special offers. You will also find antivirus coupons of the leading antivirus programs and software.


(2) Just Free Stuff

Just Free Stuff has been ranked among the top 10 free stuff online sites in most search engines and gets an average of 350,000 unique page views per month. The site offers free eBooks, beauty products, clothing, coupons, education stuff, food, games, and lots more items for free use. Most of the products are even offered for a free trial.

The site also conducts monthly contests where winners are offered a certain number of prizes and Amazon Gift Cards. It also offers holiday freebies, games, software, and weekly newsletters to keep you updated about their services and offer more freebies via email.


(3) Get it Free

Get it Free offer free product samples and medications. The site got an abundant number of offers and deals, allowing you to test free samples of any product before using it. Not only this, you can also enter sweepstakes and get the chance to avail and win big prizes.

Get it Free offer coupons on a variety of items and products ranging from household items to food items, and lots more.

You could also get free stuff from Amazon.



(4) Mr. Free Stuff

Mr. Free Stuff is a free resource to avail free stuff and complimentary goods that you ever wanted. The site offers great new deals and offers, and a handpicked of items and rewards for everyone. You never need to pay for anything and browse through the website to find the best offers.

Mr. Free Stuff also offers birthday freebies, grocery coupons so that you can find the daily items at less cost. You can also receive free weekly stuff in your mailbox by subscribing to their newsletter.


Get free stuff online


(5) Free Birthday Treats

Free Birthday Treats is a free stuff finder that offers a range of birthday freebies that you need for your birthday. With this site, celebrating your birthday will never be the same. The site offers a free movie rental for a birthday, birthday bowling, free golf or ski on birthday, rock climbing, free birthday meals, dinners, free desserts, free tanning sessions, birthday car wash, and lots more.

Free Birthday Treats provide free stuff for kids, adults, and pets, so anyone from any age group can avail their stuff.


(6) Free Sample Monkey

Free Sample Monkey provides free samples and stuff that can be viewed and availed from one place. You can receive the latest free samples and products via email by subscribing to their newsletter. The site also offers coupons and other freebies to its users.

Free Sample Monkey believes that availing free samples are a great way to save money and test new products. The site links you to the companies offering freebies and few of them requires your participation before sending free samples.


(7) My Fun Cards

My Fun Cards offer free e-greetings for all kinds of occasions and invitations. The cards can be personalized with texts and audios, and can even be shared on social media sites. You can also create custom cards, photo cards, coupons, and express it in your own way.

Popular cards include birthday cards, zodiac sign cards, summer greetings, email and print invitations, friendship cards, and many other special occasions. You can also send talking ecards by adding your recorded voice message.



(8) Free Samples

Free Samples is a Canada-based website that offers sample products, beauty products, and household products. You will find a wide range of product samples from this site and some of the products are also limited for a certain period. This is the best website for Canada based users to get free stuff online.

The site offer freebies from the renowned brands like Heinz, Goodlife Fitness, Neutrogena, Finish, Downy, Kraft, Band-aid, and lot more.


(9) Real Free Samples

Real Free Samples offer free product samples absolutely at zero cost. They keep their site updated on a regular basis so that you can find new products every day. Real Free Samples is a one-stop destination for free shopping, providing items in various categories.

The site provides samples for women, men, kids, and baby which is directly sent to your home. You can also subscribe to their newsletter to receive samples and offers via email.


(10) FreeSamples.org

FreeSamples offer freebies via email and also delivers the products to your home. The site offers beauty samples, food samples, household samples, health samples, pet samples, and lots more. You will also find household coupons, restaurant coupons, and other coupons to avail products at very less charge.

The samples are updated every 24 hours, which you can also receive in your email by subscribing to their email newsletter.



(11) Drugs

Drugs.com offers drug discount program and offers discounts on your prescription. You can save up to 80% on medicines and use your card whenever required. Drugs.com offer a discount card that lets you buy over-the-counter medicines and medical supplies.

You can avail a permanent drug card by filling in your name, email, address, and zip code. With this card, you can avail medicines from over 63, 000 US pharmacies, including Walmart, CVS, Walgreens, and Rite Aid.


(12) Sweet Free Stuff

Sweet Free Stuff offers daily goods and freebies via email. The site updates regularly with new free goods and samples, enabling you to try them before use, and helping businesses succeed. You can find free samples and products from this site easily by browsing through it.

You can also sign up for the specific samples you want to use or is interested in. Not only this much, if you own a business and want to promote your products, then you can also partner with the site to offer free samples of your product.


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(13) Hey, It’s Free

Hey, It’s Free is a recognized site and offers the best legitimate freebies to users. It is one of the top sites that offer 100% free consumer samples. The site filters out the spam and junk freebie products that clutter the site. Instead, they update it with the genuine freebies and samples.

To request freebies, you can click on the link and Hey, It’s Free will redirect you to the company page where you need to fill up a form with your name and mailing address. Availing freebies are a great way to know the nature of a product so that you can consider using them in your future. Save Instagram videos


(14) Freaky Freddies

Freaky Freddies offer free things and sample every day. This includes baby stuff, free giveaways, beauty samples, books, business items, calendars, CD/DVDs, cleaning supplies, clothes, coupons, drinks, electronics, and lots more. It also offers sweepstakes and lets you win thousands of dollars. This can be done by completing a survey and give your opinion on future products and services.

The site offers free samples of the newly launched products so that you can try and test them before use. You can subscribe to their newsletters to receive daily samples and freebies via email and stay updated with their new offerings.



So if you are looking for free products and items, then these sites are the best places to get free stuff online. You can try and then buy a product when you like it and also suggest your friends and family members do the same. Receive daily updates and freebies via email and share them with anyone. These free sample websites offer genuine and legitimate products so you will not find anything of cheap and bogus quality. So you can easily rely on these sites for free goods and enjoy using them.

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